How Crypto Samurai reignites MemeFi and starts going viral

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Today, MEME culture has become very popular in our lives, especially on social media platforms. It is not only a fun way to interact, but also a powerful tool to promote social change. Not only that, MEME now has a huge influence in the world of cryptocurrency. These interesting or resonant pictures, videos or phrases can be used to promote new projects or promote existing digital assets. For example, DogeCoin, Shiba Inu, BabyDoge, etc. have gained widespread attention through MEME culture. But how much do you know about a successful crypto project that combines MEME with DeFi?

1. Current status of MemeFi track

1.1 Current status of blockchain games

How Crypto Samurai reignites MemeFi and starts going viral

How Crypto Samurai reignites MemeFi and starts going viral

According to Footprint Analytics, Ronin Chain currently occupies the majority of the blockchain gaming sector, accounting for 35.87%. From March 2023 to date, although the total market value of GameFi has fluctuated weakly, the overall market conditions are better than last year. Game data on different chains has gradually increased, and although the growth is slow, it has maintained an upward trend from 2023 to date.

How Crypto Samurai reignites MemeFi and starts going viral

From the above data, we can see that most of the game projects launched this year are deployed on the Ronin chain, attracting a large number of existing users and new users. Although the GameFi sector has entered a cooling phase, the market is still optimistic about the GameFi track, and new Web3 entrepreneurs continue to launch new GameFi projects and actively lay out the track.

1.2 Current Status of MemeFi Track

In this round of bull market, MemeFi has rapidly emerged as an emerging force in the crypto space, combining meme culture with the underlying logic of DeFi to create a novel and attractive form of investment and entertainment. This unique combination has attracted a large number of young investors who not only pursue investment returns, but also enjoy the fun and social interaction brought by participating in meme culture.

In the MemeFi track, many projects have quickly become popular through creative and humorous memes. For example, meme coins such as DogeCoin and Shiba Inu not only attracted a large number of fans with their funny images and cultural narratives, but also achieved a rapid increase in price in a short period of time. At present, the types and number of MemeFi projects are constantly increasing, and innovations are emerging in an endless stream. Some projects are not limited to traditional meme tokens, but are also exploring combinations with NFT, games, social and other fields to provide more diversified functions and experiences. These innovative attempts not only enrich the connotation of MemeFi, but also bring more opportunities for users to participate and invest.

Although the MemeFi track is full of opportunities, there are also many challenges. Some projects often find it difficult to survive in the long run due to the lack of practical application scenarios and sustainable development strategies. As the first MemeFi project on the BSC chain, how did CST ignite MemeFi and start viral communication?

2. Brief Analysis of Crypto Samurai Project




Project Description

CryptoSamurai is an innovative Gamefi game set in feudal Japan, where players can recruit warriors, wage wars, and trade in a strategy-driven free economy. It adopts a dual-token model (CSD and CST) for economic activities and governance, and provides four game modes: Exploration, Abyss, Territory, and Ladder. The game has no entry barriers and emphasizes fairness, freedom, and income distribution. CryptoSamurai aims to create a vibrant community and become a Gamefi legend.

How Crypto Samurai reignites MemeFi and starts going viral

Project Mode

  • Exploration: Players gain a lot of experience in this mode, and after the novice level, there will be CSD rewards after level 10. After that, a certain amount of CSD will be consumed when conquering territories and ladders.

  • Territory: Players can attack any territory by paying a certain amount of CSD. Territory benefits vary. CST is generated according to the proportion of player occupation time. CST can be used for the construction of the entire ecosystem.

  • Abyss: Players can obtain high-quality weapons and equipment through this mode. Weapons and equipment can greatly improve the warriors combat effectiveness. High-quality weapons can upgrade levels and gain growth. Increasing weapon levels requires consumption of CSD.

  • Ladder: Suitable for high-level players. Players can participate in the ladder mode when their combat power reaches a certain level. At the beginning, they are ranked according to the order of entry. After that, players can challenge others within a certain range of rankings. If they succeed, they can exchange their rankings and get rewards.

Key highlights

  • Free to Earn: Players can participate in the game for free and receive rewards.

  • No threshold: Game characters can be obtained through official events and airdrops. The characters can directly enter the game without purchasing NFTs to obtain admission, truly realizing GameFi connecting everyone.

