Manta CeDeFi Crossed $100M In TVL After One Week

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GameCene, a Web3 game publishing platform, has announced the successful completion of its seed funding round, raising $1.4 million. This funding will fuel GameCene’s growth, accelerate the development of its platform, expand its diverse game library, and further streamline the management and monetization of user assets. GameCene: A Catalyst for the Web3 Gaming Revolution GameCene’s mission is to bridge the gap between Web2 developers and players, enabling them to seamlessly transition into the world of Web3 gaming. The platform offers a novel gaming ecosystem for players, providing unique entertainment experiences and empowering the effective monetization of in-game assets through Web3 technology. Omni-chain Game SDK: Empowering Game Developers GameCene’s Omni-chain Game SDK empowers millions of developers to effortlessly build and distribute blockchain games. The SDK provides a comprehensive suite of tools…

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