AI becomes the focus of 2024, reviewing the market situation of AI concept tokens

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The surprise brought by OpenAIs new conference this year has not yet faded. After Nvidia released a number of GPUs in succession, its stock price has reached a new high. Its market value has surpassed Apple, making it the second largest company in the world by market value, second only to Microsoft.

Today, AI driven by big models has become the oil industry of the new era. We are in an early stage full of unknowns and possibilities. Just as the development of the oil industry gave birth to the current industrial system, AI driven by big models is also expected to usher in a new era of technology and business.

I believe AI is the most popular narrative in all fields in 2024 and will bring about a chain reaction. When OpenAI launched the text-to-video model Sora in February this year, various AI concept altcoins had a wave of increases. Lets sort out the eleven most noteworthy AI projects from the Spring Festival to now.

Good concept, good ticker


QnA3.AI is incubated by Binance Lab and has received support from Solana Foundation MCM Grant. GPT is the first AI token in the OKX Jumpstart section. It is the AI-driven one-stop Web3 knowledge engine and trading portal with the largest number of users. It is a leading Web3 DApp in the popular AI section. According to DappRadar data, QnA3.AI user activity (UAW) ranked first in the BNB Dapp list for a month.


ChainGPT is an AI model designed for blockchain and encryption. Its products include AI NFT generator, AI generated news, AI trading assistant, smart contract generator, smart contract auditor, etc. As a developer of AI solutions in the Web3 field, it has built various tools for users by integrating large language models (LLM) with blockchain. CGPT is ChainGPT is a utility token. Holders have the rights to participate in DAO voting, staking, free access to AI tools, airdrops, etc.

Sleepless AI (AI)

Sleepless AI is a virtual companion game based on AI blockchain, using AIGC and LLM to create rich story-based gameplay and organic interactions with characters. The project is currently developing three games, the first of which is HIM, a virtual boyfriend otome game (Note: Otome game is a dating simulation game targeting female groups) with unique SBT characters that are immutable and based on the chain. It has now been officially approved for listing on the Appstore in more than 150 countries around the world.

「Old Project」

Arkham (ARKM)

Arkham is an AI-driven blockchain intelligence and data platform that provides sophisticated information and visualization tools for on-chain activities. It has launched AI Entity Predictions and Arkham Oracle, a personal artificial intelligence assistant for on-chain analysis.

In July this year, ARKM was launched on Binance Launchpad. In November, Binance Labs announced its investment in Arkham’s native token ARKM.

Render (RNDR)

Render Network is a decentralized GPU-based rendering solution provider that provides decentralized graphics processor computing power for the next generation of 3D content creation. RNDR is its native utility token. As a decentralized GPU rendering platform, Render Network aims to advance the next generation of rendering and AI technologies, allowing artists to scale GPU rendering work to high-performance GPU nodes around the world on demand.

SingularityNET (AGIX)

SingularityNET is a decentralized artificial intelligence network whose AI ecosystem includes Cogito, SingularityDAO,, NuNet, SophiaVERSE, Awakening Health, Jam Galaxy, HyperCycle, Mindplex, TrueAGI, Singularity Studio, Twin Protocol, etc.

In May 2022, SingularityNET and Singularity DAO received a $25 million investment commitment from investment group LDA Capital to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence tools, expand the ecosystem, and promote the development of AI-powered DeFi applications.

Worldcoin (WLD)

Worldcoin is an open source protocol designed to help everyone participate in the global economy. It consists of World ID (a privacy-preserving digital identity), Worldcoin tokens (tokens distributed to people worldwide for free), and World App (a fully self-hosted application that supports global payments, purchases and transfers).

Many fields are worthy of attention


Concept: enqAI is a decentralized AI model network that is fully powered by a decentralized network of GPU nodes. In this way, enqAI can make its models free of political and cultural biases and censorship-resistant. ENQAI is the token reward issued by enqAI to nodes that provide support. (FET) is a blockchain-based machine learning platform that aims to enable traditional products to access AI through tokens without changing the underlying business applications. Fetch has launched Agentverse, a code-free management service, to simplify the deployment of AI agents for Web3 projects. Fetch launched Open Network, which uses Fetch.ais Web3 network for agent addressing and naming. In addition, is launching enhanced trading products for DEX.

GraphLinq Chain (GLQ)

GraphLinq is a code-free automation platform on the blockchain, consisting of the GraphLinq chain and the GraphLinq protocol. It aims to enable users to easily deploy and manage various automation processes without programming skills through four major components: IDE, App, Engine, and Marketplace. At the same time, built-in AI can be used to help build dApps. On March 15, the strategic round of financing was completed, with DWF Labs participating in the investment, and the specific amount was not disclosed. GLQ is the native token of the GraphLinq chain, which is used to pay for gas fees in the network.

Node AI (GPU)

Node AI is a decentralized platform that provides GPU and AI resource rental. Users can pledge GPUs to get a share of the revenue, and it also provides AI node rental, GPU computing power lending and other services.


OpenAI has released new products and new features. At 1:00 am on May 15 (UTC+ 8), Google also demonstrated the latest AI tools and related product enhancements at the Google I/O conference. Microsoft followed closely and also focused on AI issues at its annual Build developer conference. The past May has been in full swing, and there will be a series of positive news in the AI track. This series of important events in the AI direction may bring about the rise of AI concepts in crypto. The AI concept is undoubtedly one of the most hyped narratives and deserves continued attention.

AI becomes the focus of 2024, reviewing the market situation of AI concept tokens

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