UniSat rejects PUA and gives users $500 pizza inscriptions for free

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UniSat rejects PUA and gives users 0 pizza inscriptions for free

This morning, UniSat officially distributed pizza inscriptions. The price of a single pizza in the secondary market once rose by more than 500 USDT, directly driving the overall rise of the inscription market. The pizza inscription has injected new vitality into the long-established Bitcoin ecosystem.

The pizza inscription was previously launched by UniSat to commemorate the 14th Bitcoin Pizza Festival and was airdropped to platform users for free. Unlike the previous public minting of inscriptions, users can claim it without spending any additional fees.

Moreover, compared with other well-known projects that have not issued coins for various reasons, the UniSat airdrop rules are like giving it away for free, which has caused the money-making community to collectively break down. They think that their hard work is not as good as a TX on Bitcoin, and they have posted on social media to satirize other well-known projects.

UniSat rejects PUA and gives users 0 pizza inscriptions for free

The pizza claim page shows that addresses that have interacted with UniSat services within 3 months, addresses that hold more than 500 UniSat points, addresses that have interacted in the brc 20-swap module, and UniSat OG Pass holders can all obtain the inscription. And after users claim on the page, they do not need to pay a handling fee, and UniSat will send the inscription to the users wallet after the inscription is completed.

Compared with the various restrictions of other projects such as monthly active users, funding thresholds, various test networks, and Odyssey, the restriction of pizza is almost equivalent to free, and the free pizza is still worth more than 500 USDT. So how much return can ZkSync, which is expected to issue coins for up to 4 years, LayerZero, which is entangled with witches, and various second layers bring to everyone?

Judging from the evolution of Meme coin, pizza may also set off a new round of airdrop wave.

Because the pizza inscription should be attributed to the Meme sector. The popularity of Meme runs through all stages of the current cycle and is one of the engines of the rise of the crypto market. Pizza itself is a commemorative token issued to commemorate Bitcoin Pizza Day, but UniSats claiming rules may add new meme attributes to pizza and enrich the pizza narrative scene.

However, the distribution of UniSat has not yet ended, and the price of pizza inscriptions is gradually decreasing. If pizza can overcome the paper hand hurdle, I believe the future will be more promising.

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