Can Chainlink (LINK) Price Breach This Bearish Pattern?

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In Brief

  • Chainlink’s price validated the descending triangle, noting a 30% correction in the last three days, and is now looking to recover.
  • Investors have lost their profits, and over 50% of LINK holders are now bearing losses, driving them to act bullish.
  • Over 84% of the active addresses comprise investors attempting to regain their profits and keep selling at a low level.

Chainlink (LINK) price successfully validated a bearish outcome set towards mid-March but is now looking to reclaim losses.

The altcoin is expected to receive support from investors who incurred substantial losses over the past two days, potentially contributing to its recovery.

Following the massive drawdown that resulted in nearly a 30% decline in Chainlink’s price, LINK holders want to take back said losses. Their intention is visible in their recent actions, which primarily target holding off selling.

This can be verified by distributing the investors conducting transactions on the network based on their profitability. The active addresses that are in profit only comprise 15% of all participants. The rest, 85%, are the ones that are either bearish losses or are breaking even.

Can Chainlink (LINK) Price Breach This Bearish Pattern?
Chainlink Active Addresses by Profitability. Source: IntoTheBlock

The latter two kinds of investors will refrain from selling since they are attempting to make back the money they lost.

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Substantiating this is that in the last four days, close to 100,000 addresses, or nearly 14% of all investors holding LINK, have lost their profits. More than 50% of the LINK holders are in losses at the time of writing.

Can Chainlink (LINK) Price Breach This Bearish Pattern?
Chainlink Investors at a Loss. Source: IntoTheBlock

Thus, these investors will continue to push price recovery to regain their profits, which could result in Chainlink’s price recovering to key resistance levels once again.

Chainlink’s price hitting the lows of $11.98 during the intra-day trading hours is evidence that the descending triangle was validated. However, its lower trend line at $17 remains a crucial barrier.

LINK would need to first breach through this to continue rising and eventually breaking out of the descending triangle. Trading at $14.54 at the time of writing, the altcoin only needs to breach through two resistances at $14.62 and $15.69.

Can Chainlink (LINK) Price Breach This Bearish Pattern?
LINK/USDT 8-hour chart. Source: TradingView

Flipping them into support would enable a rise to $17, marking a 17% increase for LINK.

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However, if this breach fails, a drawdown is also possible, limiting Chainlink’s price rise to $16. If, however, bearishness intensifies and the $14 or $13.55 is lost, the bullish thesis will be invalidated.

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