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The OG Battlefront

The OG Battlefront is a Sui-based game that taps into the nostalgia of OG arcade games and web3 culture. Users can log in directly with SWAYE, which provides users wit...


Team Information: No details found.
Funding Information: No details found.
Token Release Date: In July 2024, points will be converted to tokens and airdropped to users.
Project Launch Date: Initially launched in May 2024.
Player Count: Currently has over 10,000 players, with ongoing growth.
Social Media Followers: Over 1.9K on Twitter, 7K+ on Telegram, continually increasing.
Notable KOLs: Includes notable KOLs like @Adeniyi Abiodun.
[User Experience]
UI Aesthetics: Retro flat design, simple and clear.
Functionality: Comprehensive game features with an invitation mechanism.
Ease of Use for Beginners: Start playing by activating the bot; overall gameplay is simple and free-to-play:
The first execution allows you to mint a Normie without gas fees, facilitating seamless onboarding and NFT minting.
Players use their Crypto-Cannon to shoot at descending OGs, aiming to clear five rows of 11 OGs each. Points are scored by hitting OGs, with game pace and music speeding up as OGs are eliminated.
Completing a set of 55 OGs escalates to a tougher wave, continuing endlessly. OGs fire back, trying to destroy the player’s Crypto-Cannon; the game ends and the player gets REKT if OGs reach the bottom (or if the player runs out of 3 lives). Bonus points are available by destroying a Moon Ship that sporadically appears. The player’s cannon has partial protection from Bull Bunkers, which can be destroyed by shots from OGs or the player.
Refer the game using your in-app referral link to friends and followers to earn 55 referrer and 33 referee points.
Beginner’s Guide: Click Here
[Core Gameplay]
Attraction: Currently in Season 1 (from May 27, 60 days duration), everyone is still in the early stages. Don’t miss out; join now for a good ranking.
Efficient Play:
Load your Crypto-Cannon with traits to boost XP and level up faster. More traits mean more power and earnings.
Enable Auto Fire to continuously shoot and keep enemies at bay.
[Product Innovations]
On-chain Differentiation: The OG Battlefront is a fun Telegram game, evoking nostalgia of OG arcade games and crypto culture.
[Drawbacks and Suggestions]
Drawbacks: The game’s movement joystick is not smooth enough; moving left and right is different. Even with Auto Fire enabled, smooth movement and hitting OGs are not always possible.
Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆ (3 stars), looking forward to the team further enhancing user experience and game content.
SWOT Analysis
Deployed on the SUI chain, users do not need to worry about gas fees.
Superior user experience: beautiful UI design, comprehensive functionality, simple gameplay, enhancing user retention.
Cannot be played on autopilot, requiring long-term play, which can cause user fatigue.
Limited attraction: compared to competitors, some aspects need improvement to prevent user attrition.
Market growth: huge potential in the industry market, expected to attract more players and achieve sustained growth.
Social media integration: enhancing social media promotion and user interaction to increase engagement and activity.
Intense competition: facing challenges from similar products in a competitive market.
Technology dependence: product development relies on technological innovation and updates, which may bring uncertainties.
While leveraging strengths and opportunities, the team should focus on weaknesses and threats, formulating strategies to maximize strengths, mitigate weaknesses, and guard against potential risks.



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    Play fair and square.

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    Nice one I just started playing

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    OG Battlefront’s simple gameplay and free-to-play model attract players, but future enhancements are crucial for retaining interest. Exciting to see the game evolve!

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    The token release in July 2024 will reward active users with airdropped tokens, adding new dimensions to the gaming experience.

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