The Beacon Frontline Mission Guide

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The_Beacon_GG Frontline Mission Guide

Event Overview:
Arbitrum’s leading game, The Beacon, has launched a new event combining Play2Airdrop and Play2Whitelist. By participating, players can earn airdrops and whitelist spots. Accessing tasks and games is seamless via the task page.

Event Duration: June 10 – June 30

– Medals for future token distribution
– $ARB tokens, with the rarest drop being 1000 $ARB (total prize pool of 150,000 $ARB)
– Exclusive mythical decorations (wings)
– NFT whitelist pass

Event Tasks:
– Main Path (Middle): Social tasks for NFT whitelist raffle entry
– Story Path (Top): Engaging storylines
– Battle Path (Bottom): Challenging dungeon battles with increasing difficulty and points

How to Play:
– Visit the event page: The Beacon GG
– Progress through task nodes on three paths, earning points and rewards for each completed task. Accumulate 500 points to open a chest containing potential rewards like medals, $ARB, and mythical NFT decorations. For quick whitelist access, complete the middle task line.

– Direct $ARB rewards and timely distribution after the event, unlike other events with uncertain token values and delayed TGE.
– Smooth event navigation without the need for additional downloads or complex logins.

The Beacon Frontline Mission Guide

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