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Welcome to Vertus App - the next generation decentralized application on Telegram. Create account and start mine free $VERT.


1. Background:
– Team and financing situation unknown.
– Project development progress: Beta testing launched in January 2024; Phase 1 (02/2024): Official launch of Telegram app and token distribution; Phase 2 (03/2024): Introduction of staking, DeFi testnet release; Phase 3 (04/2024): Official release of DeFi product.
– Currently has 2+ million players and growing.
– Social media subscribers exceed 1 million and are growing.
– Project in partnership with @CyberFinance__ and @CyberFinance__.

2. User Experience:
– UI appealing, high functionality.
– Resources collected every 2 hours, with regular users earning 0.01 vert/hour.
– Tasks yield vert rewards, e.g., joining Telegram, following X, etc.
– Daily check-ins boost earnings;
– referral system in place.
– Upgrades available to enhance earnings.
– New user-friendly,detailed information at:

3. Core Gameplay:
– Central to the platform is $VERT, a new cryptocurrency designed for simplified mining and broad accessibility. It aims to ease user entry into the cryptocurrency market, offering a streamlined approach to digital currency interaction via Telegram.

4. Weaknesses and Recommendations:
– The development direction of the project is unclear,means it vast opportunities ahead in the future.

Overall rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars).



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    #beepioneer55CT4TQ Readers


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    TringFCB Readers

    Looks solid.

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    Janet Readers

    Versus and CyberFinance is a good combination

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    Aiye Readers

    Let’s go on With Vertus

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    ZIk Readers

    Is there an approximate date for end of mining? I don’t know how far should I go with buying upgrades 🧐

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    Stanley Readers

    Incredible partnership vertus

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    Figure Readers

    Cần game để vertus nóng lên