Planet Daily | Biden will attend the Bitcoin roundtable; ZKsync will open airdrop applications in the afternoon (June 17

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Planet Daily | Biden will attend the Bitcoin roundtable; ZKsync will open airdrop applications in the afternoon (June 17


Biden to attend Bitcoin roundtable

Odaily Planet Daily reported that Biden will attend a Bitcoin roundtable with key congressional officials in Washington, DC. The proposed meeting, led by U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna, will discuss how to keep Bitcoin and blockchain innovation within the United States.
U.S. Congressman Ro Khanna will host a Bitcoin and Blockchain Roundtable in Washington, D.C. in early July, describing it as “the most important meeting between blockchain policymakers and innovation leaders to date.” The roundtable is expected to feature officials from the Biden administration, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, as well as American businessman Mark Cuban. The main goal of the meeting is to strategize on how to keep “Bitcoin and blockchain innovation in the United States.”
The move is seen as a response to former President Donald Trumps recent endorsement of the Bitcoin industry. Over the past four years, the Biden administration has taken a hostile stance toward Bitcoin and the crypto industry. The upcoming roundtable marks a shift in Washingtons attitude toward the crypto industry, and given Khannas partisanship, it may represent a warming of sentiment among Democrats. Earlier this week, it was reported that the Biden administration was in talks to accept cryptocurrency donations through Coinbase Commerce, after Trump also began accepting donations through Coinbase. (Bitcoinmagazine)

ZK Nation: ZK airdrop will be available today

Odaily Planet Daily News ZK Nation posted on the X platform that it has updated its FAQ document and explained the airdrop-related issues again. Finally, ZK Nation stated that the ZK airdrop will be available at 15:00 on June 17th, Beijing time.

LayerZero CEO: A total of 594,641 participants will receive airdrops, and early traders will receive 3 times the reward

Odaily Planet Daily News: LayerZero Labs CEO Bryan Pellegrino tweeted to announce the final airdrop rules. Early transactions will be calculated as 3 times the reward. If 3 transactions are made in the later stage, an additional 50 tokens will be awarded (84,000 people are eligible, about 4.2 million tokens in this part). He said that a total of 594,641 participants will receive airdrops, including:
– 364,628 participants will receive 50-100 tokens (total: 24,964,176.99);
– 184,177 participants will receive 100-250 tokens (total: 27,135,924.07);
– 34,647 participants will receive 250-500 tokens (total: 11,606,358.46);
– 8,814 participants will receive 500-1000 tokens (total: 5,821,043.59);
– 2,217 participants will receive 1000-5000 tokens (total: 3,633,074.70);
– 158 participants will receive 5000 tokens (total: 792,823.21).

Industry News

Fidelity Digital Assets released a video introducing Runes and said it will continue to pay attention to its development

Odaily Planet Daily News: Max Wadington, an analyst at Fidelity Digital Assets under Fidelity Investments, released a video on Youtube introducing Bitcoin Runes. He briefly introduced the development history, protocol mechanism and impact of Runes on the Bitcoin network, and finally pointed out that he will continue to pay attention to its development.

Deutsche Telekom announces plans to start Bitcoin mining business

Odaily Planet Daily News Deutsche Telekom announced that it will launch Bitcoin mining operations to expand its ongoing encryption activities.
Speaking at BTC Prague, Dirk Röder, head of Web3 infrastructure and solutions at Deutsche Telekom, said: “We have been running Bitcoin nodes since 2023, and we are also running Bitcoin Lightning nodes. I want to tell you a little secret, we will soon be mining digital currencies.” (Cointelegraph)

Three separate organizations have competing claims against SBF’s seized assets

Odaily Planet Daily reported that after Sam Bankman-Fried, the former CEO of FTX, was confiscated in March for $11 billion in property related to his criminal behavior (including crypto tokens, private jets, funds in bank accounts, etc.).
Now, three separate groups — the FTX debtor estate, a class of creditors, and an offshore entity founded by Sam — have competing claims to those seized assets, claiming they rightfully belong to them.
The debtor’s estate claims in the filing that while Bankman-Fried was ordered to forfeit the assets, they never belonged to him in the first place because they were the result of his criminal conduct. “As determined at trial, all of the specified property is held in the name of the Debtor Entities or FTX Digital and/or is financed entirely with the Debtor’s assets,” the filing states.

Project News

Vitalik posted a post introducing the new image compression mode TiTok, and believed that it could be used for on-chain storage

Odaily Planet Daily News Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin posted on Farcaster to introduce a new image compression mode called Token for Image Tokenizer (TiTok), saying that 320 bits is basically a hash value. Small enough for every user to be on the chain.

