MOCA token subscription finally raised $29.3 million, with a total oversubscription of 12 times

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MOCA token subscription finally raised .3 million, with a total oversubscription of 12 times

The MOCA Foundation, a community-based cultural foundation and issuer of MOCA tokens, announced that the MOCA token subscription has officially ended, with a total of $29.3 million in participating funds, a total of 12 times oversubscription (this data is calculated based on the number of available votes, excluding guaranteed allocations). The final issuance of MOCA tokens will be carried out on the new Launchpad platform MocaList, which is jointly launched by Mocaverse and CoinList. Moca ID holders will subsequently be eligible to activate access rights distributed from Mocaverse, Mocaverse partners, and selected communities on CoinList through various activities.

The token subscription started at 12:00 AM (UTC) on April 25, 2024, and exceeded its $5 million subscription limit in less than 6 hours, marking the fastest oversubscription event on CoinList since 2024. The MOCA token subscription event officially ended on May 2, becoming the largest subscription project on CoinList so far in 2024. Nearly 17,000 independent KYC users from 123 different countries and regions participated in the subscription, which also represented a record high in Mocaverse community participation.

The final allocation results of MOCA token subscription are expected to be announced on May 7, 2024, and the official issuance of tokens may take place around May 24, 2024.

About MOCA Token Subscription

  • A total of 126,984,127 MOCA tokens (1.5% of the total token supply) were allocated for MOCA token subscription at a price of $0.03938 per token.

  • The total FDV (fully diluted value) of MOCA tokens is US$350 million.

  • At different levels, MOCA token subscription participants received the best preferential allocation terms. The TGE token issuance event unlocked 5% of the tokens, with a cliff period of 3 months, and the subsequent 52-week linear release will be supported by the CoinList platform.

About MOCA Foundation

The MOCA Foundation is a community-owned foundation that aims to enhance the network effect of Mocaverse in the cultural and entertainment fields. Its mission is to promote community unity and collaboration, and strive to establish a leading position in governance, culture, and growth innovation. In addition, it is positioned as the largest cultural and economic interactive platform in the Web3 field powered by MOCA tokens, and will subsequently support the development of Moca DAO. Moca DAO is the upcoming DAO within the DAO, whose members will first co-create MIPs and participate in cross-DAO organization empowerment governance through a unique delegation model.

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