Cairo Finance to List on Top CEXes in Q4: Is This DeFi’s Next Bull Run or Ultimate Undoing?

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Cairo Finance to List on Top CEXes in Q4: Is This DeFi’s Next Bull Run or Ultimate Undoing?

Cairo Finance’s Native Token, CBANK, to List on Three Top 10 CEXes in Q4

Cairo Finance, an all-in-one DeFi platform, has announced the upcoming listing of its native token, CBANK, on three of the top ten centralised crypto exchanges (CEXes) in Q4.

This strategic move will boost $CBANK’s accessibility and liquidity, enabling a wider audience to participate in the financial revolution as well as providing them with more opportunities to engage with CBANK across multiple platforms.

By securing these listings, $CBANK is positioned for significant appreciation, further strengthening the platform’s overall ecosystem.

But as to which allege top three CEXes, we will have to wait to find out.

As the decentralised finance (DeFi) market size is projected to reach $2.60 billion by the end of the year, the DeFi season is poised to take off.

CBANK, valued at $6 million market cap with a high liquidity of 1 million Total-Value-Locked, was seen as a promising investment for the next bull run, according to the company.

As of now, they are on Pancake swap.

However, its market cap has since dipped to just over $2.4 million.

According to CoinMarketCap, this number is self-reported.


Biconomy to List Cairo Finance

Biconomy, a cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides global cryptocurrency trading services for a number of digital assets, will list Cairo Finance and launch the CBANK/USDT trading pair on 8 July 2024 at 10am UTC (6pm Singapore time).

Open deposit and withdrawal time: 8 July 2024 at 10am UTC (6pm Singapore time).

Before the launch, Biconomy and CEO of Cairo Finance, Tutanchamun, will be having an AMA session on X Spaces.

This will happen on 5 July at 11am UTC (7pm Singapore time).


$10,000 CBANK Tokens with Cairo Finance’s Telegram Airdrop

The airdrop runs from 19 June to 19 July.

75 winners will each receive $100 in CBANK tokens.

Additionally, the top 10 referrers will be awarded $250 in CBANK tokens each.

Refer your friends to up your chances of winning.


About Cairo Finance

DeFi represents a paradigm shift towards self-custody finance.

Unlike conventional financial systems where institutions like companies, banks, and funds manage your money, in DeFi, you are the sole custodian of your funds.

DeFi has evolved into a comprehensive ecosystem of functional applications and protocols that benefit millions of users.

As of April 2022, assets exceeding $239 billion were integrated into DeFi ecosystems, marking it as one of the most rapidly expanding sectors within the public blockchain domain.

Cairo Finance contributes to this self-custody finance movement with its distinctive approach and array of utilities.

It provides users with an intuitive DeFi platform that features innovative financial instruments, emphasizing both user-friendliness and community strength.

Through Cairo Finance, users can discover various earning avenues, including staking, trading, and yield farming.

Moreover, Cairo Finance places a premium on security, implementing robust measures and conducting smart contract audits to ensure the safety of users’ assets.


Cairo Cash Machine Launched in May 2024

The Cairo Cash Machine, launched near end May, is a high-yield mechanism crafted to deliver unparalleled returns and revolutionise the way investors interact with DeFi.

It places a strong emphasis on security and transparency, with its smart contract undergoing meticulous double audits to ensure it is open-source and publicly verifiable.

Once activated, the contract becomes entirely immutable, precluding any modifications to its functionality or fund withdrawals, even by the developers.

This safeguard eliminates the risk of single points of failure and guarantees a level playing field for all participants.

This financial engine pledges daily yields of up to 0.5% on USDT deposits exceeding $200, offering investors the chance to uncover financial rewards akin to finding hidden treasure.

Supported by the Cairo Bank Vault, the Cash Machine is designed to provide secure, consistent, and substantial returns, ensuring that CBANK token holders enjoy continuous growth and prosperity.

Cairo Cash Machine also presents an optional referral programme that allows participants to boost their earnings by inviting others.

By building a team, individuals can unlock additional earning potential through collaborative efforts.

At the heart of the ecosystem, the Cairo Cash Machine operates through a liquid collateral USDT pool and the Cairo Bank Vault.

Deposits are distributed as follows:

30% stays in the USDT pool

55% is converted into $CBANK

15% is earmarked for referrals

This framework ensures sustainable and significant returns, with users receiving daily pay-outs until they reach a maximum of 165% of their initial deposit.

A 10% withdrawal fee supports the protocol and mitigates volatility, upholding the platform’s stability.

