Planet Daily | The US government sent 4,000 bitcoins to Coinbase; 87.19% of the total BLAST airdrop has been claimed (Ju

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Planet Daily | The US government sent 4,000 bitcoins to Coinbase; 87.19% of the total BLAST airdrop has been claimed (Ju


Market News: The US government sends 4,000 bitcoins to Coinbase

According to market news, the US government sent 4,000 bitcoins to Coinbase. It is reported that the relevant address is: bc1qrl0epuu42c7pvzhsrghy7qdkkw5xevazznaprq.

Over 12.2 billion BLAST airdrops have been claimed, accounting for 87.19% of the total airdrops

Dune data shows that 12,207,240,111.42 BLAST airdrops have been claimed, accounting for 87.19% of the total airdrop amount (17 billion), and 235,226 addresses participated in the claim.

The US SEC may approve a spot Ethereum ETF as early as July 4

Industry executives and other participants revealed that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may approve spot Ethereum ETFs as early as July 4 as negotiations between asset management companies and regulators have entered the final stage. Eight asset management companies, including BlackRock and VanEck, are seeking SEC approval for these funds. They said that the process of revising the offering documents has progressed to the point where only minor issues need to be resolved. A lawyer working with one of the issuing companies also said that this only requires final touches and approval may not take more than a week or two. ETF analyst Eric Balchunas had previously expected approval as early as July 2.

Cryptocurrency may take center stage in Biden-Trump debate

Cryptocurrency may be a focus of discussion in the upcoming presidential debate. To this end, the cryptocurrency advocacy group Stand With Crypto has launched an online letter-writing campaign, which has been signed by nearly 2,300 people, calling on CNN hosts to ask cryptocurrency-related questions. Sabrina Siddiqui, a spokesperson for the organization, said this will help voters understand the presidential candidates positions on this important economic issue. President Bidens digital asset policy record includes multiple executive orders and actions by regulators, while Trump has shifted from past skepticism to support cryptocurrency mining and oppose central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Blockchain Association CEO Kristin Smith said this marks a major advance for cryptocurrency in the national political debate.

Data changes

16 million ONDO were transferred from Coinbase鈥檚 custodial wallet to 3AC鈥檚 liquidator Teneo and other addresses 4 hours ago

According to The Data Nerd, 4 hours ago, 16 million ONDO (about 19.37 million USD) were transferred from Coinbase鈥檚 custodial wallet to Teneo and Arrington and other VC addresses on Bybit, Kucoin and Gate. A similar transfer of ONDO occurred 3 weeks ago.

The wallet address marked as German Government transferred out another 750 BTC

According to PeckShield monitoring, the address marked as German Government transferred out another 750 BTC (worth approximately US$46 million) 20 minutes ago, of which BTC worth approximately US$15.4 million was transferred to Bitstamp and Kraken.

Project News

pump.funs daily average transaction fee plummeted by 30% compared to last week, affected by factors such as the overall market decline

Last week (June 10-14), pump.fun鈥檚 average daily fees were approximately $870,000. However, this week鈥檚 platform鈥檚 average daily fees fell to approximately $605,000, a 30% decrease from the previous week. This decline can likely be attributed primarily to the adverse impact of broader market conditions, as well as a general decrease in risk appetite among users as the price of SOL fell 2.21% during the week. This significant decrease in risk appetite is particularly significant for a platform like, as it represents the most extreme point of the risk curve in the industry. The assets involved and deployed on the platform are often of the most speculative nature, attracting participants who are looking to make a quick profit, but also quickly retreat to avoid risk when the market deteriorates. Additionally, the significant drop in revenue compared to the previous week indicates a corresponding decrease in token deployments and overall activity, which may indicate that the platform and the tokens it hosts have reached a state of saturation. With an excessive amount of new tokens being deployed, demand and attention may have reached a point where the platform is unable to keep up with the deployment of new tokens.

