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1.Background NOTAI is an in...


NOTAI is an innovative project led by a team of experienced professionals, including CEO Volkan Arslan, CMO Jan Van Decraen, CBDO Jeron Chan, CPO Eric Chan, top Asian cryptocurrency influencer Sky Wee, advisor Ryan Horn, and cryptocurrency/NFT consultant Crypto Megan. The project launched in May 2024 and currently boasts over 600,000 players and more than 268,000 social media subscribers, garnering recognition from prominent KOLs like @matrixagencyweb.

2.User Experience
NOTAI features a futuristic UI design with high functionality, including mechanisms for invitations, daily task point acquisition, and more. New players may encounter some challenges in adapting to the gameplay as it requires skillful operations such as jumping, turning, and attacking through clicking and dragging. However, only one operation can be performed at a time, increasing the learning curve for beginners. The response speed of Telegram’s bot is relatively slow at times, occasionally resulting in unresponsiveness.

3.Core Gameplay
NOTAI includes various social engagement tools, such as quests for rewards, clans with an automated raffle system and integrated Telegram chat, a referral program to incentivize adoption and organic growth, and gamification elements like NFT minting, mining, and multiple mini-games.

4.Innovative Features
NOTAI’s distinctive game design challenges players’ reaction speed and skills, attracting a large player base to participate actively.

5.Drawbacks and Suggestions
The game experience could be smoother; improving the response speed of bot and other features would further enhance the user experience.


Overall Rating: ★★☆☆☆ (2.7 stars)



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