  • Folding Theory: Through the Folding Theory, players are managed in layers to improve user benefit distribution and effective expansion of the ecosystem.

Technological innovation

CryptoSamurai proposed the folding theory applied in blockchain games, dividing players into three layers:

  • Ordinary players: enjoy the game for free and get upgrade rewards.

  • Advanced players: Purchase an appropriate amount of NFTs for characters and equipment to improve combat effectiveness and start making a profit.

  • Veteran players: Purchase high-level NFTs to obtain higher-level characters and equipment, significantly improve combat effectiveness and gain lucrative returns.

Through refined operations, the three can be better folded together to build a better ecosystem.

Token Economics

Dual token model, divided into governance tokens and game tokens

  • Governance Token: CST

Core Utility: Conquer territories; ladder competition, recruitment, character upgrades, governance, etc.

  • Game token: CSD

Core Utility: Used to upgrade weapons and attack territories, etc.; obtained through exploration and ladder battles. All tokens are only generated in the game.

The token distribution is as follows:

  • Seed round: 5% (TGE 5%, locked for 6 months, linearly unlocked in 24 months)

  • Private placement: 10% (TGE 5%, locked for 6 months, linearly unlocked in 24 months)

  • Core team: 10% (locked for 6 months, linearly unlocked over 24 months)

  • Game output: 60% (TGE 5.42%, generated after the game is launched)

  • Ecosystem construction and listing: 10% (unlocked linearly over 24 months)

  • Community: 5% (TGE 25%, unlocked linearly over 12 months)

How Crypto Samurai reignites MemeFi and starts going viral

Project Progress

  • 2022 Q4: Project development starts

  • 2023 Q1-Q2: Community building and marketing promotion

  • Q3-Q4 2023: Open Beta and build partnerships

  • 2024 Q1-Q2: Game function development and detail optimization, Token launch

  • Q3-Q4 2024: Game public testing, iterative updates, and ecosystem expansion

  • 2025 Q1-Q2: Realize cross-chain and AI personalized experience, card creation platform

  • Q3-Q4 2025: Building the Metaverse and Open Platform

According to official disclosure, the product will be launched at an appropriate time after TGE. The product has been developed and will soon start public testing.

Outstanding performance

1. The governance token CST was first launched on Gate, with an over-subscription of 120 million US dollars.

The CST governance token has completed its ICO on Gate Startup, with an oversubscription of 2156% and a fundraising amount of up to $120 million, attracting 73,769 supporters. CST/USDT trading service was launched on June 17.

2. The actual circulating market value is less than 10%, most of the tokens are concentrated and held for a long time, and the currency price is healthy

CSTs market value was about 30 million US dollars when it opened, and it has now increased to about 65 million US dollars, but the actual circulating market value is less than 10% of the total market value. The overall performance is good and stable. In less than 10 days after its launch, the price of the coin has risen by 600%.

3. Create a unique arena in the MemeFi space

CST has introduced some innovative and interesting games into the MemeFi ecosystem, cleverly combining popular meme communication culture with fascinating game elements, promoting the rapid spread of project culture.

4. Has passed the audit of professional security agency Armors and is now online

Armor Labs tested the contracts from multiple angles and found no potential security risks. All contracts passed the security audit with a score of “safe”.

5. Game development has been completed and can be launched at any time to follow market trends

The current Bitcoin ecosystem and re-staking ecosystem are weak, and the chain game sector is expected to usher in a trend of rising. As one of the sectors with a hundredfold effect in the last round of bull market, $CST is expected to reach a market value of at least $400-500 million.

6. Global Leader Node Launch Conference: $CSTs comprehensive potential acceleration

The CST team plans to launch a global leader node launch conference in Dubai in July to further expand its influence and attract more attention from MeMe+GameFi players.


At the current stage, there are more and more proprietary game public chains and better game projects in the GameFi track. Although the full-chain game is still in its early stages and the entire track still needs time to iterate, it also provides an opportunity to explore early and high-quality projects. Combining problems and successful cases since different iterations to promote ecological development, such as over-reliance on the continued growth of users to maintain its economic model, high user thresholds, over-emphasis on the revenue model while ignoring the gameplay, and centralized data storage issues.

Therefore, the GameFi track plays a very important role in the crypto market and will become a high-market-value track in the future. We should pay more attention to early-stage projects in the market and look forward to their take-off.

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