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1. Trump

TRUMP – Make America Great Again

MAGA movement on blockchain. 436.5 ETH donated to US veterans and childrens rescue organizations.

Topic: The most widely spread meme named after Trump


US election memes on

Brief analysis:

The main liquidity is concentrated on the eth chain, and the depth on the SOL BNB chain is poor. It is the earliest US election token, added to the pool in August 2023. It was originally a meme with Trumps image. As Trump participated in the US election, it gradually gained attention, and as Trumps cryptocurrency-friendly speeches gained more attention again and again. It has now grown into the election-themed MEME with the largest market value.


ETH: 0x576e2bed8f7b46d34016198911cdf9886f78bea7


BNB: 0x4ea98c1999575aaadfb38237dd015c5e773f75a2

US election memes on

As of May 28, the number of long-term holders has reached 18,000 addresses. The growth rate of long-term holders is the fastest during this growth process.

US election memes on

MAGA – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is taken from the hat Trump wears.

Theme: Make America Great Again (the title is printed on a red hat, which is inspired by the image of WIF wearing a hat)


US election memes on

Brief analysis:

$MAGA stands out from other memecoins for a few key reasons: Easy entry into crypto: The MAGA hat is instantly recognizable, making it a friendly entry point for crypto newbies. More than just Trump: This isn’t just about Donald Trump; MAGA represents a broader movement that will continue even after Trump’s administration. Strong community from the start: Even before the coin launched, MAGA had a large community that had nothing to do with crypto


It’s more than just a coin; it’s a symbol of freedom, a symbol of the pro-crypto vibe, a symbol of resistance to “woke” culture, and a symbol of the fight for a better world.

Created on May 16, 2024, the clear identity and narrative extensibility are the biggest features of this project.

Number of coin holders: 13,409,

Market value: $230 million

The average daily dex transaction volume is 32 million US dollars.

Contract: ETH 0xd29da236dd4aac627346e1bba06a619e8c22d7c5

US election memes on

TREMP – mek memes gret agen

Subject: Trump cartoon version


US election memes on


The contract was created on February 28, 2023, and the output of animated versions of Trumps animated pictures and short videos continued. The direction of the drawings gradually moved closer to the political aspect, gaining huge traffic. The growth rate slowed down today.

The current market value is 110 million US dollars, and the liquidity pool is 2.8 million US dollars.

Contract: FU1q8vJpZNUrmqsciSjp8bAKKidGsLmouB8CBdf8TKQv

STRUMP – Super Trump for president 2024

Subject: Superman comic version of Trump


US election memes on


Scheduled to launch on February 27, due to a hypothetical problem, the pool was added on March 1, 2023. The current market value is 30 million US dollars, the circulation pool is 1.8 million US dollars, and the 24-hour trading volume is 14 million US dollars. It was discovered by funds in the past two days, and the price has stretched 4 times.

According to X user: @CryptoRugMunch , 78% of the Super Trump token supply was snapped up by developers at launch (block 0). This is a major warning sign. Those trading this token should pay close attention to the movements of the bottom holder addresses.

Contract: 0x7039cd6d7966672f194e8139074c3d5c4e6dcf65

2. Biden’s concept:

BODEN – jeo boden


US election memes on


Anime character based on Biden.

The current market value is 222 million US dollars, and the liquidity pool is 3.6 million US dollars.

Contract: 3psH1Mj1f7yUfaD5gh6Zj7epE8hhrMkMETgv5TshQA4o

KAMA – Kamala Horris

Subject: Token based on Vice President Kamala Harris.


US election memes on


The content is satirical and not affiliated with any person, entity or brand

Created on March 29, 2024, the current market value is US$800,000 and the liquidity is US$70,000.

Contract: HnKkzR1YtFbUUxM6g3iVRS2RY68KHhGV7bNdfF1GCsJB

III. Concept of amnesty


The project began with a donation in 2022 to rescue Assange DAO.


US election memes on


Trump: If re-elected as president, he will very seriously consider pardoning Julian Assange (founder of WikiLeaks). Therefore, it has gained a wave of traffic recently, but compared with the previous high price, it is still more than ten times lower, and gradually falls as the heat dissipates. I hope to wait until the day when Trump really pardons Assange.

Contract: 0x59d1e836f7b7210a978b25a855085cc46fd090b5

IV. Other election concepts

PEOPLE – Constitution DAO

Topic: Crowdfunding to buy a copy of the US Constitution in 2021, symbolizing human rights and the spirit of decentralization and autonomy. A brand new attempt


US election memes on

Introduction: Although the attempt to buy a copy of the U.S. Constitution failed, the action was inspiring. The participation of a large number of retail investors and the increase in enthusiasm also allowed the worlds largest exchange, Binance, to go online in a timely manner, and the popularity of the election has gradually increased recently.

Contract: 0x7a58c0be72be218b41c608b7fe7c5bb630736c71

USA – $USA on the blockchain

Subject: $USA is you, the one who wants to revive America the Beautiful with the power of crypto


US election memes on


$USA is you, the one who wants to revive America the Beautiful with the power of crypto. Cryptocurrency was born out of the 2008 financial crisis as a rallying cry for everyone to have hope in an alternative, Bitcoin. It didnt make much sense at first. Eventually, it became unstoppable because you, the people, decided that money should be public and verifiable. Against this backdrop, American culture has been shaped by income inequality, inflation, demographic shifts, and general apathy. Now, theres a mad rush to own a piece of the network as people imagine a new path to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the American Dream.

Market value: 44 million USD, liquidity pool: 1 million USD

Contract: 69kdRLyP5DTRkpHraaSZAQbWmAwzF9guKjZfzMXzcbAs

TOOKER – Tooker Kurlson


US election memes on

Introduction: Kurlson mouth substitute satirizes and imitates crypto hot spots, using short videos to talk about topics related to the US election and crypto circles. He creates quickly and his angles are steady and accurate.

Created on March 11, the current market value is 74 million US dollars and the liquidity pool is 1.5 million US dollars.

Contract: 9EYScpiysGnEimnQPzazr7Jn9GVfxFYzgTEj85hV9L6U

Key time points

  • U.S. President Joe Biden and his challenger in the November 5 election, former President Donald Trump, agreed on Wednesday (May 15) to hold two debates, one on June 27 and the other on September 10. The two debates are basically the last vote-grabbing time.

  • November 5 (the day after the first Monday in November in an election year) is Election Day, and the election results will be announced that night.

  • The actual presidential election is held on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December (this year it is December 16).

  • The person-elect will be sworn in on January 20, 2025.


The memes introduced above are only the projects that have grown up in the election, and have basically occupied the election concept track. There are more projects with the same name and concept, with smaller pools, higher risks, and asymmetric return ratios, so you should be more cautious when participating.

Meme is a transmitter of emotions. Empathy makes narratives grow. Projects that continuously embark on different narratives will eventually grow. Projects that are in a certain stage of narrative are often completely forgotten by users when they enter the next stage. Having a big picture view and grasping the stage of the meme is the way to success.

Tony, a famous analyst at XT Labs, said:

From the recent friendly statements of Trump and Biden on cryptocurrencies, it can be predicted that the two parties will compete to please voters throughout the election season, and they have already started to do so. The game of political forces will accelerate the change of the development direction and rule system of the cryptocurrency market. After the MEME season arrives, the ETF season may come at an unexpected speed and in an unexpected way. The Trump faction and the Biden faction may stand on different factions of the crypto community and keep PKing until the end of the election as the election progresses, and the MEME vs. ETF may be something that the community likes to see.



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