A comprehensive review of new and unique products in the Base ecosystem: Onchain Summer is coming

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A comprehensive review of new and unique products in the Base ecosystem: Onchain Summer is coming

As an L2 network with the grand vision of leading 1 billion users into the on-chain society, the Base ecosystem is undoubtedly in the first echelon in the industry in terms of its tolerance for various application products. Regarding this, we have also briefly introduced some products in previous articles such as TVL surged by $1 billion in 5 days, tapping into the wealth opportunities of the top projects in the Base ecosystem , Analysis of Sofamon: The next friend.tech or the Web3 version of Centimeters Show? , and jam: A new hope for the creator economy of the Base ecosystem? .

In the early morning of June 14th, Beijing time, Base officially issued a statement hinting at a cooperation with the world-class sports brand Adidas. For a time, speculation about a new round of Base Onchain Summer once again became the focus of market attention. Odaily Planet Daily will briefly review and introduce some representative products of the Base ecosystem in this article for readers reference.

Social Applications

As the L2 ecosystem that gave birth to two well-known social protocols, Friend.tech and Farcaster, Bases contribution to social products is obvious. In addition, as a social protocol, Farcaster also provides a good living soil and development environment for different types of social products. Therefore, for a long time, social products will be an important part of the Base ecosystem. Although these products may not necessarily bring high TVL or profits to the Base ecosystem, they can bring a steady stream of new users and new traffic to it, which is exactly what countless L1/L2 blockchain networks dream of. The following are some representative products:


Warpcast Followers: 29,000

AlfaFrens is a new SocialFi application built on the Base ecosystem and Farcaster protocol. It was developed by Superfluid , a startup that supports on-chain asset flows. It allows users to subscribe to KOLs and access exclusive chat rooms with DEGEN tokens. It can be seen as a copycat product of Friend.tech and no tokens have been issued yet.

A comprehensive review of new and unique products in the Base ecosystem: Onchain Summer is coming

AlfaFrens product interface at a glance


The social project that Jesse Pollak, head of the Base protocol, is following once set off a social fission craze in April, but later it may have been inspired by the TON ecological game project Notcoin and transformed into a social fission game project of Tap2Earn. Currently, the number of people in the official Telegram channel is about 520,000, and the number of fans of the official account is about 430,000. No coins have been issued yet.


This product has been mentioned before. It can be regarded as a Web3 version of Tik Tok short video social platform. It has previously received an ecological incentive prize pool of 20 million DEGEN. It still has a creator fund worth $1 million open to many creators. The platform also draws on Friend.techs token fan economy model and has not yet issued any coins.


This is a task program created by LindaXie (former co-founder of Scalar Capital and product manager of Coinbase), also based on the Farcaster protocol. Users can publish tasks by adding the tag @Bountybot when sending content through clients such as Warpcast. Other users can take on corresponding tasks and get corresponding rewards. No coins have been issued yet.


According to the official Warpcast channel, this is a social game used to incentivize construction on the Base ecosystem chain. According to the top tweet of its official account quoting Jesses tweet, this is an incentive project for Base ecosystem builders, created by the development team of the on-chain social market TalentProtocol . Users can nominate relevant candidates, and the first season of BUILD token airdrops has been carried out.

A comprehensive review of new and unique products in the Base ecosystem: Onchain Summer is coming

BUILD official website interface

It is worth mentioning that, influenced by the Farcaster protocol, in addition to client applications including Warpcast, Recaster, and Launchcaster, many social products in the Base ecosystem are built on the Farcaster Frame applet framework. This can provide certain assistance to the project in the early stages, but it also limits the initial traffic pool of the project to a certain extent. It has to be said that it is a pity from the perspective of growth, but it is also a unique landscape of the Base ecosystem.

Consumer Applications

Unlike social products, consumer applications are actually a larger component of the Base ecosystem with more room for imagination. After all, it has the advantages of being backed by Coinbase, a listed and compliant exchange, and can utilize its convenient and fast payment interface services such as Coinbase Commerce. The main means to achieve 1 billion users entering the on-chain world is consumer applications with different functions and styles. The following are several well-known applications.


As a Web3 membership loyalty platform that completed $11 million in seed round financing in October 2022 and $24 million in Series A financing in October 2023, BlackBird has received strong support from Union Square Ventures, Shine Capital and Multicoin Capital, Variant, Circle Ventures, IAC, a16z Crypto, Amex Ventures, QED Investors and other well-known institutions. The main reason is that founder Ben Leventhal has nearly 20 years of rich experience in the catering and food and beverage industry, and successively founded the food and local restaurant media Eater in 2005, and sold the well-known restaurant reservation website Resy to American Express in 2019. But in any case, Blackbird chooses to build a market positioning as a bridge between restaurants, hotels and users, and serves users with programs such as FLY loyalty points. It is already one of the few consumer-friendly applications in the Web3 and Base ecosystem.


