TrendX Research Institute: Learn about the hot traffic games jointly created by Telegram and TON in one article

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The game sector in the Telegram x TON ecosystem has attracted a lot of attention recently. Dont underestimate this combination. Although the TON ecosystem is currently in a relatively early stage, it has great development potential backed by Telegrams huge user base. In addition, the TON Foundation has announced a series of Grant project lists to support innovations in the fields of social Web3, games, DeFi, etc., and to support project development. With this strong funding and the support of Telegrams traffic, Telegram x TON ecosystem games have been very popular recently, with both user base and project popularity growing rapidly. In this issue, we will share with you two relaxing and interesting hot games.

Click to mine coins game——NOTCOIN

Listing on Binance, Attracting 30 million users, 5 million daily active users, with this series of extremely high-value goals – NOTCOIN is an innovative project that combines cryptocurrency with gamification elements and is provided to users through the Telegram platform. Because this traffic star game project is simple, lightweight, interesting and profitable, NOTCOIN quickly attracted a large number of users and became one of the most active channels on Telegram.

TrendX Research Institute: Learn about the hot traffic games jointly created by Telegram and TON in one article

It is curious that with so many Web3 game projects emerging, why does NOTCOIN stand out and capture a large amount of user traffic? From multiple perspectives, the main reasons are as follows:

Simple and interesting game mechanics: First of all, NOTCOIN has the basic conditions of a hot game. The gameplay is simple and profitable – you can earn virtual currency by simply clicking on the mobile screen (Tap-to-earn). Simple and lightweight – a Telegram mobile game similar to WeChat applet, without the need for an official cryptocurrency wallet, trading account or transaction fees, which increases user participation, retention and activity.

Diverse gameplay: In-depth gameplay, which is the core of the game. NOTCOIN includes features such as teamwork, points league, energy management, and referral rewards. These gameplays are cleverly designed, which can not only capture existing users and improve retention, but also quickly spread in the community and attract new users to participate.

Community support and endorsement: NOTCOIN received public support from TON Labs and TON Foundation from the beginning, which is equivalent to endorsing the project and increasing users’ recognition of the project. After listing on Binance on May 16, the brand endorsement effect will be further strengthened.

Natural customer acquisition channel support: Due to the integration of Telegram and TON, NOTCOIN can maximize the use of Telegrams huge user base and easy access to its natural advantages to quickly acquire customers at low cost.

Open source code and fair distribution: NOTCOINs game code is open source, allowing developers to audit its operating mechanism, ensuring the transparency and fairness of the project.

Fair token distribution: Notcoins token distribution is biased towards the community and users, with 78% allocated to miners, 9% to the ecosystem fund, 5% for community incentives, and 5% to developers, while there is no allocation to investors, which shows its emphasis on the community compared to many other projects. Its token economic strategy also includes giving up ownership and 0% transaction tax, which also greatly increases the decentralization and fairness of the project.

Meme attribute bonus: The current market trend reflects that investors are increasingly interested in Meme coins and community-driven projects. NOTCOIN has Meme attributes, which caters to the preferences of the current market and investors.

Technical support improves the project ceiling: TONs high-performance support adopts a unique multi-layer multi-chain architecture, which improves the scalability and transaction processing speed of the network, providing a technical foundation for the success of NOTCOIN.

TrendX Research Institute: Learn about the hot traffic games jointly created by Telegram and TON in one article

Team operation: The team actively operates on social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord, and frequently promotes the benefits and fun of the game in an interesting and eye-catching way. At the same time, it also conducts marketing through various means, especially on the main Telegram platform, to capture potential users.

From the above reasons, we can see that the most important thing is the game itself, which is interesting, fun and profitable. This is the most important thing in the current competitive Web3 market. This is the reason why this project is irreplaceable. The driving force behind its being seen by the market, the support and endorsement of Telegram x TON, is also an indispensable reason for its success. After the ups and downs of the Bitcoin market, a simple and interesting MEME-flavored game is indeed enough to impress many types of users. Now that it has been launched on the Binance platform, it may mean that the development of NOTCOIN has a certain bottom line, but the challenge of the upper limit is still difficult – the path planning within the project needs to maintain retention and evergreen, and the continuous external competitive products bring pressure.

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Next, I would like to share with you a recent traffic giant that also comes from the Telegram x TON ecosystem, a rising star – the real mini-program game, Catizen Cat Citizen.

