How can strategic investment products liberate investors’ productivity and enhance returns?

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As AI technology continues to liberate human productivity, can crypto investment save worry and effort and generate excess returns?

Passive strategy products can! Not only can they reduce investors’ operating costs and avoid emotional decisions caused by market fluctuations, but they also support multiple usage scenarios such as slow bull market, shock, and medium- and long-term layout.

This article will help you understand what passive strategy investment products are and how to use them.

What are passive strategy investment products?

Passive strategy products are not affected by emotional decisions and have the characteristics of high transparency, low fees, and low risks. They aim to obtain returns that exceed the market average by minimizing transaction steps and transaction fees, and are suitable for users who want to simplify the investment process and obtain stable income.

Matrixports passive strategy products include BTC covered call strategy, BTC straddle selling strategy, mid-cap 30 strategy, and BNB gold shovel strategy. Low minimum investment amount, low handling fee (0 subscription fee), friendly to beginners, and open subscription and redemption every Friday, and asset confirmation is completed on T+2.

Features of passive strategy investment products

Matrixport BTC Covered Call Strategy–First Choice in Slow Bull Market

Matrixport BTC covered call strategy product aims to obtain income enhancement through option income. The investment strategy of this product is to sell call options (call options) with a specific execution price of BTC while holding spot assets. If the BTC price rises but does not reach the option strike price, this strategy can obtain premium income based on the increase in BTC price; if the BTC price falls, this strategy can buffer the asset loss caused by the decline of BTC by obtaining premium income.

Matrixport BTC covered call strategy product is suitable for users who hold BTC and want to obtain further asset appreciation.

Matrixport BTC straddle selling strategy–optimal low volatility market

The investment strategy of the Matrixport BTC straddle selling strategy product is to sell BTC spot call options (call options) and put options (put options) with specific execution prices of BTC. If the market volatility is small and the strike price of the option is not reached, the strategy will obtain two premium incomes; if the market volatility is large, one party will exercise the option and cause a loss of BTC currency standard, but because there are two premium incomes as a protective cushion, the risk is relatively controllable. The Matrixport BTC straddle selling strategy product is a good choice for obtaining income in a low volatility environment.

Matrixport BTC straddle selling strategy product is suitable for users who believe that the current market volatility is low and want to obtain double premium income.

Matrixport Mid-term 30 Strategy–Say Goodbye to Difficulty in Choice

Matrixports Mid-Cap 30 strategy product selects the top 30 medium-sized assets in terms of market capitalization and liquidity (excluding BTC, ETH, and US dollar stablecoins) on the market, and tracks the index through strict asset selection logic and weight allocation.

Matrixports Mid-Cap 30 Strategy product can help investors configure an industry-representative asset portfolio with one click. It is suitable for users who want to save time and effort, diversify investment risks, and plan for the medium and long term.

Matrixport BNB Golden Shovel Strategy – Reaping High Returns from New IPOs

Matrixport BNB Gold Shovel Strategy Product aims to provide users with absolute investment returns and achieve asset appreciation through mining income and diversified investment. Compared with mining directly on Binance, using Matrixport BNB Gold Shovel Strategy Product saves time and effort (no need to pay attention to the latest mining information on Binance at any time and participate on time), maximizes mining income (this strategy product will maximize profits by selling mining products in time and taking other hedging measures), and one-stop asset management (this strategy product will dynamically adjust assets during the mining off-season to ensure income during the off-season).

Matrixport BNB Golden Shovel Strategy Product is suitable for users who hold BNB and want to free up manpower and maximize asset returns.

【Disclaimer】The market is risky, so be cautious when investing. This article does not constitute investment advice, and users should consider whether any opinions, views or conclusions in this article are suitable for their specific circumstances. Investing based on this information is at your own risk.

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