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'TOKEN OF TOKEN' is not just simple entertainment but also an intellectual challenge that offers generous rewards for completing levels. Whether you want to challenge ...


1. Background Introduction

  • Team Information: Developed by
  • Funding: None
  • Project Launch Date: First launched in May 2024.
  • Number of Players: Currently has over 20,000 players and is continuously growing.
  • Social Media Subscribers: Twitter subscribers exceed 33,000 and are steadily increasing.

2. User Experience

  • The game experience is engaging, with token icons enhancing visual appeal.
  • The intuitive elimination mechanism is suitable for players of all ages.
  • The stacking and elimination gameplay is simple yet challenging, encouraging strategic thinking.
  • The game is feature-rich, allowing players to complete daily and social tasks to earn KON.
  • Engagement: The high rewards incentivize continuous participation. Daily challenges, leaderboards, and community events further boost player engagement and retention.

3. Core Gameplay

  • Players need to eliminate the TOKEN icons on the field by moving them into the slots in the order of stacking (three identical icons can be eliminated).
  • Players must remove the top-layer icons before they can click on the lower-layer icons.
  • Strategically use game tools to eliminate icons and reduce difficulty.
  • Invite more friends to participate; the more friends you invite, the more rewards you earn. Note: This reward is related to the invitee’s completion of game achievements and level of activity.

4. Product Innovation Points

  • There are few similar elimination games within the TON ecosystem.
  • The game uniquely combines traditional puzzle challenges with the play-to-earn model, standing out in the crowded gaming market and enhancing community interaction.



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    Reey Readers

    Super excited about this one, This game is so fun

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    #BeelieverK87PFLS Readers

    Great team

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    Wulir Readers

    Lvl 3 so hard lol

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    Yeminiz Readers

    Proud to be a part of this