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Cyber Finance

Cyber Finance is your one-stop DeFi hub for high returns and deep liquidity, all available directly on Telegram.


👾 What is Cyber Finance?

Cyber Finance is a gasless perpetual exchange on Blast that offers up to 50x leverage, providing high returns and deep liquidity.

🎁 Earn $CFI Tokens:

you just need to start farming and wait for the egg to break, after which you can claim your $xCFI. Your earnings will be converted into the utility and governance token of the project, $CFI.

Click the ‘website’ button to start playing!



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    vicky bhalero

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    PiKi Readers

    Nice project

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    guestEarnHanter Readers

    The $CFI token farming system, coupled with engaging activities like squad competitions and quests, provides users with diverse opportunities to earn rewards and actively participate in the platform.

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    MeMa Readers

    You will win big gradually

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    #beeloverSureYou Readers

    The generous $25,000 prize pool for the Cyber Finance Squad Competition not only incentivizes participation but also adds an element of excitement and healthy competition among users striving for rewards.

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    HIOne Readers

    Cyber Finance’s gasless perpetual exchange on Blast showcases a bold and innovative approach to trading, potentially revolutionizing the landscape of crypto finance.