The daily pay-out structure is as follows:

Standard: 0.30% Daily Payout

Over 100,000 USDT: 0.40% Daily Payout

Over 500,000 USDT: 0.50% Daily Payout

In the months leading up to CBANK’s listing on major CEXes, investors can earn industry-leading daily returns of up to 0.5% on their USDT with the Cairo Cash Machine.


Cairo Finance’s Product Range

Cairo Finance offers a diverse array of products, including Cairo Swap, Horus Staking, Cairo Futures, Cairo Bank, and innovative features such as the Cairo Cash Machine, Cairo Incubator, Osiris Shield, dynamic-priced fan articles, and DegenWin, catering to a variety of investment strategies.

Cairo Swap, the platform’s exchange, enables users to trade tokens and assets, fostering liquidity and trading opportunities across the ecosystem.

It optimises trades across various DEXes on multiple networks.

Horus Staking provides users with the ability to earn passive income by staking their tokens.

Cairo Futures functions as a high-yield cash flow engine, delivering daily returns on USDT deposits.

Cairo Bank is a pivotal component of the platform, generating passive revenue for token holders through fees.

Cairo Finance to List on Top CEXes in Q4: Is This DeFi’s Next Bull Run or Ultimate Undoing?

The Cairo Cash Machine, backed by the Cairo Bank Vault, is designed to offer CBANK holders additional benefits and a passive revenue stream within the network.

The Osiris Shield feature acts as a security and risk management tool, offering protection or insurance for users’ assets.

DegenWin Casino potentially provides gaming or gambling entertainment options.


CBANK Tokenomics

The tokenomics of $CBANK are user-centric, crafted to support a business model driven by an exceptional DeFi platform.

The focus is on implementing token economics that promote sustainable growth, enhance liquidity, and incentivise user engagement and retention, ultimately establishing a circular token economy that minimises value leakage from the platform.

When all these functions operate in harmony, complemented by an engaging user experience, all stakeholders stand to benefit.

Key Tokenomics:

Max Supply: 3,600,000

Buy/Sell (%): 5/10 (LP/LP)

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

Token Symbol: $CBANK

Token Name: CAIRO BANK

Cairo Finance to List on Top CEXes in Q4: Is This DeFi’s Next Bull Run or Ultimate Undoing?

Cairo Bank presents a suite of innovative financial tools aimed at helping you accumulate wealth over time.

Here’s how you can leverage these tools:

Passive Income Generation: Staking pools are designed to reward you for holding Cairo Bank tokens (CBANK), allowing you to earn rewards without the need for active trading or asset management.

Influence the Bank’s Future: As a token holder, you have a voice in the bank’s strategic direction. Through voting mechanisms, you can impact key decisions and help shape the future of Cairo Bank.

Cairo Incubator Perks: Token holders may enjoy exclusive benefits from the Cairo Incubator.

CBANK Appreciation Potential: The Cash Machine, a product of Cairo Finance, is engineered to positively influence the value of CBANK tokens, potentially leading to price appreciation for your investments.

Cairo Treasury

A robust treasury will be a game changer in the DeFi space, giving Cairo Finance a potentially significant advantage when the next bull market begins.

This treasury represents the intrinsic value of the CAIRO DAO.

Generated fees will be invested in Blue Chip cryptocurrencies, with a smaller portion allocated to high-potential, high-risk, low-cap gems.

These funds will later be used to stabilise Cairo Finance token prices by adding liquidity and reducing supply through token burning.

The entire treasury will be dedicated to these purposes. All CAIRO Treasury Funds and transactions will be transparently visible to the public.

Click here to view the Treasury and its funds.


CBANK Holders Govern its Ecosystem

The influence you wield in the Cairo Finance ecosystem is directly proportional to the amount of CBANK you hold:

-The CBANK token serves as a governance token, granting holders the ability to participate in the Cairo Finance Network through instant governance and DAO voting.

-DAO governance encompasses a wide range of decisions, from allocating Treasury funds for specific proposals to deploying new protocols within the Cairo Finance ecosystem.

-All DAO participants are united by a common objective: to establish and maintain a decentralised infrastructure that is collectively owned and governed by the DAO.

There are two types of proposals:

-Core proposals are initiated by the Cairo Finance team and are acted upon based on the results.

-Community proposals are submitted by the Cairo Finance community and are used to suggest ideas and express the community’s perspective. The team reviews all community votes and often incorporates well-supported ideas and designs into upcoming product releases or elevates them to the level of core voting proposals.

