UXLINK leverages Telegram traffic and keeps pace with Notcoin, triggering a wave of Web2 users flocking to Web3

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Original author: Zoey, MT Capital

In the current wave of social networks, Telegram group communication is an important part of peoples daily life. Notcoin and UXLINK are excellent products that use Telegram to achieve rapid user growth. Since its launch on January 1, 2024, Notcoin has quickly accumulated more than 30 million users and 6 million Telegram group members through lightweight Tap-to-Earn mining and viral spread. In contrast, UXLINK has also attracted a large number of participants through Link-to-Earn based on acquaintance social networking and fission. At present, it has 4.6 million on-chain point holders and 1.6 million NFT holders.

Since its launch, UXLINK now has 8.2 million registered users and has built nearly 100,000 WEB3 groups, reaching more than 8 million users through these groups. This number is still growing. Throughout May, UXLINKs data has long been ranked first in the DappRadar social DAPP daily, weekly, and monthly rankings, and has remained in the top three in the comprehensive rankings.

Zoey of MT Capital said: We are most optimistic about UXLINKs dual business positioning. It not only has rich functions and applications for C-end users, but also provides strong services and support for B-end developers. Traditional SocialFi platforms mostly rely on the scale effect of C-end users, while UXLINK has achieved wider coverage and more stable income through dual market positioning. The expansion of C-end users has made the entire ecosystem stronger, and the cooperation with the B-end has enabled the value of traffic to be realized, and fed back to the growth of the community and increased user stickiness – it is both a user platform and a developers infrastructure.

And from the strategic perspective of MT Capital, we believe that the key to the Mass Adoption track is to break the limitations of a single market and form a multi-dimensional, multi-level user and revenue structure. UXLINK is not only a social platform, but also a core node of an ecosystem. By integrating multiple functions such as social, trading, and development into one platform, UXLINK can effectively attract and retain users and provide developers with a stable and scalable development environment. This diversified strategy not only enhances the platforms risk resistance, but also provides a solid foundation for future expansion and innovation.

In the future, UXLINK will also be committed to building Social-Dex, expanding more functional applications, and producing more positive value. Today, UXLINKs monthly income can already cover the projects expenses, forming a virtuous development and flywheel effect, and the value of UXLINK Token will be further reflected. We believe that through continuous innovation and strategic layout, UXLINK will set a new benchmark in the field of SocialFi and promote the development and transformation of the entire industry.

This research report will discuss UXLINK鈥檚 current development and future prospects from the aspects of Mass Adoption path, sustainability of products and business models, user data and user portraits, etc.

1. The path of Mass Adoption

So far, this round of bull market has not seen any Mass Adoption projects, and how to break the circle has become the most common topic in web3.

Currently, UXLINKs mass adoption path is as follows:

1. Make good use of the traffic of existing platforms

  • Leverage Telegram鈥檚 huge traffic pool: UXLINK relies on Telegram鈥檚 huge user base to quickly and cheaply acquire early users and replicate real-world social relationships on the chain

  • Customer acquisition and conversion: Through incentive mechanisms, Telegram users are converted into on-chain users

2. Link to earn

  • Users can earn UXUY points by sharing the invitation link of Join UXLINKs TG Community. This mechanism uses the social relationships of acquaintances to quickly expand the user base.

  • In the AIRDROP 2049 event launched in April and May, UXLINK attracted more than 1 million users from 190 countries and regions, and more than 50 partners participated. It is worth noting that more than 60% of users participated in the event through social invitations, which also demonstrated the wide appeal and virality of UXLINK.

3. Introducing external developers

  • Developer incentive mechanism: Use $UXLINK to pay for the use of protocols, data, and Dapps, attracting developers to continue to develop high-quality applications and enrich the ecosystem.

  • The social relationship data of the open Dapp layer is provided to developers through the protocol layer API.

4. Ecosystem cooperation and expansion

  • Extensive ecological cooperation: Cooperate with partners in DeFi, AI, GameFi and other fields to promote the distribution of UXLINK points and NFTs and expand influence.

  • Release of UXLINK Social Ecosystem Alliance: further expand the developer community and third-party project cooperation to promote revenue and profit growth.

5. User Incentives and Retention

  • Tiered operations and long-term incentives: Tiered operations are achieved by issuing different levels of community NFTs, retaining 65% of the incentives for the community to ensure long-term incentives for active users.

  • Continuous mining opportunities: Build a strong Web3 social network among users and continue to allow users to earn $UXLINK through community contributions. Contribution is mining, which maintains user stickiness and activity.

6. Diversified Token Use Cases and Reasonable Allocation

  • $UXLINK has clear usage scenarios in terms of protocol usage, transaction commissions, airdrops/investment opportunities, etc., forming a healthy deflationary model.

  • Community allocation and incentives: Most $UXLINK tokens are allocated to community users and developers to promote continued development and user participation within the ecosystem.

7. Data-driven optimization

  • Data-driven decision-making: By analyzing on-chain data, optimizing user experience and incentive mechanisms, we ensure that the platform鈥檚 development direction is in line with user needs and market trends.

  • Continuous improvement and innovation: Leverage on-chain data insights to continuously improve existing functions and launch new features to maintain the platform鈥檚 competitiveness and innovation capabilities.

Also rooted in Telegram, Notcoin uses lightweight Tap-to-Earn for mining and virality, allowing many new users to smoothly enter Web3 through the Telegram portal. Since its launch on January 1, 2024, Notcoin has quickly become one of the most popular and user-friendly channels on Telegram, with more than 30 million participants and more than 6 million Telegram groups, making it a favorite of traffic.

