Telegram Game
Coin Crypto

Begin by spinning the slot machine to collect coins. Every spin could unlock your fortune, so try your luck and see the coins pour in.


1. Background Introduction
– Team Information: Launched by Pop Launch
– Funding: None
– Project Launch Date: First launched in April 2024.
– Number of Players: Currently has 3 million players and is continuously growing.
– Social Media Subscribers: The Telegram channel has over 161K subscribers, with numbers steadily increasing.

2. User Experience
– Integration with Telegram provides a seamless experience, eliminating the need for additional applications.
– Coin Crypto offers a visually smooth and unique gaming experience. The game design is simple and gameplay is clear, making it suitable for players of all ages.
– Recharge Requirements: Players can choose whether or not to recharge. Recharging can enhance the gaming experience and progress, but it is not necessary.
– Recharge Value: Recharging can earn players rare items and level-up progress, increasing game satisfaction.

3. Core Gameplay
– Spin to Win : Start by spinning the slot machine to earn coins. Each spin holds the key to your fortune, so test your luck and watch the coins roll in.
– Build Your Village: Use your coins to construct and upgrade your village, building your kingdom at different levels.
– Raid & Attack: Venture into the villages of other players to raid their treasures. Strategically attack to maximize your loot while defending your own village from incoming raids.
– Collect Pets and Rewards: Complete pet sets for extra rewards, participate in events, and join a vibrant community to showcase your mastery.
– Daily Quest: Complete simple social tasks to get spins, and don’t forget to claim your consecutive login rewards.
– Invitation Mechanism: Earn 50 EXTRA SPINS for every friend you invite.

4. Product Innovation Points
– Coin Crypto stands out in Telegram games by combining luck (spins) and strategy (building and raiding). The social interaction element of raiding enhances game interaction and community involvement.

5. Drawbacks and Suggestions
– Reliance on in-app purchases or ads may deter some players. Balancing monetization with fair gameplay is crucial for maintaining a positive user experience.



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