Forgotten Playland

Forgotten Playland™ is an u...

Forgotten Playland™ is an upcoming free-to-play social party game. Set in an isolated and abandoned attic, a group of small plush toy characters known as Plushies have been left to their own devices. Not trusting that the humans will ever return, the Plushies have taken matters into their own hands and have completely transformed the attic into their personal playground. These Plushies, albeit adorable and charming on the surface, harbor dark intentions and have a surprising edge beneath their cute exterior that echoes throughout all of Forgotten Playland



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    Villo909 Readers

    I absolutely love that red skin! Fingers crossed for a bit of luck to win it!

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    #guestJmeMeta9320 Readers

    This game is developed by Vermilion Studios, a joint game studio of Merit Circle and Duckland Games. They have also introduced the $FP utility token, with NFT Mints creating additional revenue streams.

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    #BeelOVERJonyJE Readers

    It’s one of the things that drew me in initially, it looks top qual 👌🏻

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    DBXW38A Readers

    While the art style may be cute and cuddly, the game ingeniously combines lovable plush toys with underlying dark motives, delivering a distinctive gameplay experience brimming with twists and surprises.

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    #BeelieverUoj67 Readers

    The graphics are truly stunning, always a pleasure to explore the attic

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    bliever Readers

    Free-to-play 🎉 Social party game NOW LIVE

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    #BeelieverRL6F8OG Readers

    The aesthetics of this amusement park are top-notch; the visuals are so fluid and lifelike, preserving that authentic touch throughout.

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    #guest436788 Readers

    The game is looking amazing! Excited to play more!

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    #BeelieverJONJY88 Readers

    Enter a realm of wonder and mystery at Forgotten Playland, where players will embark on a captivating expedition through enchanting landscapes and whimsical attractions. Interact with a vibrant cast of characters, engage in compelling quests, and unlock the secrets of this forgotten world, creating an immersive and engaging experience for players of all ages.

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    Edu2458 Readers

    Enjoying the game, but the necessity of using a game launcher on PC is a downside. Looking forward to a mobile release in the future!