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A new approach that PocketFi brings together with an extensive range of decentralized exchanges (DEXes), innovative bridges, and all encapsulated within a single, user...


Project Description:PocketFi is the ultimate solution for seamless cross-chain token transfers, snipes, copytrading, and much more! It is designed to revolutionize the way you navigate the world of decentralized finance in Telegram as a Mini-App.
Team: No information yet
Financing: No information yet
Coin Offering: to be held in the fourth quarter of 2024
Player Count: PocketFi bot has reached 1M users.
Social Media Followers: :Over 140K followers on Twitter, with numbers steadily increasing.

[Experience Overview]
User Interface: PocketFi features a clean and intuitive design, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their activities.
Functionality: The platform supports various tasks including wallet management, earning rewards, and accessing different services seamlessly.
Ease of Use: The onboarding process is straightforward, with clear instructions and minimal steps required to start using the app.
Performance: PocketFi runs smoothly with quick response times and reliable performance, ensuring a positive user experience.
Overall, PocketFi provides a user-friendly and efficient experience, catering to both new and experienced users.

[Core gameplay]
– Join the POCKETFI Telegram channel
– Claim your tokens every five hours.
– Complete tasks to boost your hourly rate:
– Swap tokens on the Open Network blockchain.
– Burn a PUNK token to increase your farming rate.
– Actively invite your friends and claim 10% of their rewards every time your friends claim tokens. Plus, 2% of their friend rewards can be claimed for you too!
Make sure to claim your tokens every five hours to prevent them from being burned. Complete all available tasks to maximize your hourly farming rate.

[Product Innovation Points]
– The biggest highlight of PocketFi is that it reduces the complexities of DeFi operations into a few simple clicks.
– Using new tools from the Telegram team, PocketFi wraps all the functionality into a user-friendly bot that allows users to easily control and manage their crypto assets.
– Whether it’s transferring tokens across chains, initiating token swaps, or even copying transactions, PocketFi does it all efficiently.

– Being a relatively new platform, it may face trust issues from users who prefer established wallets.




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    NaurainCoe Readers

    give me money, thank you

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    Niruzz Readers

    Security is top-notch with Pocketfi

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    ComePeeier Readers

    𝐏𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐞𝐭𝐅𝐢 is designed to revolutionize the way you navigate the world of decentralized finance in Telegram as a Mini-App.

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    Rechar Readers

    With the large scale onboarding of people into web3 via telegram, It is high time we had a cross chain aggregator, easy to use Dapp, that eliminates the hassles of looking for Dex just before you can get your funds on another chain