50% Off for the Diamond Card Launch! Apple Pay & Google Pay now Available

50% Off for the Diamond Card Launch! Apple Pay & Google Pay now Available

50% Off for the Diamond Card Launch! Apple Pay & Google Pay now Available

Bee Network x Coin50™ Crypto Visa Card, the first crypto debit card introduced by Bee Network and Bee Ecosystem Partners, has gained significant user favor since its first launch. (Great job, Platinum and Black cardholders). With this card, we redefine how you use cryptocurrencies in your daily life.

Launch of Four Basic Card Types: Standard/Platinum/Diamond/Black-Gold Card

A range of new BeeCards from Bee Network is out. Each card is crafted to provide unparalleled convenience, security, and global acceptance, empowering you to transact effortlessly in cryptocurrency and digital transactions.

With the seamless Apple Pay integration, BeeCard offers you unprecedented security, convenience and flexibility in managing your digital assets.

50% Off for the Diamond Card Launch! Apple Pay & Google Pay now Available

As you may notice, we’re offering a special launch promotion for the Diamond Card (for Beelievers Exclusively).

Starting now, you can apply for your Diamond Card through the Bee Network app, and enjoy a 50% discount on the card opening fee, along with an exclusive three-year annual fee waiver. Which saves you over $100!

Today, it brings over 34 million Beelievers Apple Pay.

Diamond & Black-Gold Card is now available with Apple Pay

Enjoy a safer, more private way to pay, utilizing the power of the iPhone to protect every transaction. With seamless integration with Apple Pay, Bee Network, in collaboration with issuing institutions and banks, provides unprecedented security, convenience, and flexibility, allowing you to easily manage your digital assets.

Additionally, the new card types have enhanced support for Google Pay and over 100 regional payment platforms worldwide also, making this card the best choice for both everyday spending and international travel.

Comprehensive Card Benefits Upgrade

1. Referral Rebates
All basic card types will soon offer invitation rebates, allowing you to earn passive income with every card application and use.

2. Physical cards
Physical cards are in preparation now, with Diamond Card users getting priority applications, and Black-Gold Card holders enjoying free activation benefits.

3. Lifetime usage rights
Every Diamond and Black-Gold Card comes with lifetime usage rights, including automatic card replacement at expiry, completely free of charge.

4. Buy one get one free
Activating and using the Black-Gold Card signifies your high recognition of this card, granting you the privilege to gift a free card to any family member or friend, who will enjoy the same top-tier benefits as you.

And that’s not all—more exclusive benefits will be unlocked in the future.

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