Community Science | TOX Destruction Mechanism and Value Potential

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1. Basic Information of TOX

TOX is an ecological token issued by the INTO platform, with a total issuance of 10 billion. It plays a vital role in social mining, node mining, ecological circulation and other scenarios. In order to maintain the long-term value of TOX, INTO will A unique and comprehensive destruction mechanism was officially launched on the day.

2. TOX Distribution Plan

1. Social mining: 1 billion (10%), linear release over 3 years;

2. Node mining: 6 billion (60%), linear release over 3 years;

3. Ecological Fund: 1.5 billion (15%), all destroyed;

4. Exchange Fund: 300 million (3%), used to support DEX and CEX liquidity;

5. Promotion Fund: 200 million (2%), new user incentives;

6. Early Bird Round: 100 million (1%), completed;

7. Team: 800 million (8%), all destroyed;

8. Advisors: 100 million (1%), all destroyed.

3. TOX Destruction Mechanism

1. Total destruction: The shares of the ecological fund, team and consultants, a total of 2.4 billion tokens, will be destroyed.

2. Social earning and destruction: The platform will destroy the same amount of TOX produced on the day.

3. Social node destruction:

– The upper limit of the destruction of social node TOX purchased by each account (including new and old accounts) is 100,000, including reinvestment.

– When a user purchases a node, the platform will simultaneously destroy the corresponding amount of TOX until the cumulative destruction of the account reaches the upper limit of 100,000 TOX.

4. Ecological circulation and destruction:

– In the blockchain game Ghost Warrior, TOX is used as both a ticket and a gas fee, which will consume a lot of money;

– On-chain iQiyi, use TOX to watch TV series and movies on a monthly basis, 20% of which is used for destruction;

– In the Starry Project 2.0, only BSC chain TOX is supported to participate, and the project owner and the community will buy a large amount of TOX on the exchange;

– It is expected that hundreds of ecosystems will be launched in 2024, and TOX will be used for circulation and destruction.

5. Destruction in other scenarios: Many scenarios in the INTO ecosystem, such as avatars, NFT malls, live broadcast rooms, and on-chain malls, will bring about the demand for TOX destruction.

4. TOX鈥檚 deflationary effect and value potential

Through the above multi-level destruction mechanism, TOX will eventually be destroyed from 10 billion to 21 million, greatly improving its scarcity. So far, 675,626,793.9 TOX have been destroyed, and the destruction data is uploaded to the chain in real time and can be queried at any time through the INTO APP.

INTO firmly believes that the intrinsic value of the token is the fundamental factor that determines its price. With the continuous advancement of the destruction mechanism, the scarcity of TOX will continue to increase, and the long-term value of the token will also be effectively guaranteed.

In 2023, TOX has successfully landed on many mainstream global exchanges; in 2024, INTO will continue to help TOX go online on more exchanges, launch an impact on Binance, the worlds largest digital asset exchange, and continuously enhance TOXs global influence.

As an ecological token with obvious deflationary properties, TOX is expected to become the new darling of the digital asset field in the near future, attracting more attention from users and capital.

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