Reject the points-based system in the era of airdrops and take you to 0G Labs, which raised 35 million yuan in interacti

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Let me first state the conclusion. As the author, in the increasingly integrated post-airdrop era, the 0 G team has a unique pattern and tone. I am very optimistic about 0 G. If your energy and time allow, this project with a financing of up to 35 million US dollars and no PUA is definitely worth your participation.

1. What is 0G

0 G, full name Zero Gravity, is a leading Web3 infrastructure provider that is building the leading modular AI blockchain, creating solutions to implement on-chain AI applications in the Web3 ecosystem. The platform achieves high data availability through its unique architecture that separates data storage and data publishing. By ensuring 50 GB/s throughput, 50,000 times faster than competitors, and 100 times lower costs, 0 G has positioned itself as a leader in bringing high-data use cases such as scalable L2 and modular AI to the Web3 ecosystem.
In general, it means modularity, AI, faster speed and lower cost.

Reject the points-based system in the era of airdrops and take you to 0G Labs, which raised 35 million yuan in interacti

2. Why are we optimistic about 0G?

I will not elaborate on the technical aspects, but mainly talk about the community. First of all, a very important point: no PUA. When some projects on the market tend to engage in glaxe and zealy, 0 G tries its best to avoid increasing users through these. I agree with this point. If the way to increase users of blockchain is still these task platforms, then it is too unblockchain.

At the same time, in order to better serve the community, 0 G dared to take action on its own Twitter account, proactively cleared those robot accounts, and dared to reduce its own followers. This is enough to prove that what 0 G cares about is never quantity, but quality.

Reject the points-based system in the era of airdrops and take you to 0G Labs, which raised 35 million yuan in interacti

3. Participation Methods

What follows is how you can participate in 0G as an early user. Whether you are a node operator or a user, 0G currently provides opportunities for users.

1. Node Operator

1. Verification Node

At present, the verification nodes have been running for one round. Compared with the first round, which can be operated without application, the current nodes are currently operated by application for the stability of the network and lower gas fees. The number of nodes is 125. At present, the application form has been filled out, but according to official news, the 125 nodes are likely to be updated later, and a new selection process will be formulated for future validator rotations so that newcomers have a higher chance of participation.

If you want to learn more about validator node configuration and tutorials, you can check out these:

1. Testnet Node Operator and Validator Application Guide:
2.0G Validator Node Documentation:

2. Storage Node

Different from the application system for verification nodes, storage nodes do not require application, you just need to run them normally. If you want to know more about verification node configuration and tutorials, you can check these contents:
0G storage node documentation:

Whether it is verification nodes or storage nodes, the 0G team is actively developing future incentive plans.

2. Community User Participation

1. Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program has just been opened recently. According to the notice, whether you are active on social media, like to create content or like to organize events, you can apply for the program to join the Ambassador team, and the Ambassador Program will receive the following incentives:

a. Participate in the community and share your knowledge;

b. Participate in exclusive events;

c. Earn rewards and recognition for your contributions;

d. Connect with other ambassadors and the 0 G team;

e. Attend the meeting on behalf of 0 G.

Application link:

Application deadline for the first cohort: May 24, 2024 at 11:59 PM PT

2. Discord Server Roles

Currently, 0 Gs server roles were just revealed on May 12. Each role is specially designed and you can get these roles according to your skills. Regarding these roles, the team said that these Discord roles are designed to help our community develop their talents and reward their contributions.

For more information about the classification and meaning of roles, please refer to this blog post:

To participate, please join the official discrod:

3. More?

In the future, there will be more ways to participate in the community. The community has already held mascot design competitions and weekly poker competitions. These will distribute some unique characters. There is no specific empowerment for these characters yet, but I think the teams style of doing things is to be open to everything that is beneficial to the community.

Reject the points-based system in the era of airdrops and take you to 0G Labs, which raised 35 million yuan in interacti

IV. Conclusion

As for this project, we can see that the official has clearly informed that there will be rewards for both the node and the community plan. Although there is no clear incentive plan, in the increasingly point-based post-airdrop era, the 0G team has a unique pattern and tone. If your energy and time allow, the author recommends that you focus on participating in a wave.

This article is sourced from the internet: Reject the points-based system in the era of airdrops and take you to 0G Labs, which raised 35 million yuan in interactive financing

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