Why hasn’t decentralized Disney caught on?

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Why hasn’t decentralized Disney caught on?

In the last cycle, retail investors and VCs alike latched onto the idea that cryptocurrencies could give birth to a “decentralized Disney.” Despite lots of seed funding and high expectations, this vision has not materialized. Why?

Of course, poor user experience, high transaction fees, slow speeds, and inadequate infrastructure all played a role. But the main point of failure was the failure to realize that the foundation for a decentralized Disney already existed and was thriving as a meme that spread quickly through the internet.

Gen Z desperately needs a show that speaks its language, the language of internet culture. The old story of boy and girl working hard in the big city, chasing their dreams, and having a happy life is no longer effective.

Why hasn’t decentralized Disney caught on?

The real problem: curation, not creation

Doge, Wojak (Feels Guy), Chad, Giga Chad, Trad Girl, Soyjack, Doomer, NPC, Zoomer Wojak, Virgin Wojak, dogwifhat, Popcat, Pepe the Frog, Are ya winning, son father and son, Schizo, Yes Chad, Midwit, LoFi Girl, Simple Jack, Retardio, Milady, Intellectual Chad, etc. (These are all Internet memes/network memes).

The number of personas and their derivatives generated by the Internet is unlimited and is growing exponentially in every direction (good, bad, ugly, left, right, healthy, extreme, hyper-financialized, etc.).

We don’t need to create new intellectual property (IP). Instead, we need to curate the organic, beloved communities and visual languages that already exist. Memes are a pillar of internet culture, and their decentralized nature embodies the spirit of cryptocurrency. We don’t need to invent new IP, and we certainly don’t need to slow down the creative process by having hundreds or thousands of people working on it.

What we need to do is curate existing, organically grown, and beloved communities. Looking at the chart below, there is no shortage of roles and content creation/development.

Why hasn’t decentralized Disney caught on?

Why hasn’t decentralized Disney caught on?

Why hasn’t decentralized Disney caught on?

Efficiency of Centralized Management of Decentralized Content

While a decentralized creative process promotes diverse contributions, it often leads to fragmented and inconsistent content. A centralized curator (in this case, I propose CC0 Studios to play this role) can manage these contributions, ensuring a unified vision and quality control. This approach combines the advantages of decentralized creativity while providing the structure needed to produce coherent and marketable content.

By centralizing management, we can streamline communication and ensure a more consistent end product because you don’t want to be stuck with too many people working on too many tasks.

Why choose CC0 Studios and normal mfer?

CC0 Studios and Commoner aim to leverage existing internet and crypto-native memes and intellectual property to create content that speaks the language of the internet. By living at the intersection of internet-native and crypto-native meme culture, we will build a library of hyper-viral and shareable online content. This strategy, supported by a community with shared financial incentives (e.g. if you own a Commoner NFT or $mfer token, why not share Commoner GIFs?), aims to bring these characters to the masses, driving a new wave of digital culture that is both creative and economically viable.

in conclusion

The future of entertainment lies not in creating a new Disney, but in recognizing and nurturing the decentralized Disney that already exists. By curating and inspiring thriving meme communities online, we can create a new paradigm of high-quality entertainment that is rooted in Internet culture.

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