A review of Aptos Grant DAO鈥檚 fifth round of funding and community incentive plan

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A review of Aptos Grant DAO鈥檚 fifth round of funding and community incentive plan

The fifth round of funding for Aptos Grant DAO has been successfully concluded. This round of funding received applications from 403 BUIDL teams around the world, of which 7 teams stood out and received a total of 3,200 APT funding, including 1,200 APT fixed BUIDLer funding and 2,000 APT from the community quadratic matching fund pool. This round of community quadratic voting lasted for one week, during which a total of 874 community members participated in the voting and contributed an additional 182.3 APT community donations.

After Anti-Sybil Attack detection, the final funding matching results are displayed on the Grant details page .

A review of Aptos Grant DAO鈥檚 fifth round of funding and community incentive plan

This grant launched the Community Incentive Fund, providing 60 million GUI and three popular Aptos NFTs as community voting incentives. After anti-sybil attack detection, a total of 320 voting addresses were eligible, and each voter could receive 187,500 GUI rewards. In addition, the device-independent quantum random number generator (DI-QRNG) provided by Dora Factory also randomly selected three lucky addresses, who could receive exclusive NFTs: AptosMonkeys #357, Bruh Bear #4986, and Aptos Creature #681.

If you are interested in the technical details of DI-QRNG, you are welcome to learn more on DoraHacks GitHub .

The CIF incentive program was proposed by DoraHacks at the start of the fifth round of quadratic funding for the Aptos Grant DAO on April 1. It aims to change the serious nature of traditional quadratic governance and bring fun to all participants, reflecting the idea that funding public goods should be fun. CIF uses MEME tokens/NFTs as incentives to make the funding process more rewarding and further encourage more community members to participate in public goods funding for the Aptos ecosystem (and more ecosystems in the future).

A review of Aptos Grant DAO鈥檚 fifth round of funding and community incentive plan

After the initiative was proposed, it was supported by Gui Inu and Dora Factory, two popular MEME projects in the Aptos community. Dora Factory also provided three popular Aptos NFTs as voting incentives. The Dora Factory team, which is committed to decentralized governance and the construction of public goods pledge infrastructure, also provided innovative DI-QRNG technology to ensure fair and transparent reward distribution. In the future, CIF hopes to work with more outstanding teams to jointly provide incentives for voters to participate.

7 funded projects

In this round of funding, 7 teams stood out from 403 applications, namely:

Infrastructure Track

Social Track

  • TowneSquare CRED has developed an on-chain social graph on Aptos, enabling social applications within the blockchain space to be based on relevant data.

DeFi Track

  • Echelon launches a lending marketplace on Aptos and plans to conduct cross-chain lending, prioritizing capital efficiency and high LTV loans for specific assets

  • AptosLink provides a lightweight wallet solution and a novel cash gift system, which facilitates users to perform airdrops and gift transfers through web links.

  • DigiTrust combines decentralized asset management and social networking to facilitate secure and transparent investment-related interactions.

NFT/Game Track

  • Aptos Victors created a mobile running game embedded with the concept of blockchain, aiming to provide players with a low-threshold game to get in touch with the world of Web3.

Community/DAO Track

  • Move Language YouTube Tutorials focuses on Move language education, from beginner to advanced, to support developers learning and application development.

About Aptos Grand DAO Round 6

Aptos Grant DAO is a long-term grant project on the DoraHacks platform, which aims to fund the emerging early teams and developer projects in the Aptos ecosystem, and build a better Aptos ecosystem with BUIDLer. The sixth round of funding will adjust the funding track, and the latest eight tracks are NFT, Meme, Gaming, Defi/Stable Coins, Infrastructure/Tooling, Community/DAO, ZK-Move, and Social. As a long-term funding plan, the application channel is open to the public for a long time, and the most recently submitted projects will be reviewed in the next round of funding.

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