Solana Sandwich Bot Arbitrages Over $30 Million in MEV in Two Months

Odaily Planet Daily News Chain analyst Ben wrote on the X platform that Solana Sandwich Bot: arsc…Zh 2 y has earned more than $30 million through MEV arbitrage in the past two months.
Currently, the Bot has transferred 114,000 SOL (about 16.5 million US dollars) to 9973…yWp 6 for safekeeping, which is not very active; its other custodial wallet Ai 4 z…xkkt is actively involved in Solana DeFi, gradually exchanging SOL for USDC through Jupiter DCA, and is active in Kamino and various LST. In addition, the controllers behind the Bot are using a large number of different signers to obfuscate their activities and profits.

Polygon Labs Launches “Privado ID” Spin-off of Its ID Solutions

Odaily Planet Daily News According to a press release, Polygons main development team Polygon Labs has completed a derivative product of its ID solution Privado ID.
The team said, “The team behind Iden3 Protocol and Polygon ID is committed to expanding Privado ID beyond the Polygon Network and is actively building strategic partnerships with on-chain and institutional organizations. This includes a proof of concept (PoC) with a number of multinational banks and financial services companies, aiming to establish the technical foundation for an interoperable and compatible identity framework… This PoC will also explore the use of Privado ID’s verifiable credentials (VC) as an access control point for permissioned financial transactions.” (CoinDesk)

Cardano to hand over control of $681 million in treasury funds to the community

Odaily Planet Daily News: The Cardano community will gain control of treasury funds worth more than US$681 million, which is the eighth largest treasury in the crypto field according to TapTools data.
Funded by transaction fees and block rewards, Cardano will support the development of the ecosystem and ensure sustainability. The projects roadmap features a three-tier governance structure: the Cardano Foundation, Input Output Global (IOG) (formerly IOHK), and EMURGO. These entities are responsible for overseeing development, research, and commercial activities, respectively.
The funding handover coincides with the upcoming Chang fork, a major upgrade that will transition Cardano to a fully decentralized blockchain ecosystem. It is reported that the Cardano Chang fork upgrade is expected to be completed in June. (beincrypto)

Uniswap Labs launches a community survey on new features, and the support rate for using any token to pay gas is high

Odaily Planet Daily News: Uniswap Labs launched a survey on the X platform about what new features to add to the Uniswap mobile application, including in-app bridging support, using any token to pay for gas, viewing LP positions, and price alerts. So far, using any token to pay for gas has the highest support rate.

LayerZero CEO: The community can review the temporary witch list within 24 hours, and if it is wrong, it will be deleted

Odaily Planet Daily reported that LayerZero Labs CEO Bryan Pellegrino published a temporary witch list on the X platform and said, We are publishing this information here for community review. If a cluster here is wrong or reported incorrectly, we will delete it. This information is not for individual appeals, so it is not per address. Please list the obviously wrong clusters and why the method is obviously wrong or how to prove that it contains false positives. If possible, please provide feedback within the next 24 hours.
And added that there are a few bounty hunter reports that have been approved but not yet included in the list, the list may be slightly updated tomorrow, but 99% are listed here.

EIGEN token airdrop claims exceed 80 million

Odaily Planet Daily News: After the Eigen Foundation announced the opening of the first phase of the Season 1 EIGEN staking airdrop, the latest data from Dune Analytics shows that the number of EIGEN tokens claimed has exceeded 80 million, currently at 80,750,184. So far, the largest claim is 2,426,394, the smallest claim is 2, and the number of addresses participating in the claim is 189,469.

Notcoin announces the end of airdrop claims, unclaimed tokens will be invested in future development or destroyed

Odaily Planet Daily News Telegram game project Notcoin announced on the X platform that the airdrop claim has ended. Most of the airdrop tokens have been distributed, and unclaimed tokens will be invested in future development, and some will be destroyed. So far, Notcoin has 11.5 million holders.
In addition, there will be additional rewards for players who pledge at Gold and Platinum levels.

Farcaster Lianchuang: Warpcasts target customers are English users, and there are no plans for international expansion

Odaily Planet Daily News: Farcaster co-founder Dan Romero responded to a users comment on social media that I hope Warpcasts core is not just English users. He said that Warpcast is an American team with no international expansion plans. The team believes that they can build an excellent client for English users, but they do not have enough bandwidth to serve international users well. Phaver, Firefly App and supercast are clients that do well in international aspects.

