Planet Daily | CFTC is investigating Jump Crypto; LayerZero’s mandatory donations spark controversy again (June 21)

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Planet Daily | CFTC is investigating Jump Crypto; LayerZero’s mandatory donations spark controversy again (June 21)


Market News: US CFTC is investigating Jump Crypto

According to market news, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is investigating Jump Crypto. Jump has always been known as one of the leading players in the field of high-frequency trading. In September 2021, the company announced the establishment of its crypto division Jump Crypto. It is not clear whether the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission is considering bringing any charges against the company. (Fortune)

3 iQ files for North Americas first Solana ETF

Odaily Planet Daily News According to Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart, 3 iQ has just submitted documents to launch the first Solana ETF in Canada (that is, North America). It plans to use the code $QSOL for listing.

LayerZero: Users need to donate $0.1 for each ZRO to receive it

Odaily Planet Daily reported that LayerZero published an article on the X platform stating that LayerZero has launched a new claim mechanism called Proof of Donation, which will donate approximately US$18.5 million to the Ethereum developer funding mechanism ProtocolGuild.
To claim ZRO, users must donate $0.10 USDC, USDT, or native ETH for each ZRO. This small donation will go directly to the ProtocolGuild. The LayerZero Foundation will match all donations (donate an amount equal to the users donation), up to a maximum of $10 million.

LayerZero announces token economic model, investors and team share 57.7%

Odaily Planet Daily News LayerZero has officially announced the token economic model of ZRO. The total supply of ZRO is 1 billion, and the specific distribution is as follows:
1. 38.3% will be allocated to the LayerZero community. Of these, 8.5% will be airdropped in today’s TGE; 15.3% will be reserved and allocated to users, protocols, developers or community members in the future; 14.5% will be managed by the LayerZero Foundation, and 5% will be released at the beginning of the TGE for ecological growth, donation plans and liquidity supply.
2. 32.2% will be allocated to strategic partners, including investors and consultants. This portion of the shares will be locked for 1 year and then unlocked monthly within 2 years;
3. 25.5% will be allocated to core contributors, including existing and future team members. This portion of the shares will be locked for 1 year and then unlocked monthly over 2 years;
4. 4% of the supply has been repurchased by LayerZero Labs and will be invested in the community share.

Industry News

Miners’ Bitcoin balances fall to 14-year low

According to Odaily Planet Daily, according to IntoTheBlock statistics, the Bitcoin balance of miners has dropped to the lowest level in 14 years, from 1.95 million at the beginning of the year to 1.9 million. Lucas Outumuro, head of research at IntoTheBlock, said that over time, due to the profit pressure brought by halving, the Bitcoin held by miners is expected to continue to decrease, making them more likely to sell their reserve Bitcoin. (Cointelegraph)

MicroStrategy Completes $800 Million Convertible Notes Offering

Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to official news, MicroStrategy completed the issuance of $800 million convertible notes at a coupon rate of 2.25% and a conversion premium of 35%, including $100 million in notes issued under the purchase agreement with a purchase option granted to the initial purchaser. The purchase option was granted to the initial purchaser within 13 days from the date of the first issuance of the notes. The initial purchaser exercised all the options on June 17, 2024, and the additional purchase was completed on June 18, 2024.

MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 11,931 BTC worth approximately $786 million

Odaily Planet Daily reported that MicroStrategy has purchased an additional 11,931 BTC, worth approximately US$786 million. As of June 20, 2024, MicroStrategy holds 226,331 BTC, with an average price of US$36,798 per Bitcoin, worth approximately US$8.33 billion.

Bitwise publishes Ethereum advertisement, possibly hinting at launching a related ETF

Odaily Planet Daily News According to Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffarts disclosure on the X platform, Bitwise released a funny Ethereum advertisement, which may hint at the launch of a related ETF. It is reported that the advertisement said: Unlike large financial institutions, Ethereum does not get off work at 4 pm.

