Zentry announces new official website, moving from a gaming guild to an innovative gaming economy

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GuildFi, a leading blockchain gaming project backed by leading institutions such as Binance Labs and Coinbase Ventures, recently upgraded its brand and officially changed its name to Zentry. This brand upgrade not only represents a change of name, but also announces a new chapter in its vision and mission. Zentrys new official website was also released, marking the companys transformation from a traditional gaming guild to a broader and more innovative gaming economy.

Zentry announces new official website, moving from a gaming guild to an innovative gaming economy

Explore the Zentry Gaming Superlayer

Zentrys core concept is to build a gaming superlayer that spans the digital and real worlds, driven by a series of unique vertically integrated stacks, including consumer-facing applications, multiple IPs, and blockchain infrastructure, which are currently being steadily built. In this universe created by Zentry, the real world and countless digital realms will coexist, integrating reality and virtuality to give birth to a new entertainment economy.

“Think of Zentry as a new layer that computes, gamifies, bridges, connects, and rewards everything that happens in other layers, permeating across a wide range of applications, platforms, and virtual worlds,” said Jarindr Thitadilaka, co-founder and CEO of Zentry.

Zentrys super layer is more than just a simple gaming platform, but a vibrant and collaborative universe, a very active world connecting games, social platforms and brands, where various activities, assets and experiences will take place. In this universe, the real world coexists with countless digital realms, blending reality and virtuality to give birth to a new entertainment economy. Zentry breaks through the limitations of static platforms and increases player engagement and cultivates a sense of belonging and ownership through the continuous introduction of new experiences and storylines. Continuous content creation and IP evolution keep this universe fresh and exciting, providing endless opportunities for discovery and growth, laying the foundation for the sustainable development of the expanding Zentry universe.

Zentry announces new official website, moving from a gaming guild to an innovative gaming economy

Become a Zentry native

Zentry has created an inclusive space that can accommodate players from all over the world, including but not limited to amateur players, professional gamers, speculators, collectors, token holders or contributors, no matter what the players interests are, they can play an important and unique role in this worlds largest adventure. This also further strengthens the concept of building a vibrant community ecosystem that allows all participants to integrate in their own way.

This universe is not static, but is shaped and developed by its inhabitants, constantly changing and growing. Zentrys future is not only determined by pioneers, but also by subsequent visionaries, architects and contributors. The only limit to this ever-growing universe is peoples imagination.

Connect various Web3.0 products through Zentrys shared universe

Each product in the Zentry universe has its own unique narrative, enriched by shared lore, worldbuilding, and IP elements such as history, cityscapes, landmarks, energy sources, and diverse people. Diverse communities connect, play, and reap rewards through these interconnected worlds. More than that, player interaction and choice are the core force that drives Zentrys evolution.

2024 marks the start of a series of product suite releases from Zentry, each designed to appeal to different audiences and industries. Zentry’s meta-game layer will ensure that all aspects of gaming are covered, bringing innovation and excitement to all users:

  • Explore and Discover: A colorful world is waiting for you to explore, with new experiences and challenges around every corner.

  • Social Interaction: Build and strengthen connections between players around the world, share experiences and achievements.

  • Continuous Innovation: Keep the universe fresh and vibrant through constant content updates and IP evolution, providing endless opportunities for growth.

Currently, Zentrys official website has released 4 core products, and more blockbuster products are in preparation:

NEXUS: A meta-game entry point for Web3 culture, a gamification layer based on social interaction (already launched in beta, currently launched on X/Twitter). The platform aims to provide rewards for social interaction, allowing users to gain rewards in their daily social media use by turning their social interactions into immersive gaming experiences.

RADIANT: The players meta-game portal is Zentrys flagship cross-platform application, designed to turn users Web2 and Web3 gaming activities into a rewarding adventure. Through this application, players can seamlessly switch between different games and platforms and earn rewards across the Zentry ecosystem.

ZIGMA: Anime and Game Inspired IP is an NFT collection series inspired by anime and games. This series not only provides unique digital collections, but also further enhances the players sense of participation and belonging through rich storylines and interactive experiences.

AZUL: is an AI companion that spans multiple worlds and will accompany players to enhance the gaming experience, making it more fun and efficient. AZUL will provide support and help to players both in the game and in real life.

Zentrys flagship products perform well when run independently, and will unleash greater synergies when combined. The shared success and network value of the entire universe will converge into $ZENT, bringing more benefits and experiences to users.

Zentrys growth advantage

Perfect profit model and healthy finance: Zentrys treasury has stablecoin assets such as BTC, ETH, and some project tokens, with a total value of over 100 million US dollars. In addition, Zentry has been making profits in various ways, including investment, staking, infrastructure construction, and cooperative projects, ensuring a stable income of over 10 million US dollars per year. For example, the single annual income through XAI key exceeds 10 million US dollars, in addition to ETH staking income and Ronin staking income. Such a profit model and financial health provide a solid foundation for the continued development of Zentry.

Market expectations: Zentry’s brand upgrade is similar to MC’s brand upgrade, which transformed from a gaming guild to a larger narrative. After MC’s brand upgrade, FDV soared from $290 million to a peak of nearly $3 billion. Zentry’s brand upgrade is also expected to bring similar market response and growth.

Innovation in the Metagame layer: Zentry is bringing a new evolutionary model of P2E – the Play Economy, whose main purpose is to bring MMORPG into real daily life and create the worlds largest shared adventure for all types of gamers, including game users, investors or creators, and everyone will play an important role in it. Zentry calls this final product Metagame. Metagame can be regarded as the worlds largest game. This game economy covers daily life, spanning countless games, social networks and platforms, and becomes a basic layer of the game economy.

Multi-ecosystem cooperation: Zentry recently reached a cooperation with BEAM, and more than $300 million of treasury was pooled together to incubate Sophon. Sophon has recently raised $60 million through its node sales, becoming one of the most funded L2 projects recently. This cooperation positions Zentry as a provider of the game application layer. ZENT token holders may gain great benefits from Sophon. At the same time, they can obtain $SOPH by staking $ZENT in Sophon.


The transition from GuildFi to Zentry is not just a simple transformation, but a commitment to bringing together 3 billion players around the world in a unified gaming economy through brand upgrades, innovative super-layer concepts and extensive partnerships. Through the continuous launch of new products and services, it provides users with a rich gaming experience, and also ensures its long-term sustainable development through innovative profit models and close cooperation with top partners.

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