In-depth experience of MOBOXs new Dragonverse Neo: a sincere work that goes beyond Web3

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Last week, the first season of Dragonverse Neo closed beta officially ended. As a new open world game released by the MOBOX team this year, Dragonverse focuses on UGC narrative and the fantasy style of the original god. Although MOBOX is a veteran blockchain game team that has been listed on Binance since 2021, this new game does not retain the flavor of the previous cycle. Instead, it has taken a unique path in terms of style, mechanism and assets.

The author experienced it in depth for a week. Although I went for the generous prize pool at the beginning, I actually enjoyed the game in just 7 days. On the last day, when the community opened a room to take a group photo, I was reluctant to end it. I unexpectedly felt a sense of belonging in a blockchain game.


  • This is a sincere work, with competitions, gold farming, gambling, and social activities. You can swim, take a boat, and fly, and there are beautiful dragon girls to accompany you to appreciate the various scenery along the way.

  • The ability to sustain life is strong. The biggest fear of oil refining is that the RD capacity cannot keep up + the economic model is single, but Dragon Universe does not have this problem. The built-in game editor enables it to continuously launch multiple games like Roblox, and it was the first to implement the UGC concept in the beta version.

  • The most MEME cultural attributes in large-scale games, the most detailed in social games, and the fastest iteration speed in highly completed games. The following picture shows the last day of the season, when the community spontaneously gathered in the server room to take a group photo and danced together in the third course:

In-depth experience of MOBOXs new Dragonverse Neo: a sincere work that goes beyond Web3

1. Sincere work: both interesting and lasting benefits

In the world of Web 3.0, users are already familiar with the common routines of blockchain games:

The budget was only spent on promotional videos, with the videos quietly mixed with CG, and when you actually experience the game it feels like an online romance in person.

But in terms of quality, what you see is what you get in Dragon Universe. Many people even think that the live game experience is more immersive than the clips released on the official website, and it really has the flavor of Genshin Impact.

In terms of details, sincerity is reflected everywhere. For example, the football field in the level can really be used for playing football; the carousel in the amusement park can really be used for riding; accidentally climbed into the building next to the street and found that it was actually a pet store, and you can go in and pet cats. It is a genuine 3D open world experience.

Many people even treat it as a Galgame, becoming addicted to collecting various dragon wives, taking them out for shopping and sightseeing, and it is a stable happiness.

The Dragon Universe game is divided into the main world and the other world. The main world map contains entrances to the other world (statues, ships, caves). The other world is a game with independent mechanisms, including casual, strategy, and competitive types.

Two games were first released in this internal test: Fantasy Pets and Infinite Fighting. They have completely different styles and gameplays, which cater to the tastes of most users. If you cant adapt to the bloody fighting arena, and your hand speed cant keep up, resulting in repeated deaths, you can choose another leisure-style elderly care game.

The game is playable. From the perspective of revenue, the prize pool ratio of the two games in the beta version is 20:80. However, during the beta period, the fighting game with only 20% of the prize pool was more popular in the community. The gameplay is really addictive, and I miss the days when I would call people in the group on time every night and hack and kill with my brothers.

In this cycle, compared to those games that pay back in three days and go back to zero in five days, we may be more looking forward to this kind of sincere work that combines fun and lasting benefits.

In-depth experience of MOBOXs new Dragonverse Neo: a sincere work that goes beyond Web3

2. UGC narrative: not only the implementation of white paper

In Web2.0, UGC (user-generated content) is the fountain of youth for the longevity of games.

Ancient classic mod levels such as Tank Wars and CS, modern mod maps in Minecraft and Civilization 6, and cultural phenomenon-level MMO player mystery awards such as Final Fantasy 14, have all gained an extremely long gaming life because of UGC.

Many Web3.0 games have tried to transplant the concept of UGC, but apart from Sandbox and Decentraland, there are few successful cases. There are many reasons for this: the infrastructure is not up to date, resulting in a high threshold for creation, and it is difficult to stimulate the creative motivation of the community… In the end, it unfortunately stopped at a chapter of the white paper.

But MOBOX has implemented the concept in the beta version, allowing people to see the infinite possibilities of UGC.

