An article reviews the direction and protocols of AI-enabled Crypto implementation

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An article reviews the direction and protocols of AI-enabled Crypto implementation

At the end of 2022, ChatGPT was launched for public beta, which started the craze for LLM-type AI. Since then, the number of various AI projects has begun to increase rapidly, with subcategories including data, AI models, computing power, applications, and other aspects. In 2024, what are the combined angles at the level of AI-enabled Crypto applications? Will AI bring productivity changes to Crypto? Odaily Planet Daily will review various combined applications in this article.

AI Audit

As early as last year when LLM became popular, SlowMist used ChatGPT to conduct audit tests on ChatGPT (see: The most popular strongest AI – can GPT be used for contract security audits? ) . At that time, all AIs were general-purpose AIs. ChatGPT was tested by SlowMist to have the ability to check ordinary small-scale code vulnerabilities, but it was not enough to handle long code problems with complex logic. Recently, some applications specifically for Web3 code audits have emerged:


AEGIS AI is specially designed for Web3 code auditing, mainly including static code auditing and token auditing (i.e. auditing the open source contract code of the token). The audit will be handled by three types of AI, namely Auditor for code auditing, Reviewer for review and fact verification, and finally Judge for risk level assessment.

In addition, AEGIS AI also provides real-time monitoring (WatchDog) to detect real-time activities and proactively identify suspicious behavior.


ZAN is a plug-and-play tool and service for projects. In addition to static analysis (i.e. basic vulnerability checking) and fuzz testing (testing using simulated transactions), ZAN also provides AI-based auditing services, using GPT fine-tuned based on a large-scale vulnerability database for security checks.

AI Trading/Strategy

Such projects use AI for trading assistance, aiming to provide users with trading signals and a better trading experience.

AlphaScan AI

AlphaScan AI links thousands of Telegram groups. Users can manually set search signals, and AlphaScan AI will conduct full-channel information search and automatic transactions. It also supports the use of AI to conduct advanced content analysis and push key information.

Hera Finance

Hera Finance is an AI-driven multi-chain DEX aggregator that aims to use AI to provide the best trading pair router. Hera has launched an AI pathfinder , which has self-learning capabilities and its fundamental goal is to find the maximum output solution for the users swap operation (i.e., to exchange as many tokens as possible).

Aimbot AI

Aimbot AI is a special project. The project team has developed an AI robot that specializes in on-chain BTC trading. Users can share the AIs trading profits by purchasing project tokens. As of the time of writing, Aimbot AI has earned 716.14 ETH through on-chain token trading.

AI Search/QA

This type of product uses AI to integrate, train and output information about the X platform, TG and various projects. Its functions are relatively consistent, usually including hot spot tracking and answering Web3 questions. It can provide a good overview of basic concepts, historical events and hot spots, but the current understanding depth is still insufficient. It can only be used as a reference or basic data, and the independent decision-making of AI answers cannot be trusted.

Due to the high homogeneity of products, we will not elaborate on them here. Some of the current products include Scopechat AI, QnA3, AwesomeQA, Brian, Libertai, Clab.AI, etc.

(Reference: Four sets of questions to evaluate the AI assistant Scopechat, can it be used as a reliable trading reference? )

AI Assistant

This type of product uses AI to enhance the original functions of the platform and lower the threshold for use. Scopechat AI mentioned in the previous section also belongs to this category. Other projects include:

Nansen AI

Nansen AI鈥檚 functions include on-chain data changes, smart search, and filtering, grouping, and tracking specific wallets. Among them, AI-powered Smart Search supports users to ask questions in natural language, such as the number of holders, the number of transactions, etc. Nansen AI will search and answer data within the site and related sites.

(Reference: Nansen 2 public beta, is AI search useful? )

Dune AI

Allow users to ask questions using natural language. Dune AI will automatically write SQL query code based on user input and calculate the credibility difference between the query code and the users expected value, supporting secondary editing of queries.

(Reference: Six Questions on Dune AI: Will On-chain Analysts Be Laid Off? )

in conclusion

Looking back at the AI+Crypto track, there are more products that empower AI with Crypto, such as decentralized computing power, shared data, etc. Although there have been many explorations in AI empowering Crypto, the depth and breadth are still far from enough, and the market is still looking forward to a disruptive product.

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