Polkadot community initiates proposal to develop Cardano-Polkadot bridge

Polkadot community members are discussing the feasibility of bridging the network to Cardano. Felix, an agent from the Unifires ecosystem, shared on the Polkadot forum that he is developing a Cardano-Polkadot light client and NFT exchange bridge. He mentioned that the proposal has been submitted to Cardano and plans to submit a similar proposal to OpenGov, Polkadots decentralized management agency. He said that this proposal will help fund a project that benefits both ecosystems, is expected to enhance the utility of both blockchains, and the community is generally supportive. It is worth mentioning that SnowBridge activated the Polkadot-Ethereum bridge on June 20. (CryptoSlate)

Solana on-chain mining project Ore v2 plans to set a maximum supply limit of 21 million ORE

Hardhat Chad, the anonymous creator of Solanas on-chain mining project Ore, announced progress on ORE v2 on X, with a total maximum supply cap of ORE of 21 million. After considering a lot of feedback from the community, it was decided to introduce a supply cap for ORE in the v2 contract. This limit will introduce a fixed level of scarcity for ORE and provide stronger inflation protection for token holders. The team is now in the final stages of the v2 audit and is preparing to release the client software.

Tether CEO: Considering selling Tether-branded clothing

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino posted on the X platform that Tether clothing is of super high quality and comfortable, and that they should start selling these things.

PancakeSwap Launches AI-Powered Prediction Market on Arbitrum

PancakeSwap announced the launch of a prediction market on Arbitrum, which has AI-driven price information powered by Allora. In addition, the prediction market supports users to predict the price trend of tokens such as ETH every 10 minutes and have the opportunity to win part of the 60,000 ARB prize pool in this round. (Cointelegraph)

Axie Infinity announces the launch of Origins S9 Epic Era, with a total prize pool of 24,300 AXS

Axie Infinity, a blockchain game, announced the launch of Origins S9 Epic Era. The highlights include: the AXS ranking prize pool is as high as 24,300; the trial mode of the epic era will be launched on July 1. Enter the trial and win SLP rewards. The trial will be open for a limited time; a new arcade mode is added to win summer ticket rewards. Tickets can be used to purchase limited-time borders, avatars, runes, and spell crafting items in the summer store.

Investment and Financing

Web3 entertainment and gaming platform Redacted completes $10 million in financing, with Animoca Brands and others participating

Web3 entertainment and gaming ecosystem Redacted has completed a $10 million financing round, led by Spartan Group, with participation from Saison Capital, Animoca Brands and Polygon Ventures. Redacted uses blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies to build a product ecosystem and form an entertainment data circle where Web3 users can do what they love most – play games, trade, watch and get rewards. (venturebeat)

Artificial intelligence Dapp project Ora completes $20 million in financing, with Polychain and others participating

Artificial intelligence Dapp project Ora announced that it has completed a $20 million financing, with participation from Polychain, HF0 and Hashkey Capital. It is reported that Ora is a blockchain project that integrates artificial intelligence into decentralized applications (dapps). (Coindesk)


Jupiter Lianchuang: PPP Memecoin experiment will use social network filtering to block robot accounts

Jupiter co-founder meow previously announced the launch of the PPP Memecoin experiment on the X platform, which may or may not involve airdrops. Meow added that it should be made clear that not everyone can participate in this experiment, and social network filtering will be used to block robot accounts. According to data disclosed by SolanaFloor, after Jupiter co-founder released the message, 30,000 people retweeted his tweet and 36,000 people responded, most of which were suspected to be robot posts.

CryptoQuant CEO: US government selling 4,000 bitcoins is unlikely to have an impact on the market

CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju posted on the X platform that the US governments sale of 4,000 bitcoins is unlikely to have any impact on the market. Because when the spot ETF inflow is high, Coinbase Prime can handle 20,000 to 49,000 BTC of seller liquidity per day, and when the spot ETF inflow is low, it can handle 6,000 to 15,000 BTC of liquidity per day. Ki Young Ju said: I posted this because I am tired of the FUD of the government selling.

CoinFund President: Ethereum ETF launch can create a safety moat

Christopher Perkins, president of crypto venture capital firm CoinFund, said that one of the main challenges facing Ethereum will be branding. Bitcoin, the prototype of a cryptocurrency, is called digital gold and any investor can understand it. ETFs have two main advantages: regulatory certainty combined with operational scalability, or improved user experience. However, for Ethereum, the approval and launch of an ETF does create a safety moat that did not exist before. If the SEC ultimately approves an Ethereum ETF that provides returns, it could be a game changer, but it should be noted that even if the Ethereum ETF is eventually launched next week or soon after, dont expect a surge in adoption. (Fortune)

This article is sourced from the internet: Planet Daily | The US government sent 4,000 bitcoins to Coinbase; 87.19% of the total BLAST airdrop has been claimed (June 27)

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