To submit a proposal or cast a vote, you must have at least $10 worth of CBANK deposited in your wallet.

This deposit remains in your wallet and is not spent.

Your voting power increases with the amount of $CBANK you hold.

Voting power is determined by a snapshot taken at a snapshot block, meaning that acquiring or depositing more $CBANK after a proposal has been submitted will not enhance your voting power for that proposal.

The most recent proposal that required a vote concluded a year ago, and there have been no new proposals since then.

Roadmap for 2024

The Mystery Behind Cairo Finance’s Origins

As listed on its website and many other platforms, the cryptic text reads:

“The Cairo Project was created by a team of developers and blockchain enthusiasts! Like all other DeFi Projects, we believe our code is who we are! Thus, we will ensure to provide full transparency and let our code speak for itself.”

Nowhere can you find more details of its elusive founder nor the alleged team behind it.

If you scour through their X account, you can however spot mentions of Cairo Finance’s CEO, Tutanchamun.

It is very close to Tutankhamun or Tutankhamen, an ancient Egyptian pharaoh who ruled c. 1332 – 1323 BC during the late Eighteenth Dynasty of ancient Egypt.

Tutanchamun CEO of Cairo Finance

Cairo Finance to List on Top CEXes in Q4: Is This DeFi’s Next Bull Run or Ultimate Undoing?

Mentions of Cairo Finance’s CEO thus far have been in the form of quotes or an image featured in an AMA banner.

The latest AMA session with regard to its future plans and developments, hosted by Cairo Finance that just concluded, featured three speakers as seen below, Umar (@faroumka5), mbm (@antonio_toader), and $Quit_Spacejam (@usortaheer9).

None of them seem related to the mysterious company and the CEO was missing from the AMA session.

Cairo Finance to List on Top CEXes in Q4: Is This DeFi’s Next Bull Run or Ultimate Undoing?

Another point to ponder about would be another person that was featured a couple of times on Cairo Finance’s X account, Syan (@syansyani).

Cairo Finance to List on Top CEXes in Q4: Is This DeFi’s Next Bull Run or Ultimate Undoing?

On a 3 March tweet reposted from the company, Syan spoke about CBANK token and alluded to the “colleagues”, which might mean he worked at Cairo Finance.

In addition, the company reposted a research paper by Syan, which contained portions almost identical to Cairo Finance’s Whitepaper.

Another person was mentioned alongside the CEO and Syan, Dili, as another speaker in one of their AMA sessions in December 2023.

Besides appealing to the global audience, they seem to be in the German market as well, evident by YouTube videos with German versions and a German Telegram group.

One last point to fret over is that CBANK is currently trading at $0.7741, almost a 56% decrease.

Its all-time-high (ATH) was $2.39 on 21 May according to CoinMarketCap.

Cairo Finance’s Socials




German Telegram






Reasons for Launching Cairo Finance

Cairo Finance’s launch is driven by a commitment to making DeFi accessible to a wider audience and equitably distributing fees within the community.

The company envisions a straightforward and efficient approach to DeFi services for everyone.

By offering a variety of utilities and opportunities, Cairo Finance aims to position itself as a leader in DeFi.

According to the team:

“Our goal is to provide a one-stop-shop for investors, where they can access a variety of tools and opportunities to grow their wealth.”

The ultimate goal is to establish a circular token economy that minimises value leakage, ensuring a robust and thriving ecosystem for all users.

The CEO stated:

“Cairo Finance is designed to be a game-changer, and we’re committed to continuously improving and expanding our offerings to meet the evolving needs of the crypto community.”


Is It the Gateway to DeFi or Will It Not Make a Dent?

Cairo Finance’s dedication to self-custody finance is in harmony with the decentralised spirit of DeFi, empowering users with the autonomy to manage their assets.

While the trajectory appears promising, it is crucial to recognise the risks inherent in investing in cryptocurrencies and DeFi platforms.

When discussing a DeFi project, it is imperative to also discuss the risks.

As with all DeFi projects, it is essential to verify rather than trust, confirming the legitimacy of each project by scrutinising the data and code.

It is also important to be cognizant of the risks that accompany investments in cryptocurrencies, particularly those with low market capitalisations, which may not have fully matured.

Moreover, the platform risk must be acknowledged, as DeFi platforms are prime targets for hackers in the Web3 domain, given the liquid assets held within their smart contracts.

Coinlive advises users to undertake thorough research, assess their risk tolerance, and proceed with caution when engaging in investment activities.

The aforementioned risks should be meticulously evaluated before any investment decisions are made.


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