According to Dune Analytics, even though TGE has not yet taken place, UXLINK currently has about 4.6 million on-chain point holders and more than 1.6 million NFT holders, and this number is still growing rapidly. Compared with Notcoin, although UXLINKs current WEB2 traffic data is still a certain distance away from Notcoin, its user conversion rate is far ahead of Notcoin. The current number of Holers on the Notcoin chain is 1.77 million (the number of Holders before TGE is 220,000). According to on-chain holders, UXLINK far exceeds Notcoin, and the conversion from offchain to onchain and the ratio of active users to total users are higher, which can also strongly prove that UXLINKs users are more native and have a deeper interaction.

From this, we can see that UXLINK has a very impressive conversion rate from offchain to onchain, and the user interaction is deeper. UXLINK is still actively cooperating with projects. At the same time, it is constantly doing market education-related work. With the launch of more applications, it is very likely to become the next mass adoption product.

2. Business model – taking both ends into consideration and creating a positive flywheel

In terms of business model, UXLINK is both 2B and 2C.

C-end users

  • C-end users mainly interact socially in group scenarios to discover, participate in and invest/trade Crypto assets.

  • Most functions are free for C-end users, but a transaction fee of around 1-3% is charged.

B-side developers

  • B-side developers use UXLINK鈥檚 Dapps and RWS social protocol to develop and grow social relationships and data.

  • Provide different trading scenarios and products, such as Airdroup, Pre-market, MEMECOIN, etc., UXLINK will share commissions.

  • UXLINK charges B-side developers for the use of applications, protocols, and data, denominated in Tokens, and distributes 85-90% to community users, while charging 10-15% for infrastructure usage.


  • UXLINK has already started generating revenue in 2023, and since March 2024, it has begun to build the UXLINK social ecosystem to benefit the community and developers more.

  • Currently, UXLINK鈥檚 monthly income (calculated in terms of the value of Tokens) can already cover the project鈥檚 expenses.

3. User Data and User Profile

Since its launch in late April 2023, UXLINK now has 8.2 million registered users and has built nearly 100,000 WEB3 groups. It has reached more than 8 million users through these group chats, and this number continues to grow. Throughout May, UXLINKs data ranked first in DappRadars social DAPP daily, weekly, and monthly rankings for a long time, and remained in the top three of the comprehensive rankings.

According to Coin 98 statistics, UXLINKs current 30-day active independent address count ranks first in the socialfi track, and has an absolute gap with the second place.

UXLINK leverages Telegram traffic and keeps pace with Notcoin, triggering a wave of Web2 users flocking to Web3

In terms of operation, UXLINK adopts user stratification and strategy to accurately create user portraits. The current on-chain interactions mainly include the following two categories:

  • Interactions related to identity/social interaction: such as SBT, Group, Social Graph, learning check-in, invitation, etc.

  • Interactions related to assets and transactions: such as NFT, airdrops, SWAP, Pre-Market, etc.

Through the issuance of NFT, the quality of users can be identified. The threshold for users to mint NFTs is based on their contribution to the community, the on-chain interactions that occur, and the value of the assets held by the users. Among them:

(1) The number of LINK NFT holders is 1,464,755, with a high level of on-chain interaction, making it the largest NFT holder group in the world.

(2) The number of FRENS NFT holders is 328,696. They are active social people and the driving force for Web3 project parties to achieve growth.

(3) Number of TRUST NFT holders: 4,374, KOLs and group leaders in the UXLINK ecosystem

(4) The number of MOON NFT holders is 353, who are opinion leaders and asset giants in the WEB3 ecosystem.


As an innovative SocialFi platform, UXLINK has successfully attracted a large number of users and developers with its powerful group tools and unique dual market positioning, becoming a benchmark product in the industry. From quickly acquiring users based on Telegrams traffic pool, to achieving user growth through the Link-to-Earn mechanism, to introducing external developers and extensive ecological cooperation, UXLINK has shown great potential in the path of Mass Adoption.

Its business model takes into account both C-end users and B-end developers, and builds a robust ecosystem through diversified token use cases and reasonable incentive mechanisms. UXLINK has not only successfully converted a large number of web2 users, but also maintained the platforms competitiveness and user stickiness through continuous data-driven optimization and innovation.

In the future, UXLINK will continue to work on building Social-Dex, and will also launch a Social Liquidity Layer for developers to use, generating more positive value. Today, UXLINKs monthly income has been able to cover the projects expenses, forming a virtuous development and flywheel effect, and the value of UXLINK-related assets will be further reflected. Through continuous innovation and strategic layout, UXLINK will not only set a new benchmark in the field of SocialFi, but will also promote the development and transformation of the entire industry, and is expected to become a model product for future Mass Adoption.







MT Capital

MT Capital is a global investment institution managed by a team of senior investors, focusing on investing in innovative Web3 projects around the world, covering the United States, Hong Kong, Dubai and Singapore. Our main investment areas include: 1) Mass adoption: decentralized social platforms, games, applications and DEPIN, which are key to promoting the spread of Web3 technology to a wide range of user groups; 2) Crypto native infrastructure: We focus on investing in public chains, protocols and other infrastructure that support and strengthen the ecosystem, as well as native DeFi solutions. In addition, our team has many years of professional experience in secondary trading.

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