Bloomberg analyst: Hashdexs BTC and ETH dual ETF application can add other cryptocurrencies

Odaily Planet Daily News: James Seyffart, ETF analyst at Bloomberg Industry Research, said that Hashdexs application for a dual ETF of BTC and ETH is very meaningful. If the US SEC decides to approve it, the terms contained in the application will also allow Hashdex to add other cryptocurrencies to the fund in the future, which will turn the fund into a crypto index.
Hashdex already has DeFi Index Fund, Web3 Index Fund and Metaverse Index Fund, each of which contains at least a dozen cryptocurrencies. According to relevant procedures, the SEC must respond to the dual fund application before March 2025. (DL News)

The first approved Bitcoin ETF on the Australian Stock Exchange has a trading volume of $1.3 million on the first day

Odaily Planet Daily reported that the first-day trading volume of the first approved Bitcoin ETF on Australias main stock exchange, the Australian Securities Exchange, was US$1.3 million, far lower than the first-day trading volume of the US Bitcoin spot ETF.
VanEck, the issuer of the VanEck Bitcoin ETF (VBTC), previously told Cointelegraph that it is optimistic that the product will maintain similar growth to the U.S. spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund, despite the different market size. (Cointelegraph)

Gemini: Final fund distribution for Earn users has arrived, and equivalent assets have been fully returned in kind

Odaily Planet Daily News Crypto exchange Gemini Trust released an update for Earn users on the X platform. The final distribution of funds for the Earn product has now arrived, and the last batch of funds accounts for about 3% of the remaining digital assets owed by Genesis to Earn users (as of the withdrawal suspension date of November 16, 2022). Through this final distribution, Earn users will receive 100% of the owed assets in kind, which means that Gemini has achieved a 237% asset value recovery (an increase of $1 billion in value) since Genesis suspended withdrawals. This process has officially ended.

CertiK: All funds have been returned but it is inconsistent with Kraken’s requirements and no bug bounty has been requested

Odaily Planet Daily News CertiK responded to the recent dispute with Kraken on the X platform:
1. Are there any real users who lost funds?
No. Cryptocurrencies are minted out of thin air, and no Kraken real user assets are directly involved in our research activities;
2. Does CertiK refuse refunds?
No. In our communications with Kraken (via email and video conference), we have always assured them that we will return the funds.
3. Did CertiK really return the funds? What was the total amount?
Yes, we returned all the funds, but the total amount was different from what Kraken requested. We returned the funds based on our records.
4. Do the returned funds match Kraken’s requirements?
The refund amount does not match what Kraken requested. We refunded 734.19215 ETH, 29,001 USDT and 1021.1 XMR, while Kraken requested 155818.4468 MATIC, 907400.1803 USDT, 475.5557871 ETH and 1089.794737 XMR.
5. Why does CertiK conduct multiple large-scale tests?
a. We want to test the limits of Kraken’s protection and risk controls;
b. After multiple tests over multiple days involving nearly $3 million worth of cryptocurrency without triggering an alarm, we still have not determined the upper limit;
6. Did CertiK disclose the vulnerability details to Kraken?
Yes. We sent a detailed report to Kraken via email and Kraken claimed to have resolved the issue after 47 minutes based on our report.
7. Did CertiK notify Kraken in a timely manner?
Yes. Our testing lasted five days, and after we obtained the test results, we contacted Kraken through various means and sent a detailed report.
8. Is CertiK participating in the Kraken bounty program?
No. We contacted Kraken Official and CSO Nick through X, LinkedIn, and finally sent a detailed report via email.
9. Does CertiK require payment of bounties?
No. We did not ask for a bounty. Kraken was the first to mention their bounty to us, and we responded that the bounty was not a priority topic and we wanted to make sure it was resolved.
10. Why didn’t CertiK submit a complete list of transactions to Kraken?
a. We reported a large number of deposit addresses to Kraken from day 1. Using the information we provided, Kraken was able to identify all transactions and indeed locked all related accounts.
b. We have disclosed all deposit transactions to the public.

