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Web3 Degen version of 'FlappyBird'🚀 Beat Web3 haters🏆Get damn rich💰 Tap2Airdrop🎁


Background introduction:
– The team situation and financing situation are not yet available.
– The first launch date is April 2024.
– There are currently 7K+ players, and the number of social media subscribers exceeds 9K, and it has been growing.
– Well-known KOLs include @zheyiguanjsn and @matrixagencyweb.

– The game interface UI is smooth, but some players encounter interface stuck screen problems.
– Simple gameplay:
– Every 10 minutes, a little energy is restored, and a little energy can be used for a game. The maximum energy limit is 12 points.
– The gameplay is to click on the screen to avoid obstacles. During the game, you can absorb different props such as accelerating upward or accelerating downward.
– Celebrities in the currency circle will appear randomly on the way to help.
– The difficulty for beginners is 3 stars, and there is no krypton gold demand.

Core gameplay:
– Feature attraction: Celebrating the official release of Tapup, the first week of activities revolves around inviting friends. The event time is 6.6 to 6.16.
– The most efficient way to play: Invite new players to get points, complete tasks to get points, and get points by personal skills in the game, with no upper limit.
– For details of the event, please refer to:

Product innovation:
– The game attributes are heavier, giving players a surprise experience.

Disadvantages and suggestions:
– Disadvantages: The direction of project development is still unclear.
– Overall rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars).

SWOT analysis:

1. The launch date is relatively new, with great development potential.
2. The UI is smooth and provides a good user experience.
3. The number of players and social media subscribers continues to grow, showing strong user appeal.
4. The game is unique and includes special activities such as inviting friends and points sharing, which enhances user interaction and participation.

1. The lack of public information on the team and financing situation may affect its credibility and sustainability.
2. Some players encounter interface freezing problems, which need further optimization and improvement.
3. The difficulty for novices is 3 stars, which may cause some players to lose.
4. The direction of project development is unclear and there is a lack of clear strategic planning.

1. The growth of well-known KOLs and social media subscribers can be used to further expand the user base.
2. Add more activities and special gameplay to attract new players, and strengthen user stickiness and retention rate.
3. Continuously optimize the game experience, improve player satisfaction, and promote word-of-mouth communication and user growth.

1. The highly competitive game market may lead to user loss and market share decline.
2. Interface freezing and other negative user experience may affect word of mouth and player retention.
3. Lack of a clear development strategy may make it difficult for the project to gain a foothold in a highly competitive market.
4. With the changes in social media and the fluctuations in user preferences, the growth of social media subscribers may slow down, affecting the effectiveness of publicity.

Summary: The project has development potential under the growing user base and unique game features, but it needs to solve interface problems, strengthen user experience optimization, and formulate a clear development strategy to seize opportunities and deal with threats.



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    Talking Readers

    your accumulated points may be exchanged for tokens in the future.

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    GameTo Readers

    I appreciate the team’s efforts in maintaining fairness, banning cheaters, and optimizing the gameplay.

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    #BeelieverYou Readers

    This game has transitioned smoothly from closed beta to open beta.

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    JonJone Readers

    The reward was increased to 5k coins

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    Bim Readers

    Super fun, can’t stop !!