Pump.fun launches live streaming function, is the Meme version of live streaming sales coming?

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What is coming will eventually come.

Pump.fun, a meme park that can post thousands of memes a day, announced on its official Twitter account today that its platform now supports live streaming.

Pump.fun launches live streaming function, is the Meme version of live streaming sales coming?

First, the Kardashian family released Jenners drama, and then American celebrity Iggy released the celebrity currency Mother. Under the influence of the traffic economy, a live broadcast room that can issue coins and have conversations at the same time can obviously meet the needs of the majority of leeks.

The live streaming sales method that is popular in China has finally reached the cryptocurrency world.

Instead of rewarding beautiful women and watching celebrities promote products, it is better to reward developers and buy some memes for appreciation.

Once Pump.funs live broadcast function is launched, it means that from the production and launch of Meme coins to publicity and operation, it almost provides a one-stop, low-threshold and easier-to-use SaaS platform;

All you need is an idea about a meme; if you are a celebrity, it will be even more powerful.

Issue coins, appear on camera, lobby, and then cut the leeks.

Simple enough

How do you turn on the live streaming feature of Pump.fun? The steps are very simple.

According to the official Twitter account, you can create a token as usual, or use an old coin that has already been created.

Now that the token is listed on Pump.fun, there will be an additional [Create Live] button right above the price chart, which is a bit like you have started a video conference yourself. You can then adjust your sound and camera first, and then click to start the live broadcast to realize the meme sales.

Pump.fun launches live streaming function, is the Meme version of live streaming sales coming?

Issuing coins is simple enough, and real-time promotion after issuing coins also becomes simple.

Imagine two scenarios. One is that after the Meme coin is issued, it is promoted through static text on TG and X. The other is that the Dev or spokesperson of the token tells you why you should be bullish directly next to the price chart.

The effectiveness of the two CX methods is immediately apparent.

After all, any second-hand information and interpretation and forwarding are not as good as the team鈥檚 own exposure to CX.

Audit concerns

Since the feature was just announced not long ago, its actual launch and usage effects are still unknown, and the live streaming of goods itself has begun to cause concern in the community.

In the comments section of Pump.fun announcing the feature, some people have begun to worry about how the platform will review extreme content, such as pornography or more extreme inappropriate behavior for the sake of attention.

Pump.fun launches live streaming function, is the Meme version of live streaming sales coming?

After all, if there are no restrictions, the outrageous live streamers driven by profit will inevitably become more and more outrageous.

We have also reported in the article Chaos in Meme Coin Live Streaming: You Can Even Burn Yourself to Pull Up the Price that it is not uncommon to see meme coin live streaming that relies on self-harm and incest porn to gain popularity, but at that time they were still using other platforms for live streaming.

And if Pump.fun can handle the production and live broadcast of tokens on one platform, obviously these people will broadcast flowers on pump.fun.

The cryptocurrency world is a free place, but it obviously should not become a lawless place; if it is too outrageous, it will definitely be punished, and no one will benefit in the end.

Cutting the leeks, PVP involution

It is inevitable for a coin issuance platform to develop to a certain stage to enable the live broadcast function.

If there is a way to increase traffic and attention, it will appear and evolve.

Especially for the majority of leeks, you may not be able to read the high-sounding white papers, and you may not understand the technical narratives that are deliberately designed to confuse you, but you can easily understand the instructions in the live broadcast room that ask you to get 1 SOL.

In this carnival of leeks, live streaming is just late, but it will definitely not be absent.

At the same time, this is also the huge advantage of grassroots coin issuance platforms compared to high-end Launchpads and head CEXs – easy entry and exit, no excessive review; seize the sinking market and embrace the speculation carnival.

However, once the live broadcast function is released, the current situation of Meme coin PVP will only become more serious.

Due to the time difference, the live broadcast of coin issuance must be based on foreign time; it can be predicted that the price will have greater changes during the live broadcast, which means that sniper robots and scientists will become regular viewers of the live broadcast, and they can even enter the market at the moment when a certain sentence in the live broadcast provides huge emotional value, leaving behind the latecomers.

When the sniper leaves behind the leeks who watch the live broadcast, the people who watch the live broadcast will also leave behind those who don鈥檛 watch the live broadcast. When you wake up and see this Meme coin, it may be too late.

Pump for fun. Behind the gameplay that generates more traffic, someone will definitely pay for the joy of pulling the market.

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