Kraken Chief Security Officer: Confirmed that the funds withdrawn due to the previous vulnerability have been returned

Odaily Planet Daily News: Nick Percoco, Chief Security Officer of Kraken Exchange, posted an update on the X platform, saying that it can now be confirmed that the funds withdrawn due to the previous vulnerability have been returned (excluding a small amount of fee losses).

OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever launches new AI company Safe Superintelligence

Odaily Planet Daily News: Ilya Sutskever, one of the co-founders of OpenAI, founded a new artificial intelligence company, Safe Superintelligence.
“Our singular focus means there are no distractions from overhead or product cycles, and our business model means safety, security and progress are not compromised by short-term commercial pressures,” the company says on its website.
Sutskever co-founded Safe Superintelligence with Daniel Gross, former Apple AI chief and co-founder of social app Cue, and Daniel Levy, a former OpenAI researcher. The company has offices in Palo Alto and Tel Aviv. (TechinAsia)

Project News

Fantom Foundation Establishes Sonic Labs Innovator Fund, Will Invest Up to 200 Million FTM

Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to official news from the Fantom Foundation, the Fantom Foundation announced the establishment of the Sonic Labs Innovator Fund, which will invest up to 200 million FTMs to attract more innovative mainstream dApp applications to migrate to the Sonic network.

Blast announced that the airdrop will start in a week

Odaily Planet Daily News Blast announced on X that there is still one week left before the airdrop starts. DApps must allocate all Gold and Points to users before 20:00 on June 25 to be counted in the airdrop. The specific requirements are as follows: Points and Gold must be in the users EOA to be counted in the airdrop; Points and Gold that remain in the smart contract before the airdrop date will be excluded from the calculation.
Any suspicious or internal DApp allocation will be audited and may result in being blacklisted from future collaborations.
If a user has Points or Gold in an EOA account, they must have logged into the Blast dashboard at least once with that EOA (either by accepting an invite or linking it to an existing account) to be included in the airdrop. Also dont forget to link an embedded wallet (such as Privy).

Analysis: LayerZero market makers include GSR, Wintermute, Amber and six others

According to the monitoring of on-chain data analyst @Noah_nftn, there are six LayerZero market makers, namely:
@GSR_io received 11 million ZRO;
@wintermute_t , received 6.5 million ZRO;
@ambergroup_io, received 5.69 million ZRO;
@Auros_global received 360,000 ZRO;
@animocabrands, received 800,000 ZRO;
The sixth is an unknown organization, which received 500,000 ZROs.

The community launched its first proposal to increase ETHFI on-chain liquidity and increase treasury holdings

Odaily Planet Daily News Ethereum liquidity pledge protocol Foundation announced on X that its first community proposal has been launched, aiming to increase ETHFI on-chain liquidity and increase treasury holdings.
The proposal proposes to purchase ETHFI with 50% of the protocols revenue. Initially, 5% of monthly revenue will be used, and future increases will be determined by community voting. Revenue comes from Staking and Liquid vault. Any future product revenue used for this purpose will be processed in a subsequent vote. The purchased ETHFI will be used to build a treasury and establish a liquidity pool on Curve to increase ETHFs on-chain TVL.

Solana Ecosystem Restaking Protocol Solayer Will Reopen Epoch 2

Odaily Planet Daily News Solana Ecosystem Re-staking Protocol Solayer published a post on X stating that Epoch 2 will reopen at 0:00 on June 21. The details are as follows: Epoch 2 will be open for 24 hours (no upper limit); native SOL deposits are prioritized; withdrawals will be open at Epoch 3.

