The AI tsunami strikes again. Here are 10 AI altcoins worth paying attention to.

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The AI tsunami strikes again. Here are 10 AI altcoins worth paying attention to.

The AI tsunami is coming again in May. OpenAI will release a multimodal AI model capable of conversation and object recognition at 1 a.m. on May 14 (UTC+ 8). Google will showcase the latest AI tools and related product enhancements at the Google I/O conference at 1 a.m. on May 15 (UTC+ 8). Microsoft will also focus on AI issues at its annual Build developer conference on May 21.

AI is the most popular narrative in all fields in 2024, and there will be a chain reaction. As early as February, when OpenAI launched the text-to-video model Sora, various AI concept altcoins had a wave of increases. The AI tsunami in the technology industry in May may also trigger the rise of AI concept altcoins in the crypto industry.

Odaily Planet Daily will list 10 AI concept altcoins whose value may be underestimated in this article for your reference.


Concept: PALM AI is a multi-platform second-generation AI solution powered by Googles AI toolkit and internal innovative algorithms. The project focuses on developing on-chain AI integration tools and AI applications that can be used in the real world, while also providing customized AI robot solutions to meet the different needs of individuals, groups, enterprises and projects. PALM is the utility token of PaLM AI, and holders of PALM can participate in the platforms revenue sharing.

Market value: $73 million

GLQ (GraphLinq Chain)

Concept: GraphLinq is a code-free automation platform on the blockchain, consisting of the GraphLinq chain and the GraphLinq protocol. It aims to enable users to easily deploy and manage various automation processes without programming skills through four major components: IDE, App, Engine, and Marketplace. At the same time, built-in AI can be used to help build dApps. On March 15, the strategic round of financing was completed, with DWF Labs participating in the investment, and the specific amount was not disclosed. GLQ is the native token of the GraphLinq chain, used to pay for gas fees in the network.

Market value: $31 million

VMINT (VoluMint)

Concept: VoluMint is an AI automated market maker that can be seamlessly integrated with CEX and DEX, and provides fully customizable market-making solutions to support crypto projects. Its market-making solutions include barrier-free market-making robots, AI automatic trading robots, decentralized and unpredictable trading patterns. VMINT is VoluMints utility token. A certain percentage of VoluMints revenue will be distributed to those who choose to stake tokens, and notification token holders can also participate in project voting governance.

Market value: $14 million

NAVI (Atlas Navi)

Concept: Atlas Navi is a navigation application that uses AI and smartphone cameras to find the fastest route to the destination for users by detecting road conditions, accidents, traffic conditions in each lane, available parking spaces, police cars, etc. to avoid problematic roads. At the same time, through the Drive to Earn economic model, users can get NAVI token rewards for using navigation. Atlas Navi received a $1.2 million grant from the European Union in 2019 to develop its technology.

Market value: $11 million


Concept: ChainGPT is a developer of AI solutions in the Web3 field. It has built various tools for users by integrating large language models (LLM) with blockchain. Including AI chatbots, AI NFT generators, AI news aggregation, AI trading assistants, automated smart contract generation and auditing, etc. CGPT is ChainGPT is a utility token. Holders have the rights to participate in DAO voting, staking, free access to AI tools, airdrops, etc.

Market cap: $110 million

AI (Sleepless AI)

Concept: Sleepless AI is an AI-based virtual companion game that leverages AIGC and LLM to create rich story-based gameplay and organic interactions with characters. The project is currently developing three games, the first of which is HIM, a virtual boyfriend Otome game that has now been officially approved by the Appstore in 150+ countries around the world.

Market value: $153 million

GPU (Node AI)

Concept: Node AI is a decentralized platform that provides GPU and AI resource rental. Users can pledge GPUs to get a share of the revenue, and it also provides AI node rental, GPU computing power lending and other services.

Market value: $121 million


Concept: enqAI is a decentralized AI model network that is fully powered by a decentralized network of GPU nodes. In this way, enqAI can make its models free of political and cultural biases and censorship-resistant. ENQAI is the token reward issued by enqAI for nodes that provide support.

Market value: $48.6 million

EMC (Edge Matrix Computing)

Concept: EMC (Edge Matrix Computing) is a decentralized AI computing power application network and also a Depin+AI concept project. EMC directly connects GPU computing power assets with AI applications and provides them to ordinary developers and users in a low-cost and convenient way. EMC has completed two rounds of financing, led by Faculty Group and Flow Ventures, with an undisclosed amount.

Market value: $30 million


Concept: AQTIS is an intelligent liquidity protocol powered by Quant-Tech and AI. Liquidity is provided by dApps built on AQTIS, which is committed to allowing ordinary users to use institutional-level investment strategies to achieve stable returns and advanced transactions.

Market value: $12.6 million


Judging from the historical cycle of the crypto industry, the bull market generally lasts about 1.5 years after the halving, and the alt season will start within a few weeks after the halving. The concept of AI is undoubtedly one of the most hype narratives. Combined with the hot news in the technology industry, it is worth making a good layout in advance.

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