Virtual Pet GameFi——Catizen

Catizen is a cat game built on the TON ecosystem, combining the metaverse, GameFi, and AI. The game launched a revolutionary Play 2 Airdrop mode, where players can earn future airdrops while playing. Its hot trend is no less than NOTCOIN, and the market expects it to become the next traffic star on TON. Since the launch of the Beta test version on March 19, 2024, Catizen has quickly become one of the most popular GameFi applets in the Telegram x TON ecosystem. As of May 17, Catizen has attracted nearly 6 million players, with nearly 500,000 daily active users, 260,000 on-chain users, and more than 2 million on-chain transactions, becoming one of the fastest growing projects in the Web3.0 ecosystem game users. The main reasons for its rapid growth are as follows:

TrendX Research Institute: Learn about the hot traffic games jointly created by Telegram and TON in one article

Innovative game mechanics: Catizen combines multiple key concepts, integrating the metaverse, GameFi and AI. It also innovatively launched the play-to-airdrop model, allowing players to earn future airdrops while playing the game. This model not only captures the main contradiction of players – the fun of the game, but also grasps the key to player retention – the additional benefits of the game.

Launchpool mode: In the Catizen game, the Launchpool mode is used to encourage players to pledge game assets and obtain in-game points $wCATI. This model further enhances player participation and loyalty through rewards and incentives.

Emphasis on decentralized community and governance: Catizen attaches great importance to community building. By providing governance tokens to loyal players, they can participate in the decision-making process of the game. This decentralized governance model improves players sense of belonging and the transparency of the project.

Project team experience: Pluto Studio, the development team behind Catizen, has been involved in the Web2 mini-program game track since 2018 and has a lot of successful experience in mini-game development and distribution, which enables them to effectively develop and promote Catizen. Currently, the Catizen team has signed contracts with 18 popular WeChat mini-games, and will use the teams valuable experience in chain reform and rich experience in TON ecosystem deployment to gradually launch them on the Catizen game platform.

Strategic Partnerships: Catizen’s seed round received investments from TON, Web3 Ventures, Mask Network, Y 2 Z, SecondLive, EMURGO Ventures, Moon Capital, and Initiate Capital.

Telegram x TON strong support: Catize not only takes advantage of Telegrams huge user resources and attracts a large number of players through an easily accessible gaming platform, but also takes advantage of the TON ecosystem, such as Telegrams native integration and USDT support, to provide users with a convenient payment and transaction experience.

Multi-chain deployment expands user base: Catizen has deployed Bot on multiple blockchains such as TON and Mantle, which enables the project to reach a wider user base and improves its visibility and usability in different blockchain ecosystems.

Marketing and Promotion: Catizen served as an official showcase project in important events such as TON Hong Kong Wanxiang Conference and Token 2049, which increased its visibility and credibility in the industry.

Clear future outlook and planning: Catizen has a clear future plan and plans to transform into a Telegram gaming platform. It has signed contracts with several popular mini-games, which provides direction for the long-term development of the project. Catizen will break through its own Gaming Bot positioning in the later stage and move to the third stage of its project development – Game Launchpool, thereby empowering all Catizen loyal players and holders of its governance tokens.

TrendX Research Institute: Learn about the hot traffic games jointly created by Telegram and TON in one article

Similar to the success of NOTCOIN, its games are fun and playable, and it is supported by Telegram x TON. However, unlike NOTCOIN, the Catizen team is a professional and stereotyped player in small games, which makes its games more competitive, especially in terms of future planning paths, which are clear and concise, which will undoubtedly make players and investors more confident in the game. Even though it has not yet been launched on Binance, it has already raised a considerable amount of funds in the seed round. Next, Catizen is more of a wait-and-see approach. With experience, money, and a basic market, will the story written on the Roadmap be realized? This is what investors care about; can the game continue to be updated and iterated and still remain attractive? This is what players care about.

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From the success of the above two hot game projects, we can see that the cooperation of Telegram x TON has outstanding benefits. Telegram provides a large number of users and markets, and the TON chain provides infrastructure and fund support. The track chosen is also very smart. Accessing mini-program games through Telegram is easy to reach and fun, which is also a project choice that fits the user portrait of Telegram. In this powerful background, NOTCOIN and Catizen have also won the recognition of players and the attention of the market with their own project quality and uniqueness, and they have soared to the sky. You may wish to experience these two hot games in person. You may also earn a lot of token incentives while having fun. It may be the next 100-fold coin.

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