What’s Next for Polygon (MATIC) Price Amidst Mixed Signals From Investors?

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In Brief

  • MATIC price is currently stuck, moving sideways between $0.76 and $0.64.
  • Network growth is presently at a 12-month low, which suggests that the project is losing traction.
  • On the other hand, present MATIC investors are focusing on HODLing for now, keeping the altcoin consolidated.

Polygon (MATIC) price will likely struggle to find a direction given the mixed cues it receives from the market and investors.

While the possibility of a rally and decline are equally likely, MATIC is leaning more towards the former for this reason.

Are Polygon Investors Losing Faith?

MATIC price has been moving within a range for the past couple of days, and the credit for this goes to the lack of directional bias after Bitcoin halved. The altcoin is facing similar conditions from investors.

MATIC holders are exhibiting mixed signals, with active investors acting bullish to neutral while potential investors are making a bearish move. This is evident from the Mean Coin Age and Network Growth.

Mean Coin Age calculates the average age of all coins in circulation. It provides insights into the level of market activity and the potential for coin movement based on the age of the coins being transacted.

The incline in this metric hints at HODLing among investors, which is considered bullish during uptrends. This shows that investors are less inclined to sell their holdings, which supports price rises.

What’s Next for Polygon (MATIC) Price Amidst Mixed Signals From Investors?
MATIC Mean Coin Age. Source: Santiment

On the other hand, network growth is calculated by the rate at which new addresses are formed on the network. This measures whether a project is losing or gaining traction within the market.

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This indicator is at a 12-month low when writing, effectively suggesting a lack of new investors on the network.

What’s Next for Polygon (MATIC) Price Amidst Mixed Signals From Investors?
MATIC Network Growth. Source: Santiment

Thus, combining the two results in a potentially bearish-neutral outcome for MATIC price.

MATIC Price Prediction: Look out for This Range

MATIC price currently trades at $0.71 after failing to breach the resistance, which is marked at $0.76. This barrier has been in place for over a week now, and the case is the same for the support of $0.64. In the last couple of days, the latter has undergone testing twice, reinforcing and consolidating the range.

Simply put, altcoin might continue moving sideways between $0.76 and $0.61 for most parts. However, there is the potential for a breach of either limit.

What’s Next for Polygon (MATIC) Price Amidst Mixed Signals From Investors?
MATIC/USDT 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

By the looks of it, Ichimoku Cloud, a technical analysis tool that offers insights into support, resistance, and momentum, is bullish. The cloud is under the candlesticks, suggesting a price rise.

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If MATIC’s price follows this cue and breaches the $0.76 resistance, it could increase and test $0.81. This could invalidate the bearish-neutral thesis, opening the Polygon native token to recovery.

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