Jupiter: Details of proposal to reduce JUP token supply to be disclosed

Odaily Planet Daily News Jupiter posted on the X platform that yesterday its co-founder Meow released a draft of the J 4 J plan, which proposed three core ideas:
1. Total supply reduction (proposal)
2. Extension of Jupuary and ASR (Proposal)
3. Community First (CEF Philosophy)
These will be elaborated in more detail and presented to the community later.

Zeta Markets opens airdrop query, snapshot date is June 7

Odaily Planet Daily reported that Zeta Markets is open for airdrop inquiries. The snapshot date is June 7. The initial ZEX airdrop accounts for 8% of the total supply, 7% is allocated based on the users total Z score at the time of the snapshot, and the remaining 1% is allocated to community partners event participants.

Ethereum Domain Name Service ENS Launches ENS v2 Project Plan

Odaily Planet Daily News: Ethereum domain name service ENS announced on X platform that it will launch the ENS v2 project plan, which aims to expand ENS to Layer 2. The relevant plan includes redesigning the protocol architecture from scratch until the final implementation. It is reported that ENS v2 is divided into 5 phases, and ENS also launched a very detailed technical design document and FAQ.

Pacmoon V3 is now online

Odaily Planet Daily News: Blast Ecosystem Meme Project Pacmoon announced on X that Pacmoon V3 has been launched.
In addition, the official plan is to extend the airdrop period. V2 points have been recorded, and PAC airdrops will be carried out at the end of July. V3 points are currently being tracked.

Insider: Trump campaign has no connection with DJT, the meme coin

Odaily Planet Daily reported that there have been rumors recently that the Meme coin DJT was issued with the support of Trump, which has attracted industry attention.
The lack of communication from the Trump campaign on the matter has raised public doubts about the authenticity of the reports. A source revealed that the Trump campaign was not involved in the project.
It is worth mentioning that Martin Shkreli, a former pharmaceutical executive, once advocated DJT as the “official Trump coin” and challenged members of the cryptocurrency community. His bet with the pseudonymous trader GCR was as high as $100 million, but it was canceled due to disagreements on the terms.
Currently, bettors on the Polymarket platform now believe that there is a 3% chance that Trump or his family members or employees will issue the token, with a bet liquidity of nearly $2.5 million and a peak probability of 59% on June 17. (DL News)

Arkham confirms ZachXBT has completed the $150,000 bounty for “Who is the DJT creator?”

Odaily Planet Daily News: Arkham officials posted on X that the on-chain detective ZachXBT has completed the bounty on Who is the real creator of DJT. After the bounty task was released, ZachXBT has submitted conclusive evidence to prove that Martin Shkreli is the creator of DJT.
According to previous news, Arkham launched a mission on X yesterday, announcing a reward of $150,000 to find the creator of DJT.

Investment and Financing

Market News: Bitflyer to acquire FTX Japan subsidiary, acquisition price expected to be billions of yen

Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to market news, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitflyer will acquire the bankrupt FTXs Japanese subsidiary FTX Japan, and the acquisition price is expected to be billions of yen.

Modular blockchain Particle Network completes $15 million Series A financing, led by Spartan Group and others

Odaily Planet Daily News: Modular blockchain Particle Network announced the completion of a $15 million Series A financing round. Spartan Group and Gumi Cryptos Capital jointly led this round of financing, and SevenX Ventures, Morningstar Ventures, Flow Traders, HashKey Capital and others participated in the investment. It is reported that this round of financing was completed through the Simple Agreement for Future Tokens. Particles main product is a universal account that allows users to use funds and transactions from different blockchains. (TheBlock)

Web3 gaming platform Farworld Labs completes $1.75 million in financing, led by Variant and others

Odaily Planet Daily News: Web3 game platform Farworld Labs has completed a $1.75 million financing round, led by Lemniscap and Variant, with participation from Base Ecosystem Fund and Coinbase Ventures. This round of financing will be used to release products in the third quarter and launch its decentralized Farcade platform for developers to build Web3 games. (venturebeat)

White label crypto cashback provider Bring completes $1.1 million SAFE round of financing, Starkware participates

