Explore Creo Engine: Leading the New Trend of Web3 Games in Indonesia

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Indonesia’s gaming market is rapidly emerging, with young, tech-savvy gamers fully embracing digital entertainment. As a country with over 290 million people, many of whom are avid gamers, there is huge potential for Web3 gaming. Through blockchain technology, the gaming experience will be more decentralized, with digital ownership and a “play and earn” mechanism. A gaming revolution is coming to meet the needs of this market.

At the forefront of this revolution, Creo Engine is committed to becoming Indonesias top Web3 gaming ecosystem. With its flagship platform CreoPlay, Creo Engine is changing the gaming landscape in Indonesia and around the world.

Introducing CreoPlay

CreoPlay offers a rich and diverse gaming experience in this dynamic environment. Whether it is a game developed in-house or the work of independent studios around the world, CreoPlay has a diverse library of games to meet the needs of different players. From exciting adventures to strategic puzzles, this platform ensures that everyone can find something fun.

In addition, Creo Engine is committed to supporting game developers in their transition to Web3. By providing the tools and infrastructure required for blockchain integration, Creo Engine helps developers create innovative games that take advantage of Web3 technology. This support helps bridge the gap between traditional games and decentralized games, ushering in a new era of digital entertainment.

Creo Engine is not only a player in the market, but also a pioneer in the future of gaming in Indonesia and beyond. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Gamepedia: A huge library of over 130 high-quality games, providing various benefits for players.

  • In-game Exchange: Seamlessly convert in-game assets to cryptocurrencies. For example, players can easily exchange Evergems in its flagship RPG Evermore Knights for $CREO.

  • Marketplace: A vibrant NFT trading hub where players can buy and sell on the platform. The Marketplace will soon include game vouchers and non-NFT items.

  • Subscriptions: Users can subscribe to get fee discounts when trading in the market, alleviating the burden of high gas fees.

  • Staking: Players can stake $CREO to get more $CREO or stake NFTs to get $CREO, with more options coming soon.

  • Asset interoperability: Creo Engine’s most unique feature enables in-game assets to be seamlessly transferred between different games on CreoPlay, enhancing the user’s gaming experience and increasing the value and utility of NFTs in the entire ecosystem.

  • Easy-to-use wallets: User onboarding through user-friendly wallets is key to mass adoption, especially in regions such as Southeast Asia and Indonesia. These wallets simplify the process of managing digital assets, making Web3 technology more accessible to a wider audience that is not familiar with complex blockchain interactions.

CreoDapps and CreoStart: Supporting Developers

Creo Engine is revolutionizing game development through CreoDapps, a cutting-edge decentralized application that bridges Web2 and Web3. CreoDapps is designed to facilitate developers, providing a set of dynamic tools that make the integration of blockchain technology a breeze.

CreoDapps’ “Token Generator” feature simplifies the creation of custom tokens. The NFT and Token Airdrop Tool allows developers to easily distribute NFTs and tokens, driving user engagement and rewards. With NFT Builder, it has never been easier to create unique, collectible in-game assets. The Staking Generator simplifies the setup of token staking, enhancing user interaction and investment. In addition, the Pool Generator supports the creation of liquidity pools to promote an active and sustainable financial ecosystem.

The next product from Creo Engine is CreoStart, their unique launchpad for game developers looking to launch projects and tokens. Developers can easily launch decentralized fundraising campaigns, ensuring fair representation and strong financial backing. CreoDapps and CreoStart are more than just a toolset – they are transformative products for developers to thrive in the rapidly evolving Web3 space.

Beyond infrastructure

In addition to providing a solid Web3 gaming infrastructure, Creo Engine has also made breakthroughs in innovative game development. Their flagship project, Evermore Knights, is an engaging turn-based JRPG that has been downloaded over 280,000 times on Google Play, where players build characters and embark on an epic adventure in the mysterious continent of Temeris.

Their second product, Slime Haven, is a fantasy pet-raising adventure currently in pre-alpha stage and is scheduled to be launched in the second quarter of this year. The upcoming NFT fighting game is said to revolutionize the esports scene in Southeast Asia, allowing players to use NFTs from different IPs and games for competitive battles. CreoPlay’s upcoming hyper-casual gaming platform TagTag, with over 10,000 players, will introduce an exciting real-world asset (RWA) mechanism to enhance game rewards.

In ArcadeFest, players can earn tokens by playing games and engaging in exciting battles with other players. The War mode transforms casual gaming into an exciting arena where your gaming skills will be put to the test for a chance to win CREO tokens. This competitive edge increases the fun of the game while adding real benefits to the players gaming portfolio.

Their metaverse, “Creonia,” is taking shape as a vibrant virtual world with interactive public areas, intimate business spaces, live events, mini-games, and social rooms, all filled with rewards and virtual assets. Finally, their incubated meme-inspired game, “MemeLordz,” is currently in 0.2 Beta, leveraging pop culture to deliver a unique and engaging gaming experience. These diverse projects showcase Creo Engine’s dual role as a cutting-edge infrastructure provider and a creative game development force.

$CREO: Legitimate Cryptocurrency

Creo Engine token $CREO is tradable on major exchanges such as MEXC, Gate.io, Pancake Swap, Bitget, TokoCrypto (Binance subsidiary in Indonesia), etc. The token has undergone rigorous feasibility testing and received regulatory approval from the Indonesian Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappebti) under Government Regulation No. 4 of 2023. This milestone designates $CREO as a cryptocurrency legally traded in Indonesia, strengthening Creo Engine’s credibility and legal status.

With these achievements and a clear vision for the future, Creo Engine is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry, providing gamers and developers with unparalleled experiences and opportunities. Stay tuned as Creo Engine continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of Web3 gaming!

For more information, visit: www.creoengine.com

Telegram: https://t.me/creoenginechannel

X: https://x.com/creo_engine

Medium:   https://creoengineofficial.medium.com

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