Zentry: Treasury to reach $150 million in 2024, up 44% from the previous month

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The gaming super layer Zentry (formerly GuildFi) has recently announced the latest treasury information for the first half of 2024. As of May 22, 2024, Zentrys total treasury is $151,367,382, an increase of about 44% since the beginning of 2024. Zentrys treasury distribution consists of two parts: liquid reserves and investments, including:

– Liquid reserves total $78,105,000, including stablecoins and major cryptocurrencies, including $17,850,000 in stablecoins, distributed in USDC and USDT, utilized in various lending and yield-generating protocols, and $60,255,000 in cryptocurrencies, including approximately 16,000 ETH, dispersed across multiple protocols.

-Investments include seed tokens, shares, liquid tokens and NFTs, totaling $73,262,382.

Zentry: Treasury to reach 0 million in 2024, up 44% from the previous month

Zentrys treasury is full, providing strong financial support for the development of the project. This huge treasury data is not just a number, but also represents Zentrys influence and strength in the gaming industry.

Zentrys Background and Vision

Zentry was founded by Jarindr Thitadilaka in recent years. Its predecessor is GuildFi. Jarindr Thitadilaka was the team leader of Bitfinex and a senior software engineer of OMG Network. His experience and vision make Zentry not just an ordinary game project, but also a brand new experiment that combines blockchain technology and game culture.

Compared with traditional GameFi projects, Zentrys competitive advantages are reflected in the following aspects:

– Innovation of the Metagame Layer: This is one of the core concepts of the Zentry project. It is a game on top of games that connects real life with digital games, creating a huge gaming ecosystem where players, users, collectors, investors and other users can find their place and benefit from it.

Different from the traditional Play-to-Earn model, Zentry has built a brand new game economy system, the Play Economy. In this system, game achievements are no longer limited to the game, but can be converted into real-world benefits. This innovative economic model has brought new development opportunities to the game industry and laid a solid foundation for the future development of the Zentry project.

– Product Diversity: Zentry has launched a number of products, such as Nexus, Radiant, Zigma and Azul, covering all aspects from social interaction to game activities, NFT collections, AI, etc. These diverse product lines not only enrich Zentrys ecology, but also provide players with diversified game and social choices, and a rich game experience.

– Strong treasury support: Zentry has a treasury of $150 million and guarantees an annual profit of $10 million, providing sufficient financial support for the development of the project. This enables Zentry to gain an advantage in market competition and attract more players and partners.

– Global partnerships: Zentry collaborates with numerous gaming projects and blockchain ecosystems to expand its influence and market penetration through open collaboration. These collaborations not only bring new development opportunities to Zentry, but also bring innovative vitality to the entire gaming industry.

Zentry Treasury Development Strategy and Profit Model

Zentry effectively releases economic value and drives the continued development of the project and the expansion of the ecosystem through four major treasury strategies. These strategies cover internal investment, external investment, ecosystem incentives and revenue growth, each of which helps to enhance Zentrys market influence and financial robustness.

1. Invest in its own development: Zentry enhances its economic value by continuously improving and expanding its core products. This strategy focuses on the following aspects:

-Product Innovation and Expansion: Zentry is committed to continuously innovating and improving its core products, such as Metagame Layer, Nexus, Radiant, Zigma and Azul. These products not only improve user experience, but also enhance user engagement and retention.

-Technology and infrastructure upgrades: In order to support the growing number of users and transaction volumes, Zentry continues to upgrade its technology and infrastructure, including optimizing blockchain integration, improving security and efficiency, and expanding supported blockchain networks and technical frameworks.

-Marketing and brand building: Zentry conducts marketing around the world and increases brand awareness through marketing events, social media, and industry conferences. These initiatives help attract new users and strengthen the loyalty of existing users.

2. External Investment: Zentry selects cutting-edge projects that are consistent with its long-term vision for strategic investment to expand its influence and innovation capabilities. This investment can not only help accelerate industry development, but also add diversified assets and investment returns to Zentrys treasury.

Zentry: Treasury to reach 0 million in 2024, up 44% from the previous month

– Blockchain Game Projects: Zentry proactively evaluates and selects blockchain and game projects that are consistent with its long-term vision for investment. These projects usually involve technological innovation, game development, or expansion into emerging markets. Supporting these projects through investment can not only accelerate their development, but also expand Zentry鈥檚 influence in the field.

-Ecosystem Integration: Through integration with other blockchain and gaming ecosystems, Zentry can expand the scope of its products and services, providing more opportunities for interaction and engagement. This strategic investment not only increases the complexity of the ecosystem, but also brings new business opportunities and revenue sources to Zentry.

3. Ecosystem Incentives: Zentry drives rapid expansion of its ecosystem through strategic incentives designed to increase user engagement, community activity, and the overall value of the ecosystem.

-Incentive mechanism design: Zentry has designed a variety of incentive mechanisms, including rewards, token distribution, competitions, and promotions. These mechanisms not only attract new users to join, but also motivate existing users to actively participate and contribute.

-Community building and management: Zentry enhances user participation and sense of belonging by building a healthy, active and inclusive community. Community members can influence and drive the direction of the project through voting, governance participation and suggestion systems.

-Partnerships: Collaboration with other businesses, developers, and partners is a key component of ecosystem incentives. Through partnerships, Zentry can expand the scope of its products and services, providing more opportunities for interaction and engagement.

4. Income Growth: Zentry generates at least $10 million in annual income through strategically staking stablecoins, ETH, and token nodes. These sources of income not only enhance Zentry鈥檚 financial strength, but also provide holders with stable income and investment returns.

Nexus airdrop event has started

Currently, Zentry has launched its first product, Nexus, and the Nexus airdrop event has also started. In this airdrop event, players only need to register on Nexus and connect their Twitter account, and interact with Zentrys official account on Twitter or post related content to get Nexus fragments as rewards, which can be exchanged for token rewards or whitelist benefits later. During the event, users can also get extra rewards by inviting friends to join the Nexus platform. For each successful invitation of a new user and completion of the initial task, both the inviter and the new user can get additional airdrop tokens.

Event link: https://medium.com/zentry/welcome-nexus-zentrys-social-gateway-3b7c67dda8f6

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