Odaily Planet Daily News: Bring, a white label cryptocurrency cashback provider, announced the completion of a $1.1 million SAFE round of financing, with Starkware participating. It is reported that Bring currently supports cashback when purchasing fashion, electronics, health and beauty, travel services and other goods at 450 retailers. Web3 wallets and exchanges have integrated Brings white label solution to provide cashback services to users. (chainwire)

Web3 and XR gaming company Saltwater Games completes new round of financing, Animoca Brands participates

Odaily Planet Daily News: Saltwater Games, a UK-based Web3 and XR game company, announced the completion of a new round of financing, with Animoca Brands participating. The specific amount has not been disclosed. This round of financing was conducted through a seed SAFT (Simple Agreement for Future Tokens). Animoca Brands support is intended to promote the integration of Saltwater Games Arbitrum Orbit L3 blockchain XR One with Animocas membership network Mocaverse. (Blockchain Gamer)

CoinList Launches Nillion Network Token Public Offering, Plans to Distribute 35 Million NIL

Odaily Planet Daily reported that according to the official announcement, Nillion Network has launched its NIL token issuance on the Coinlist platform. The community round financing valuation is US$400 million. It will provide exactly the same (or higher) token supply percentage as the A round. The purchase time is from 1:00 on June 20, 2024 to 1:00 on June 27.
The sale will offer 35 million NIL (3.5% of total supply), with the TGE occurring around late August 2024.

Regulatory trends

Feds Kashkari: It may take one or two years to get inflation back to 2%

Odaily Planet Daily News: Kashkari of the Federal Reserve said that it may take one or two years for the inflation rate to fall back to 2%. Inflation cannot return to 2% at present. It is not ideal for the economy to have only 5-6 large banks in the United States. The interest rate outlook depends on the economic path. (Jinshi)

Kenyan police drop Worldcoin investigation

Odaily Planet Daily News According to an official statement from the National Police Criminal Investigation Department (DCI), the Kenyan police have abandoned their investigation into Worldcoin.
The statement, dated June 14, 2024, responded to a request from Worldcoin’s lawyers for an update on the status of the investigation submitted in May 2024. According to the DCI, the Kenyan Department of Public Prosecutions agreed and ordered the closure of the Worldcoin case, and no further action was required by the police.
The agency said: “The DCI promptly and objectively investigated a series of allegations regarding Worldcoin’s activities in Kenya in March 2022, involving allegations of illegal collection and transfer of sensitive personal data.” (Cointelegraph)


Arthur Hayes: Bank of Japans selling of US debt triggers speculation on US dollar liquidity, and cryptocurrencies are expected to usher in a new round of bull market

Odaily Planet Daily News BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes published an analysis in his personal blog that Japans fifth largest bank, Norinchukin Bank, recently announced that it would sell US$63 billion worth of US and European bonds. This indicates that other Japanese banks may follow suit and sell up to US$450 billion in US bonds in total.
Hayes pointed out that the reason why Japanese banks sold off US bonds in large quantities was that the US-Japan interest rate differential widened sharply, causing a sharp increase in the foreign exchange hedging cost of holding US bonds, and holding these bonds has begun to lose money. In the election year, US Treasury Secretary Yellen is likely to ask the Bank of Japan to absorb these sold bonds through the Federal Reserves FIMA repurchase tool to avoid a sharp rise in US bond yields and trigger financial market turmoil.
Hayes believes that if the Federal Reserve prints money on a large scale to buy back the U.S. bonds sold by Japan, it will bring a new round of dollar liquidity to the cryptocurrency market and boost a new round of cryptocurrency bull market. Hayes said that in order to maintain the current dollar-based financial system, the supply of dollars must increase, which will undoubtedly push up the prices of crypto assets including Bitcoin. This week, the volume of forward options has increased significantly. The end of the third quarter is generally the time when the market picks up.

