Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

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In the last week of June, all the old Ethereum blue-chip NFT projects rebounded. CryptoPunks rebounded by 24%, BAYC rebounded by 30%, Pudgy Penguins rebounded by 50%, and Azuki rebounded by 35%. Solanas top Mad Lads also rose by 40%, and Bitcoins top projects NodeMonkes and Bitcoin Puppets also rose by more than 20%.

Is this a signal that NFT has bottomed out? I think it’s too early to open the champagne. However, we can first look ahead to July, which NFT projects are worth our attention.

Abstract Chain (formerly Frame)

Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

As an NFT Layer2 chain, Frame has been silent since the official Twitter account announced the extension of the airdrop pre-claim period on January 30 this year. Until last week, Frame finally made a big move – the chain was acquired by Igloo, the newly established parent company of Pudgy Penguins. So far, all three brands of the Igloo ecosystem have been unveiled – Pudgy Penguins, the on-chain IP licensing platform Overpass, and Frame.

Frame has undergone a brand rebranding. In addition to changing its name to Abstract, the overall vision has also been upgraded from empowering creators and providing a more convenient and secure NFT user experience to targeting mass consumers and promoting the large-scale adoption of Crypto.

This chain will have mandatory royalties at the protocol level to protect the rights of creators. In addition, it has previously cooperated with Azukis fragmented series Bobu on the technical adoption of ERC-6551. After the Pudgy Penguins team got involved, the editor is looking forward to how this chain will bring breakthroughs at the mass consumption level.

However, I think that what is more promising in the short term is that Abstract will become the new paradise for NFT players. Previously, Bitcoin (Ordinals) did not fully absorb the NFT core player group of the Ethereum mainnet, and Base also absorbed some old NFT players, but the wealth effect has always been relatively weak. On the contrary, Blast, a chain that is not actually centered around NFT, has been quite lively in terms of dApp transaction volume through the promotion of and Yolo dApps and foreign NFT big Vs.

Can NFT players welcome back a Silver Age of hype pictures on Abstract? A Bronze Age is also fine, as long as it is lively…

Based VC

Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

As its name suggests, Based VC is a licensed VC whose investment partners include well-known NFT projects such as CyberKongz and NeoTokyo.

They will issue a Free Mint NFT series with a total supply of 2000. NFT holders will receive $BASED token airdrops, access to the Alpha network, and priority access to private/public offerings after $BASED tokens. In addition, NFT holders can also stake $BASED in the future to increase the equity level of NFTs.

This is the first time I have seen a VC that is strongly related to NFT issue a pass NFT series to connect more retail investors and form an Alpha community. Who among us doesn’t like Free Mint?

Champions Tactics – The Champions

Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

The Web3 multiplayer tactical competitive game from gaming giant Ubisoft previously released a Free Mint series The Warlords with a total supply of 9999.

Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

Although the total supply of the new series The Champions is as high as 75,000, according to the description on the official website, players need to form a 3-person team. The new series will be issued on the Oasys network, Free Mint, and will be minted on July 15 (The Warlords holders) and July 18 (whitelist and public sale).

The closed beta of the game will also start on July 4. You might say, Ubisoft came up with this when it came to Web3?

Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

However, the trailer on the official website is still pretty cool. Given that this is a Free Mint series, we can keep Ubisofts breath until we actually experience the game.


Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

CybeReator has received high expectations among Chinese NFT players because of the Chinese NFT legend behind it, Teacher Guan @jivacore . Although the project has been temporarily silent in the past few months, SoSoValue, a crypto financial research startup under Imagine Labs, just announced a $4.15 million seed round of financing last week.

Is the tavern owner cooking up a new surprise?

Pizza Pets

Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

The first Bitcoin full-chain game jointly brought by Bitcoin NFT projects Pizza Ninjas and MegaPunks. The series will be airdropped to multiple Ordinals communities including Pizza Ninjas and MegaPunks, presenting a Tamagotchi style pet development game based on the full chain of Bitcoin.

I had some conversations with Pizza Ninjas founder @TO during the Hong Kong Bitcoin Week in May. The bearded Trevor was very enthusiastic about this series, which made me look forward to it. Given that there is also a large Bitcoin event in Nashville, Tennessee, USA on July 24, will Trevor bring surprises to the Ninjas at that time?


Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

PROFILES is a PFP series and a digital fashion ecosystem. The project was created by @MONKEEMOTO, the first resident artist of Adidas Web3 digital artist residency program.

PROFILES will feature a variety of digital wearables that users can equip on their PFP, allowing for extensive customization and personalization. By staking PROFILES PFP, new “clothing packs” will be available every quarter. @MONKEEMOTO hopes to provide designers and fashion enthusiasts with tools, resources, and platforms to bring them into the world of Web3.

I am quite attracted by some of the costume features that have been revealed, and I think this project will be very suitable for using ERC-6551, but the current plan for the project is to release it on Solana. According to the QA on the official website, the planned release time is early July, and the minting price is still to be announced.


Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

ChronosWorlds, a blockchain game project produced by SphereStudios and co-incubated by Web3 game incubator Seedify ( @SeedifyFund ) and Web3 game platform Elixir Games ( @Elixir_Games ), will be a mobile game where players can obtain loot through real-time combat and exploration, upgrade their characters and build their own homes.

The games Free Mint series with a total supply of 2,250 will be released on July 3, and the Token $SPHR is also scheduled to be released in the third quarter of this year.


Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

Scribbles @Scribblesby 0x VM is the NFT project of @0x VM_BTC . 0x VM is a modular Bitcoin execution layer. The partners currently mentioned include Razer, Jump Crypto, Huobi and Zentry.

Judging from some of the art previews that have been released for the project, and the responses from the mods in Discord, this is not a PFP project. From the perspective of empowerment, this is a Pass card, and the official tweet mentioned 0x VMs future token airdrops, pre-sale priority, and benefits for ecosystem partners.

The total supply is 888, Free Mint. Since the white wallet submission deadline is approaching and the white list application will also be closed on July 7, the editor believes that the project is likely to be released sometime in July.

Chooky Records

Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

A music-related NFT project. Chooky Records is an on-chain record company. Their first song with American rapper Busta Rhymes has received 1.5 million plays on Spotify. In addition, they also announced a partnership with Disneys streaming service Hulu and American ticket sales and distribution company Ticketmaster.

The most core benefit of NFT holders will be to obtain 10% of the platforms music and IP peripheral product sales revenue. The series will be released on the Base network in 1 day.


Check out 10 NFT projects worth watching in July

What UniTap does is to bridge the gap between Tap Protocol (an improved version of BRC-20 protocol previously developed by TRAC) and BRC-20 and Runes. It will support the mapping of Tap Protocol Token to BRC-20 and Runes and seamless swaps between the three.

They will issue a total of 3,000 OG Passes on July 3, priced at 0.0049 bitcoins. Holders will receive 592 official token airdrops (296 on Tap Protocol and 296 on Runes) and waive platform fees in the future.

Given that TRAC just announced that the Tap Protocol’s marketplace will be launched soon (it’s been a while…), maybe the Tap ecosystem will get some attention?

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