Dora Factory airdrops to all 1.04 million Cosmos stakers, launching the largest-scale privacy public goods governance in

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Dora Factory airdrops to all 1.04 million Cosmos stakers, launching the largest-scale privacy public goods governance in

Dora Factory , as a pioneering infrastructure for decentralized governance technology and public goods funding, will airdrop DORA tokens to all Cosmos staking addresses on June 5, 2024, with a total of 1.04 million addresses eligible for airdrops. This airdrop is intended to invite the Cosmos community to pay attention to and participate in the privacy governance of public goods. With 1.04 million addresses eligible to enter the voting whitelist, Dora Factory simultaneously launched the largest MACI (Minimum Collusion-Resistant Infrastructure) voting round in history, creating history in privacy voting technology.

1.04 million Cosmos stakers received airdrops

On June 5, all stakers in the Cosmos community received DORA tokens in their wallets. DORA is the native network token of Dora Vota, a decentralized governance application chain developed by the Dora Factory team based on the Cosmos SDK.

This airdrop covers all Cosmos stakers, a total of 1.04 million addresses, making it one of the largest airdrops in history with the largest number of people covered. The number of Dora Factorys coin holding addresses also exceeded one million in one fell swoop. This airdrop aims to mobilize the entire Cosmos community – one of the most active and decentralized governance-loving on-chain communities, and invite them to participate in an important public goods community governance experiment.

Opening of quadratic funding voting for the ATOM Economic Zone

After receiving the airdropped DORA tokens, Cosmos community members can participate in the ATOM Economic Zone (AEZ) quadratic funding initiated by DoraHacks and Dora Factory in conjunction with ATOM Accelerator, use ATOM to support public goods teams they admire, provide support for early developers, and decide the allocation of the 8,000 ATOM matching pool. The smart contract for this quadratic voting is deployed on the Dora Vota network, and the community can use the airdropped DORA to pay the voting fee.

This vote is not only about allocating 8,000 ATOM bonus pools to 16 early projects, but also an important community governance experiment to mobilize community power and decentralized support for public goods and early excellent development teams. The quadratic funding mechanism ensures that every small donation from community members can have the greatest impact, truly realizing the ideal of many hands make light work.

MACI vote in favor of privacy protection

At the same time, Dora Factory also invites community members to participate in the MACI (Minimized Anti-Collusion Infrastructure) privacy voting, and will allocate a USDC bonus pool of $20,000 to the participating teams. Unlike traditional quadratic voting, voters can express their opinions on public goods without revealing their identity (address information). The more ATOMs an address stakes, the more voice credits it will receive, giving it greater voting power. Through MACI voting, Dora Factory hopes to invite the Cosmos community to experience the most cutting-edge privacy-preserving voting products, and use this as a starting point to introduce security, privacy, and anti-collusion governance technologies into more diverse governance scenarios in the future.

Full support from Dora Factory

In order to ensure that every community member can participate in the voting without worries, Dora Factory will use the native gas station function of Dora Vota to subsidize all voting fee costs of community voters. This means that whether participating in quadratic funding voting or MACI voting, community members do not need to worry about the fees related to the handling fee. The handling fee subsidy is the commitment of the Dora Factory team to the community in the 917 governance proposal, and it is also its firm support for the large-scale adoption of decentralized governance technology.

Historic community governance activities

This airdrop and vote is not just a technical attempt, but also a community governance activity with historical and far-reaching significance. After the quadratic funding module is natively applied in the Cosmos Hub, if the community responds positively, Cosmos will become one of the largest decentralized on-chain communities supporting public goods.

After the passage of Cosmos Governance Proposal 917, which will be voted on in June 2024, the first round of the Cosmos communitys two-year quadratic funding plan has attracted many outstanding projects. The Dora Factory team hopes that the community will pay attention to the development of public goods, and will waive the handling fee costs for the community through airdrops, encouraging the community to participate in supporting public goods.

The largest privacy governance experiment

This Minimized Collusion-Resistant Infrastructure (MACI) vote is the first implementation of this technology in the Cosmos community. Dora Factory has opened a whitelist for 1.04 million addresses. This is the first time that MACI privacy voting technology has achieved a whitelist of one million addresses. Looking at the largest voting experiment in its history, the Dora Factory team hopes to invite the Cosmos community to actively participate and jointly create Web3 industry history.

About Dora Factory

Dora Factory is a leading decentralized governance protocol stack that provides governance and long-term incentives for the global geek movement, open source communities, and decentralized organizations through Public Good Staking and Dora Vota. Dora Factory pioneered the construction of public goods staking infrastructure, changing the way the PoS ecosystem provides long-term funding for developers, while Dora Vota provides a complete decentralized governance platform. Users can create programmable governance mechanisms such as MACI and quadratic voting through the open platform provided by Dora Vota, reducing the cost of decentralized governance and laying the foundation for the popularization and adoption of decentralized governance.

Visit to learn about and use Dora Factory products.

For more information, visit Doras research blog:

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