Odaily Planet Daily News: macro researcher Adam posted on the X platform that the end of June is about to enter the quarterly delivery, and the forward option trading volume has increased significantly this week, mainly in the form of large call option combinations.
Judging from the options data, although RV fluctuates greatly, IV has been relatively stable in the past two weeks, with relatively small absolute values and fluctuation levels. Based on past experience, there is often no major market trend before quarterly delivery.
The trend in the second quarter of this year is relatively weak, which is in line with historical experience in previous years. The trend in the third quarter is generally also struggling, and the end of the third quarter is generally the point when the market recovers.

Andrew Kang: Bitcoin will not fall below $50,000, and Ethereums upward limit this year is around $4,000

Odaily Planet Daily News Mechanism Capital co-founder Andrew Kang wrote on X: Some market views currently show that experts suggest that the time for seeking approval/ETFs to be added to wealth management platforms has been postponed from the originally planned end of May to the fourth quarter.
Although market momentum has turned from up to down due to the lack of significant ETF inflows, I firmly believe that Bitcoin remains strong and will not fall below $50,000. While the weekly chart may indicate a double top, I believe the market structure has changed significantly from previous cycles, with more DCA buyers creating higher bottoms and equilibrium points for Bitcoin, while large momentum players (such as 3AC, Alameda, Celsius, etc.) have relatively less leverage.
For Ethereum, I predict that its price may remain stable until the ETF is listed, but the upper limit of the rise is expected to be around $4,000 this year. However, if the fund flow performance is disappointing or there is a large amount of ETHE selling, its price may fall to between $2,000 and $3,000. I noticed that the publicity and familiarity about Ethereum are unusually high in the market, which also makes investors expectations of ETFs higher than ordinary buyers.
Solana has outperformed during this cycle, but it has also seen a reflexive nature to meme coin trading demand, which has had an impact in both directions. If meme coin trading were to halt in the coming months, then SOL could fall to $80 again.”

The ETF Store President: Still Believes Ethereum Spot ETF Will Be Launched Before July 4

Odaily Planet Daily News: Nate Geraci, president of The ETF Store, said on X: Will there be a series of Ethereum spot ETF S-1 amendments on Thursday and Friday? In my opinion, based on the documents submitted by Bitwise yesterday, there seems to be nothing worthy of attention/comment from the US SEC.
I still expect (the Ethereum spot ETF) to launch before July 4th.
Additionally, I would not be surprised if another one or two issuers file for a combined Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETF in the next week or so.”

LayerZero CEO: There is no mandatory donation. If you don’t want to donate, don’t apply for tokens

Odaily Planet Daily reported that LayerZero CEO posted on the X platform that there is no forced donation. If you don’t want to donate, don’t apply for tokens. This is not something you own, but something provided by others.

Yearn core developer: LayerZero’s mandatory donations are like a glorified ICO

Odaily Planet Daily News: Regarding LayerZeros mandatory donations, Yearn core developer banteg posted on the X platform that mandatory donations are more like a glorified ICO. At the same time, he called for an end to the bulk funding of the Protocol Guild because it has been very successful in attracting funds and should look for other smaller initiatives to support.

This article is sourced from the internet: Planet Daily | CFTC is investigating Jump Crypto; LayerZero’s mandatory donations spark controversy again (June 21)

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Headlines Feds Kashkari: No more than 2 rate cuts expected in June economic forecast Kashkari of the Federal Reserve said that no more than 2 rate cuts are expected in the June economic forecast. Inflation seems to be stable for some time, and more patience may be needed. The US economy is in good shape, but if the inflation target of 2% is not achieved, it will damage the credibility of the Federal Reserve. It is more likely than raising interest rates that interest rates will be kept at the current level for longer than the public expects. It is not that monetary policy has no impact, but that the impact is not as large as expected, nor as fast as expected. (Jinshi) Grayscale withdraws 19b-4 filing for Ethereum futures…

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