HyperPlay is a web3-native ...

HyperPlay is a web3-native game launcher that enables players to carry their wallet, NFTs, tokens, and achievements into every game. HyperPlay makes in-game wallet interactions seamless and intuitive. HyperPlay provides a web3-native game store and aggregate the Epic Store and GOG, providing developers with maximal freedom to choose the store that works best for them.



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    lilkie Readers

    It’s available on Hyperplay but will use Epic Games friends and social menus so it makes it extremely easy to join and invite friends

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    Oluwa Readers

    HyperPlay sounds like an innovative platform for gamers and developers alike.

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    23tina Readers

    HyperPlay is the game store from the future where players discover great games, and developers find a censorship-resistant and developer-loyal distribution platform.

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    #BeelieverYAR8GTN Readers

    Love the idea of a developer-loyal platform! Keep up the great work, HyperPlay team!

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    In wew Readers

    Time to hop into Hyperplay🤩🤩🤩

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    Cbass Readers

    Yup it’s a web3 launcher and for all we know there may be other areas where hyperplay could be helping FP or it could strictly be as a launch partner.

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    #BeelieverO37WX7V Readers

    HyperPlay is a fantastic gaming platform that offers a wide variety of fun games for download

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    Davis Readers

    I got to install and play a few other interesting games on Hyperplay. A big Thumbs👍 up to the developers. I had no problems with installing any game and would rate 4.8/5.