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Who let the DOGS out? Free airdrop for your time on telegram

Free airdrop for your time on telegram

🚀🌟 Introducing DOGS🦴: The Most Telegram-Native Meme Coin! 🌟🚀

Hey Telegram fam! We’re excited to announce the launch of DOGS, the meme coin inspired by none other than Durov’s beloved mascot, Spotty! 🐶

📜 A Brief History:

Who is Spotty? 🐕 Spotty, the unofficial logo and main mascot of VK, was created by Pavel Durov. He drew this iconic dog during a charity auction to support orphanages, and soon, Spotty became a beloved symbol of VK.

Charity and Care: 🎁 100% of the sales from Spotty-themed gifts went towards helping orphanages and children’s homes.

Spotty’s Adventures: 🌍 Since then, Spotty has lived an adventurous life, becoming one of the first sticker characters and even making appearances at VK Fest. Time flies, and Spotty has grown up, even venturing into space! 🌌🚀

📈 Why DOGS?
It is not just another meme coin. It’s the most Telegram-native meme coin, embodying the spirit and culture of our vibrant community. We’re bringing Spotty’s legacy into the world of cryptocurrency, creating something fun, community-driven, and uniquely ours. 🎉

🔗 Join Us: (
Be a part of this exciting journey as we take DOGS to the moon! 🌝 Whether you’re here for the memes, the community, or the future of digital currency, there’s a place for you in Telegram family. 💫

💬 Stay Connected:
Follow us on Telegram for all the latest updates, memes, and more. Let’s make Spotty proud! 🐕



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    if you get the error page “Who are you dawg”, it’s means your telegram has’t set username. just set you username in the telegram setting->username

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