This is an on-chain live broadcast platform based on the Base ecosystem, which has previously received investment from institutions such as Multicoin Capital and Coinbase Ventures. The application innovatively creates a unique viewing experience for users by integrating gamified on-chain functions into live broadcasts. For example, anchors can create temporary tokens, and the trading function can only be enabled when the token reaches a certain price within a certain period of time. Previously, the founder of the application, Brian Guan , successfully achieved a token sale with a trading volume of US$160,000 and received a creator incentive of US$6,000 with the help of this function. In addition, the application also allows viewers to interact through betting, voting, private chatting and using the platforms native tokens, which increases the fun of use.

In February this year, a live dating event called Love On Leverage on the platform caused a sensation. When the male and female guests interacted, the audience could bet on whether they would go on a second date. If the amount of support exceeds the predetermined threshold, then they will go on a date. On the contrary, if the opponents are in the majority, the event will introduce new participants. In the end, the event attracted more than 10,000 views and generated more than $20,000 in token transactions. To some extent, it has opened up a new track for Web3 consumer applications based on Web2 entertainment live broadcasts.


This is a shopping store application similar to the WeChat Mini Program Mall, and is built on the Farcaster ecosystem. Users can build their own Farcaster Eco Mall in a few simple steps to sell some of their own physical or virtual products, including clothing, artworks, etc. It is also the work of independent developer Colin . Currently, the V1 version is open to some users who meet the requirements for free .

A comprehensive review of new and unique products in the Base ecosystem: Onchain Summer is coming

Wrapshop website interface


This is a payment application product created by independent developer @0x Sinaver . Users can use this application to complete on-chain social payments in ecosystems such as farcaster, lens and ens. As its account introduction says, This is like Venmo/Cash App for web3 social and linktree.

It can be seen that although it is still in its infancy, the consumer application products of the Base ecosystem have gradually begun to develop. Based on the strong appeal and influence of Jesse and more Base ecosystem builders, and Coinbases subsequent continued support for Base ecosystem consumer applications, development in this area is still worth looking forward to.

The recent collaboration between Adidas and Base may start from this aspect.

Meme Coin Application

Finally, when it comes to the Base ecosystem, Meme and Meme coins are naturally an unavoidable link. The following are several applications related to Meme coins, which have little to do with speculation, so they are for reference only.


Previously, a Meme interactive product that received the tenth round of Base Ecosystem Builder Grants, according to its official documentation , The Bolide application is a smart self-hosted Web3 application that leverages the user experience of Web2 to unleash the power of Web3 and allow users to hold, track and trade their crypto assets as well as access all Bolide Earn features. The Bolide application is designed to be simple and accessible even to people without DeFi experience, and is built in a safe and secure manner using the latest industry security standards. It is a smart, simple and secure way to store and earn cryptocurrencies. The goal is to build the next version of the current new banking solution for future market adoption, while combining the latest technologies in the decentralized market with a simplified user experience, such as: automatic returns on crypto assets (by combining the top DeFi market lending protocols and DEXs own earning solutions), easy transfers between friends and saved contacts, margin trading, retail payments, on/off ramps, NFT trading.

It has to be said that the goal is still very ambitious. As to whether it can be achieved, we can just wait and see with a conservative attitude.


The BASE ecosystem Meme project GAME previously announced that it will launch the first Meme Game in the MemeFi track to provide Meme holders with a gamified social experience. Players can engage in Meme PVP battles in the game and obtain GAME tokens. The first cooperation is the RUNE ecosystem project DOG. Players who use DOG to play games can get GAME airdrops. Thanks to this, the price of GAME has soared by 40%.


An on-chain newsletter and publishing platform for the Base ecosystem, and also the main platform tool for Bases official account to release messages to the outside world. The platform allows creators to cast their works into NFTs, send newsletters directly to wallet addresses, or earn income through subscriptions. In addition, it has also integrated with social protocols such as Farcaster, Lens, and XMTP, enabling token-based channel creation and creating interactive channels for fan communities similar to Knowledge Planet. Not only that, Paragraph even killed the former track leader + competitor Mirror and acquired it. After receiving a $5 million investment from Union Square and Coinbase Ventures , Paragraph has, to some extent, become the only content player related to Meme content.

Overall, after stripping away the hype of the quickly fading Meme coin, the development of Meme coin-related projects in the Base ecosystem is still prosperous.

Summary: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

According to Dune data , the number of Base ecosystem users is on the rise. As of 0:00 on June 13, the total number of users reached 11,782,696. In other words, the number of Base ecosystem users has now exceeded 11.78 million, equivalent to one percent of the 1 billion on-chain users. However, it is still less than one year away from the launch of the Base mainnet.

It can be said that Base has created a miracle in the L2 network and even the cryptocurrency industry – the L2 network with the fastest TVL exceeding 5 billion; the L2 network with the fastest TVL growth; the L2 network that ranks among the top in terms of the number of users and the average number of daily active addresses, etc.

And this is just the first step of Bases journey of a thousand miles.

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