AMA Review: How Giants Planet occupies a place in the Bitcoin ecosystem?

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On April 26, Odaily Planet Daily and Giants Planet jointly held the Space event. Giants Planet co-founder and CEO Arthur and community leader Minn were guests in the Space live broadcast room to introduce Giants Planets ecological progress and future plans on the theme of Favored by Singapores sovereign fund, how Giants Planet occupies a place in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

AMA Review: How Giants Planet occupies a place in the Bitcoin ecosystem?

The following is the AMA transcript, which is organized by Odaily Planet Daily:

Odaily Planet Daily: Could both guests please introduce Giants Planet to everyone (can you cover the ecology)?

Giants Planet is ahead of the times and is a platform that leads enterprises from Web2 to the decentralized Web3 field. With our unparalleled technical strength, we help enterprises easily achieve a gorgeous transformation from traditional to digital, allowing real-world assets to be reborn in the Web3 space. Based on the solid foundation of Bitcoin, we ensure the security of transactions and the scalability of the system, redefining the financial rules of the digital age. Join us now and start a new era of decentralized innovation together!

Odaily Planet Daily: National-level funds are not common in Web3. Giants Planet has been recognized by Singapore’s sovereign fund. I believe the cooperation between the two must be very close. Please tell us about the composition of Singapore’s sovereign fund and the cooperation between the two parties.

The prospects for equity exchanges in Southeast Asias capital markets are bleak, traditional financial liquidity is shrinking sharply, and young people are flocking to new stock market outlets. This trend was clearly visible as early as 2020. In sharp contrast, the blockchain field is booming and liquidity is abundant.

It was at this moment that we became one of the first 500 incubation projects in Singapore in 2020 and were recognized by Temasek. The government and the consortium hope that 2 mr lab can help some companies in Singapore, Southeast Asia, and Asia-Pacific to transform from traditional industries to blockchain, thereby promoting the continued prosperity of local companies. Considering that 70% of Singapores economy depends on the financial industry, the government hopes to better stimulate the vitality of local companies and the technology industry through web3 technology. In this process, 2 mr lab has been regarded as an early winner and has high hopes.

Odaily Planet Daily: You just mentioned that Giants Planet is based on GameFi. Can you introduce the background and gameplay of the game to everyone?

Equipped with an artificial intelligence engine, integrating virtuality and reality, the game palace called Giants Planet was created. It is based on the Bitcoin blockchain, with BGPS tokens as its soul, leading the circulation of future currencies. Here, players can not only win BGPS through games, but also enjoy physical goods and game props in the Giants Planet market.

In order to unite the community, the platform generously provides exclusive privileges to Founding Explorers holding Ordinals, including Golden Eggs, the golden key to unlock the Giants Planet game. In this immersive game world, explore, cooperate, and compete, and every winner will receive generous rewards in BGPS tokens, further consolidating their unique position in the Giants Planet ecosystem.

Odaily Planet Daily: GameFi is definitely inseparable from NFT. Giants Planet has previously launched two NFT series, which are also launched on the OKX Web3 wallet at the same time. The growth is gratifying. Please introduce the role of the two NFT series in the ecosystem.

Founding explorer

  • 222 supply ( 2023, ordinary)

  • Provide special benefits

  • New feature early access (discord discussion, game testing access)

  • Founding Explorers tokens represent the founding members

Golden egg

  • 9999 supply ( 2024)

  • Unique staking mechanism based on BRC-420 protocol, earning BGPS (BRC-20 token) airdrop rewards

  • V2 staking mechanism, allows holders to upgrade their eggs to rare levels by burning three golden eggs. Different levels of the mechanism will provide different BGPS earnings capabilities.

Odaily Planet Daily: As Giants Planet’s platform for communicating virtual reality, what role does the trading market play in the entire ecosystem?

The Marketplace is the core place to buy, sell and trade game assets within Giants Planet. More importantly, through features such as Launch, Trade and Use, we provide our Web2 partners with an excellent opportunity to integrate real-world assets into the blockchain world and tokenize assets.

Odaily Planet Daily: Currently, Giants Planet is also building its own Bitcoin second layer. Can you tell us what is unique about Giants’ second layer?

BGPS is rooted in Bitcoins second-layer network, opening up access to an ecosystem of partners and well-known brands. With BGPS, you will gain access to a range of unique privileges: from large-scale giveaways, to exclusive whitelist airdrops, to the opportunity to obtain precious tokens and NFTs.

In the game, BGPS plays a vital role, providing you with a wealth of personalization options and unique in-game benefits, helping you to fully express your personality in the game world.

Odaily Planet Daily: Currently, the Bitcoin ecosystem is very popular, and the token BGPS is also a BRC 20 token. What channels can people use to obtain airdrops or pre-sale qualifications?

  • Space mission – Level up and unlock token boxes by accumulating points, each box has different rarity and BGPS rewards. The more points you accumulate, the more you get, thus getting BGPS token airdrops.

  • Pledge Golden Egg

  • V2 Staking Golden Egg

  • Join the Discord event to get points to redeem BGPS

  • Rune Project Development of BGPS

  • BGPS Future Features: Unlock treasures in real life and in-game (similar to Pokemon Go)

Odaily Planet Daily: The launch of the Runes protocol after the Bitcoin halving also caused the on-chain transaction fee to reach as high as 2,800 satoshis/byte. Does our Giants Planet plan to launch its own runes, and when?

We are in active discussions with the team on where to go next. We are working on connecting all NFTs and tokens to complement Runes and provide richer feedback to the community.

When the BGPS token is officially launched, holders will be awarded an airdrop of Rune tokens. This will be an exciting moment and will set off a new wave of enthusiasm!

Odaily Planet Daily: After the launch of BGPS token, are there any plans to list it on a centralized exchange? If so, which exchange will be given priority?

Of course, we do. At this time, we cannot disclose specific centralized exchange information. But we can tell you that we are actively in in-depth discussions with several well-known large exchanges. Stay tuned, the excitement is coming soon!

Odaily Planet Daily: What are the future plans for Giants Planet? Let me introduce to you the next roadmap of Giants Planet.

We will focus more on the development of runes and game projects at this stage. We will launch launchpad and mobile games later, and the specific information will be synchronized with everyone on the official account.

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