Promoting data capitalization: INTO reconstructs the big data value ecosystem

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For a long time, in the algorithm black box of Internet giants and in the data islands of centralized platforms, every click and every browse we make has become a tool for giant companies to realize their profits. However, users who create data value find it difficult to share the data dividend. This unequal data production relationship has become a problem in the digital age.

Web3 uses encryption technology to reconstruct the trust foundation of the digital world and promotes the redistribution of digital power through decentralization. In the Web3 world, data is a new type of means of production, and its ownership should belong to the users who generate the data. Everyone should have full control over their digital identity and data footprint, and be able to obtain reasonable returns from the value of the data. INTO is the pioneer of this data capitalization transformation. INTOs vision is to enable everyone to participate in the construction and sharing of the Web3 big data ecosystem. By keeping up with the development of INTO, users will have the opportunity to seize the big data dividend in the next decade. This is not only a technological innovation, but also a huge social and economic change.

Promoting data capitalization: INTO reconstructs the big data value ecosystem

Web3 reconstructs data ownership and value distribution

In the past Web2 era, the relationship between users and data was unequal. While enjoying Internet services, users also unconsciously contributed their own data. This data includes our browsing history, location information, social networks, etc., which together constitute our digital shadow in cyberspace.

However, most of the data value created by users is owned by Internet giants. The giants use advanced algorithms to mine and analyze massive amounts of user data, gain insights into user needs, and predict user behavior, thereby achieving accurate advertising and personalized recommendations. Although this has improved user experience to a certain extent, more data dividends have flowed into the pockets of the giants. Data monetization has become a cash cow for the giants and also a moat for them to maintain their monopoly.

More importantly, since data is stored in the hands of a few centralized platforms, users lack real control over their own data. Problems such as data abuse and data leakage are emerging one after another, and user privacy faces huge risks. At the same time, due to the lack of data rights confirmation and circulation mechanisms, data barriers between different platforms are becoming increasingly serious. The data island phenomenon not only hinders the release of data value, but also limits data-driven innovation.

This leads to a core concept of Web3 – data capitalization, which regards data as a digital asset. By reconstructing the mechanism of data confirmation, exchange and pricing, in this process, users will change from passive data providers to active data owners and beneficiaries. The value of data will truly tilt towards data producers, breaking the past monopoly pattern and achieving the optimal configuration of data value.

In the context of data capitalization, users are no longer passive data sources, but owners and traders of digital assets. Users can authorize the use of data on their own and gain rewards from the value created by the data. Platforms no longer have a monopoly on data, but instead gain revenue by providing data services to users. The free flow of data between different entities will stimulate more innovation possibilities and drive the overall prosperity of the digital economy.

Promoting data capitalization: INTO reconstructs the big data value ecosystem

Unleashing new value, data capitalization reshapes the data economy

If Web3 is a great vision of data capitalization, then INTO is the explorer and practitioner of this vision. As a leader in the Web3 ecosystem, INTO interprets from a unique perspective how to enable ordinary users to take the initiative in the data age and maximize the value of data.

INTOs data capitalization practice is first reflected in the respect and protection of user data sovereignty. In the INTO ecosystem, users have full control over their digital identity and behavioral data. Through encryption technology and zero-knowledge proof, users can independently manage the disclosure and use of personal information without worrying about privacy leaks. At the same time, based on INTOs original digital space protocol, users can also selectively store, manage and share their digital tracks. This means that everyone will have an autonomous and controllable digital identity sovereignty.

Secondly, INTO has also innovatively proposed the concept of user portrait assetization. Through cutting-edge technologies such as edge computing and federated learning, INTO can use its digital trajectory and behavior data to build dynamic, multi-dimensional, and warm user portraits without touching the users original privacy data. These portraits are not only descriptions of user characteristics, but also digital assets with huge commercial value.

What is even more unique is that INTO also encourages users to actively participate in the creation of data value through token economy. In the INTO ecosystem, users can create data value by improving personal information, high-quality social behavior, etc., thereby obtaining more tokens. The data tokens held by users not only have property attributes, but can also be used for platform governance, enjoy high-quality services, etc. This creation is mining incentive mechanism has mobilized the enthusiasm of all people to participate in data capitalization.

Promoting data capitalization: INTO reconstructs the big data value ecosystem

From data sovereignty to value return, from incentive creation to factor cultivation, INTO is systematically promoting data capitalization in multiple dimensions. This is a faithful practice of the Web3 concept and a key to building an inclusive digital economy.

INTO Web3 Vision: From Data Silos to Data Capitalization

We can draw a wealth of wisdom and inspiration from INTOs exploration of data capitalization. To seize the historic opportunity of data capitalization in the Web3 era, we must make systematic arrangements in terms of technology, mechanisms, business models, etc., and adopt a multi-pronged approach.

The first is technological change. The realization of data capitalization must be based on privacy protection and data rights confirmation technology. Blockchain, encrypted computing, verifiable random functions… these cutting-edge technologies provide a solid guarantee for the realization of user data rights. Only on the basis of trusted privacy computing can data capitalization truly be highly responsible to users. INTO has set a benchmark for the industry through technological innovation, and its mechanism designs such as anonymous authorization and verifiable data transactions are worth learning from.

Secondly, the design of the incentive mechanism is crucial. How to mobilize the enthusiasm of the whole society to participate in data capitalization is a test of the wisdom of Web3 projects. INTOs participation is mining concept has made a creative response to this. By rewarding users with tokens for contributing data and creating data value, the role of users is changed from passive beneficiaries to active participants. INTO encourages everyone to become an evangelist in the data factor market.

Finally, business model innovation is also indispensable. Data capitalization not only means universal benefits to users, but also means a change in the way business value is created. How to maximize commercial benefits while respecting the rights and interests of users is a question that every platform that deploys data capitalization must think about. INTO has made useful explorations in this regard and provided many references for the industry: deeply combining data assetization with other formats, using big data analysis, artificial intelligence and other means to deeply explore the value of data, and forming multiple monetization scenarios such as precision marketing and risk control pricing; especially developing innovative services for C-end users, allowing users to easily convert data into service optimization while ensuring privacy.

Data is to the digital economy what oil is to the industrial economy. It is the most valuable resource and the most brilliant wealth. Although INTOs exploration is still in its early stages, it not only paints a grand blueprint for data capitalization, but also provides a practical example that can be used as a reference, replicated and promoted.

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