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Cat Gold Miner

Simple Token Mining Mechanism for a very basic Play-to-Earn game. Players just need to upgrade their mines in game to earn the $CATGM token.


1. Background Information
– Team: No information available.
– Token Launch: The project will launch its token in July 2024.
– Project Launch Date: The initial launch date was April 2024.
– Player Count: Currently, the game has three million players and is growing.
– Social Media Subscribers: The game’s Twitter account has over 100,000 subscribers, with the number continuously increasing.

2. User Experience
– Visual Appeal: Cat Gold Miner’s interface is brightly colored and features charming, cartoon-style graphics, especially with the cute cat-themed elements. This design is highly appealing and easily attracts players.
– Ease of Use: The core gameplay is straightforward and easy to understand. Players earn $CATGM tokens simply by upgrading their mines. This simplicity makes it ideal for casual players and those who prefer not to deal with complex game systems.
– Continuous Income: Players can earn idle income even when the game is closed, providing a sense of continuous growth and earnings, thereby enhancing the game’s appeal and retention.
– Social Interaction: The built-in friends system allows players to invite friends, earning additional rewards as their friends progress. This social feature not only strengthens the community feel but also promotes interaction and cooperation among players.

3. Core Gameplay
– Upgrading Mines: Continuously upgrade mines and deploy different types of miner cats to earn more $CATGM tokens.
– Completing Tasks: Complete daily or social tasks to earn additional $CATGM tokens.
– Inviting Friends: Earn $CATGM rewards for each successful referral. Regular Friend: 3 $CATGM, Telegram Premium Friend: 43 $CATGM.
– Exclusive Referral Program (Solar System): If you invite friend A, A invites B, B invites C, and so on, you earn $CATGM commissions when your referrals (A/B/C/D/E/F) purchase $CATGM. You also earn $TON commissions when your referrals buy cat managers and outfits, with commission rates ranging from 2% to 30%.
– Land Benefits (Coming Soon): By purchasing NFT Land, players can create their own clans and become Land Owners with numerous benefits. Land Owners will share 50% of the NFT Royalty Fee in the first two months and receive 10% tax in $CATGM from players who play on their land.
PS: Don’t forget to earn rewards by signing in consecutively.

4. Product Innovations
– NFT Land: More than just NFTs, landowners can collect commissions from players on their land, introducing a Monopoly-style gameplay.
– Cat Miners’ Outfits: Players can buy various cool mining outfits for their cat miners.
– Dual Referral Reward Mechanisms: The “Solar System” is an additional benefit running in parallel with the normal in-game “Referral Rewards,” not replacing it.

Evaluation Summary
Cat Gold Miner has a significant potential to attract a large player base with its easy-to-understand idle gameplay, appealing visual design, and social interaction features. The inclusion of innovative elements like NFT Land and dual referral systems further enhances its attractiveness. To maintain and grow its player base, the project should focus on continuous content updates, maintaining economic stability of the tokens, and further improving user experience. With these efforts, Cat Gold Miner could become a highly popular Play-to-Earn game.



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    Hey there! Ever tried Cat Gold Miner? 🐱💰 It’s a blast! Wanna team up and dig for treasures together?

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    Is cat gold miner going to have a launch 🚀 date

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    you can buy your cat a cool mining outfit