The more than 20 maps in the game are all built by community users using the built-in editor of the game. The themes include Future City, Love Sanctuary, Cyber Music Festival, Tulip Field, Wasteland Paradise, Otaku E-Sports Room… full of creativity and very exquisite.

The advantage of UGC is its diversity, which attracts different game enthusiasts. Creators provide games and token rewards to gamers, and gamers provide traffic and token consumption to creators, which together bring token deflation, lock-up and a larger user community to the project. The project party provides token incentives and ecological support for both parties, realizing a positive cycle of tokens and traffic.

This road is indeed not easy, but once it is implemented, it will be a surprise victory and last forever. This is one of MOBOX鈥檚 unique advantages.

In-depth experience of MOBOXs new Dragonverse Neo: a sincere work that goes beyond Web3

3. Social and Culture: I didn鈥檛 expect that the real SocialFi was created by the last round of GameFi leader

In-game social interaction is also key to extending the life of a game. For example, Final Fantasy 14 relies on extremely rich life and social functions to DIY various community-generated cultural phenomena such as the Lala Fei Spring Outing, the Tsukiyuzuru Drama Troupe decorating and rehearsing by themselves to sell tickets and queuing up for tickets.

Relying on the excellent playability of the game itself and MOBOXs years of community accumulation, the communitys thriving vitality can be seen everywhere during the Dragon Universe beta test. Although the official beta version did not design a team mechanism, players spontaneously opened up a variety of social methods and even spontaneously researched various interesting game culture. I hope that the official will introduce more social mechanisms in the next season, and even directly release memes in the game to further amplify this atmosphere. This is the second unique advantage of MOBOX at present.

In-depth experience of MOBOXs new Dragonverse Neo: a sincere work that goes beyond Web3

4. Tokens are mining machines: De-NFTization is the breakthrough direction of blockchain games

Finally, let鈥檚 talk about the economic model.

In the past, the core logic of the blockchain game economic model was to buy NFTs and produce tokens. In this model, NFTs are expensive, and it is difficult for gamers to compete with gold-farming studios, which has led to the main participants of the game becoming savvy mining, withdrawing and selling experts. Once the mining, withdrawing and selling mode is entered, the balance point of token consumption in the game can be easily calculated. In addition, the initial circulation volume is generally very small. Under the pressure of mining, withdrawing and selling, the token price quickly falls. Users can only reduce consumption and start mining, withdrawing and selling earlier, causing the game to enter a death spiral.

Therefore, the key to avoiding the death spiral is to make the selling pressure of tokens smaller than the buying power brought by project construction.

Looking back at Dragon Universe, anti-fragile designs have been made at every node: empowering tokens, dynamic games, and deflation of ecological assets.

In terms of assets, $MDBL tokens replace the ecological niche of traditional NFTs and become core assets rather than a means of NFT shipment. All activities revolve around $MDBL, directly empowering the token itself. In terms of mechanism, rewards are distributed in the form of rankings, combined with interesting gameplay, and calculating the token consumption balance point is no longer the focus of the game.

At this point, a large number of coin-holding users have become important nodes in the ecosystem. Project owners, game players, and creators have reached a consensus of interests in the ecosystem rather than a counterparty relationship, realizing a positive cycle of project owners incentivize players and creators through tokens – creators bring more incremental players – more players bring more revenue to creators – a prosperous ecosystem brings more token consumption and deflation.

5. Life-Sustaining Ability: Unlimited Scalability

In the world of Web 3.0, large companies can certainly spend 2-3 years polishing a 3A masterpiece with quality comparable to Web 2.0, but the performance of the past quarter has already reflected the markets lack of interest in this traditional narrative nature.

After all, Web2 players come to the game to spend money, and Web3 players come to the game to make money.

But if, for example, a game can launch 10 copies with controlled quality and different gameplay within a year, and even allow users to deeply participate in the iteration process, it will have considerable flexibility to follow market reactions.

The author believes that this is the unique route MOBOX is taking.

The RD strength of the veteran team + practical UGC narrative + strong social atmosphere + the token-as-mining-machine model.

The above four points give it infinite and long-lasting vitality. And in each of these points, MOBOX has established its own barriers, which is a model that other blockchain games cannot easily copy.

Dragonverse Neo is much more than just Web3 Genshin Impact.

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