Scroll Ecosystem DEX NURI Exchange will launch NURI tokens on June 19

Odaily Planet Daily News Scroll announced on X that its ecological DEX NURI Exchange will launch its native token NURI on June 19. According to reports, NURI combines the security of Uniswap v3 with innovative governance and incentives.

ZKX: Decision to cancel public offering round and all launchpads

Odaily Planet Daily News Derivatives trading protocol ZKX posted on the X platform that based on feedback from the community and investors, it decided to cancel the public offering round and all launchpads. Its project goal is to ensure the long-term health of the token ZKX, and it believes that this decision is correct.

LootBot opens ZKsync airdrop allocation query

Odaily Planet Daily News: The automated interactive bot LootBot posted on the X platform that it will open the ZKsync airdrop allocation query in the Intent Terminal. Users need to log in through the Telegram bot to query.

Slerf: Developing a community committee and DAO for SLERF and Slerf Capital, including Chinese and English KOLs

Odaily Planet Daily News: Slerf officials posted on the X platform that they are working with NFT holders to develop a community committee and DAO for SLERF and Slerf Capital. This will give the community more control and decision-making power over Slerf, and said that the committee will include Chinese and English SLERF KOLs.

Investment and Financing

Web3 game publisher Sidus Heroes completes new round of financing, DWF Labs participates in the investment

Odaily Planet Daily reported BlockBeats that Web3 game publisher Sidus Heroes announced the completion of a new round of financing. Crypto trading market maker DWF Labs participated in the investment and reached a partnership with it. The specific amount of financing has not been disclosed yet.
Earlier news, the Metaverse blockchain game project SIDUS HEROES announced the completion of US$20 million in financing. This round of financing was participated by Animoca Brands, Polygon, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Arkstream Capital, Spark Digital Capital, AU 21 Capital, HashKey and other institutions and other angel investors.

DeFi trading platform Reposwap completes seed round financing, led by QCP Capital

Odaily Planet Daily reported that DeFi trading platform Reposwap announced the completion of its seed round of financing, led by QCP Capital and participated by investment institutions such as ZK Prime Capital and XLink Ventures. The specific amount of financing and valuation have not been disclosed yet.


Tether CEO: More than 300 million people use USDT worldwide, and Tether is the main buyer of U.S. Treasury bonds

Odaily Planet Daily News: Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, recently emphasized the important role of USDT in driving demand for the U.S. dollar in emerging markets. Ardoino revealed that more than 300 million people around the world use USDT as a digital dollar to provide basic financial services to communities in developing countries. This stablecoin improves the efficiency of fund transfer and storage, bypassing the traditional financial system that often excludes people with underbanked services. This means that if Tethers USDT usage scale is equivalent to a country, its economic scale will exceed that of countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, and Nigeria. Therefore, the high acceptance of USDT has a significant impact on the global financial system.
Ardoino noted that Tether is one of the top three buyers of short-term U.S. Treasuries globally, and is also among the top 20 buyers overall. This reflects Tether’s growing influence in the financial sector and the increasing integration of virtual assets with the traditional financial system. Ardoino’s comments were in response to an article that stated that dollar-backed stablecoins fueled demand for U.S. public debt.

DWF Labs co-founder: meme coins are popular and may rise in the market downturn

Odaily Planet Daily News DWF Labs co-founder Andrei Grachev posted on the X platform that when the market is down, there must be something going up, and paper hands sell what they have and try to recover/catch luck. This is why memes are particularly popular in dull/downward markets, some of which always go up and people can gamble.

Trusta CTO: The multiplier rules in ZKsync and LayerZero airdrops will exacerbate the polarization of airdrops and have potential room for maneuver

Odaily Planet Daily News Trusta CTO Simon wrote on the X platform that the multiplier rules in the ZKsync and LayerZero airdrop distribution design will aggravate the polarization of airdrops and have potential room for maneuver.
It pointed out that in fact, in airdrops such as Optimism, Arbitrum, Celestia and Starknet, the project parties did not design airdrop rules based on multipliers, but in the Wormwhole airdrop in April this year, the project parties have systematically used several multiplier rules, but it did not trigger community discussion.
However, the multiplier rules used in the ZKsync airdrop design and the airdrop multiplier rules announced in advance by LayerZero to the market reflect strong subjectivity and user polarization. Simon said that although he fully understands the projects emphasis on certain types of transactions, assets, and wallets, it is still worth discussing whether the airdrop design uses multiplication or addition rules.

This article is sourced from the internet: Planet Daily | Biden will attend the Bitcoin roundtable; ZKsync will open airdrop applications in the afternoon (June 17)

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