Planet Daily | Trump: Positive and open to cryptocurrency companies and related industries; Rune market value exceeds $1

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Planet Daily | Trump: Positive and open to cryptocurrency companies and related industries; Rune market value exceeds


Trump: Positive and open attitude towards cryptocurrency companies and related industries

Donald Trump made clear his support for cryptocurrency on Truth Social. Trump said: We are positive and open to cryptocurrency companies and related industries. Our country must be a leader in this field and never be second.
He also criticized Biden for wanting the crypto industry to “die a slow and painful death.” (The Block)

Trump: Will ensure that the future of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is created in the United States, and will never allow the creation of CBDC

Former US President Donald Trump said: We will ensure that the future of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is created in the USA (Made in the USA)…We will support the self-custody rights of 50 million cryptocurrency holders across the United States.
In addition, Trump said he would keep anti-cryptocurrency congressmen Elizabeth Warren and her supporters away from Bitcoin. He also said: I will never allow the creation of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). (WatcherGuru)

Trump promises to pardon Silk Road founder if elected, supports cryptocurrency and protests Bidens crackdown on the industry

Former US President Donald Trump promised at the Libertarian Party National Convention in Washington, DC that if he is re-elected as president, he will commute the sentence of Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht on his first day in office.
Trump said Ulbricht has served 11 years in prison and were going to get him home. Many people in the audience held signs that read Free Ross and cheered Trumps promise.
Ross Ulbricht was sentenced to two life sentences plus 40 years in 2015, effectively a life sentence without the possibility of parole, for creating and operating the darknet market Silk Road. Silk Road operated from 2011 to 2013 and was primarily used for anonymous drug sales, and is widely considered to be the first real use case for Bitcoin.
Before his speech that day, Trump posted on Truth Social praising the cryptocurrency industry, emphasizing that the United States must maintain its leading position in this field. Biden hopes that the crypto industry will slowly die, but Trump said that (if re-elected) he would never allow this to happen during his term.
Trump said he would stop Bidens efforts to crack down on cryptocurrencies and ensure that the future of crypto and Bitcoin is created in the United States rather than being driven overseas.
He pledged to support user self-custody, telling the 50 million cryptocurrency holders in the U.S.: “I will keep Elizabeth Warren and her minions away from your Bitcoin; and never allow the creation of a central bank digital currency.”
In recent months, Trumps attitude towards encryption has clearly warmed up. He has publicly expressed support for it many times and became the first presidential candidate of a major party to accept cryptocurrency donations. (CoinDesk)

Runes market value exceeds $1.5 billion, a new high published a post on the X platform stating that the market value of Runes exceeded $1.5 billion for the first time, setting a new record high.
Odaily Note: A fake account called X left a comment under this tweet and posted a phishing link. Users need to identify the authenticity and be wary of phishing scams.

Industry News

The weekly transaction volume of DEX on Ethereum chain exceeded 18.8 billion US dollars, an increase of 89.85% in 7 days

DeFiLlama data shows that the transaction volume of DEX on the Ethereum chain in the past 7 days was US$18.808 billion, ranking first, with a 7-day increase of 89.85%.
The trading volume of Solanas on-chain DEX in the past 7 days was US$8.241 billion, a 7-day increase of 9.18%.
The transaction volume of Arbitrum on-chain DEX in the past 7 days was US$6.456 billion, a 7-day increase of 130%.
The transaction volume of BSC on-chain DEX in the past 7 days was US$5.54 billion, a 7-day increase of 24.03%.
The transaction volume of Base chain DEX in the past 7 days was US$3.922 billion, with a 7-day increase of 59.80%.

Former Chairman of the Hong Kong Computer Industry Association: High costs lead to international virtual asset service platforms withdrawing their license applications

The transition period for licensing virtual asset service providers (VASPs) in Hong Kong will end at the end of this month. The Securities and Futures Commission will decide whether existing service providers can continue to operate after June. Recently, several platforms have withdrawn their applications for Hong Kong licenses.
Xu Jiansheng, former chairman of the Hong Kong Computer Industry Association, believes that the cost of operating a trading platform in Hong Kong is relatively high, such as license fees and hiring responsible personnel. The existing platform transactions in Hong Kong have not increased significantly, and the liquidity is not as good as that of overseas platforms, which cannot attract overseas customers. In addition, the market may not be able to accommodate many license applicants. Large international platforms have mature overseas businesses, or they may withdraw their applications due to profitability issues in the local market. (Ming Pao)

Project News

Normie responds to flash loan attack: Deployer wallet balances exceeding 500 ETH will be used for compensation

In response to the flash loan attack, Normie, a meme coin of the Base ecosystem, posted a message on the X platform stating that the deployers wallet currently still has a balance of more than 500 ETH, and all of these funds will be used to compensate and repair the incident.
Normie apologized for the delayed response and said that he is actively solving the problem and maintaining communication with key partners to find a solution as soon as possible. However, Normie is still unsure whether he needs to redeploy or fork the project.
Normie reminded that please do not purchase the relevant tokens until further confirmation, as the attacker is still continuing to mint or acquire tokens.
CoinGecko data shows that NORMIE is currently trading at $0.002004, down 94.9% in 24 hours.
Odaily Note: A fake account called X left a comment on this tweet and posted a phishing link. Users need to identify the authenticity and be wary of phishing scams.
Earlier news, X user Freedom posted that there was 0.63% of the token supply remaining in the NORMIE contract, but the tax was turned off. When the tax reaches 1%, (even if the tax is 0/0) the contract will be triggered to autodump the tax. Therefore, the attacker made a flash loan, sent the difference (about 0.37% of the supply) to the contract, and repeatedly bought and sold in the same transaction to exhaust 1% of the tokens from the contract (causing more than 1% of the supply to be sold). The attacker then bought a large amount of tokens at a price of 0 in the same block, making huge profits. It is worth noting that the project also made considerable profits from this tax autodump and will have enough funds to buy back the tokens.

Sei V2 mainnet upgrade will be carried out on May 27

Sei posted on the X platform that Proposal 55, Upgrading to V2, has been voted through. The Sei V2 mainnet upgrade will be carried out on May 27.
According to previous news, Sei will launch the V2 upgrade in three phases, which will realize a new high-performance parallel EVM. The three phases are governance, Alpha release and V2 readiness.


Opinion: The approval of the US ETH spot ETF is far more important than the BTC spot ETF, which represents the authorities complete acceptance of cryptocurrencies

Nate Geraci, president of The ETF Store, wrote on the X platform: “I actually think the approval of the (US) ETH spot ETF is much more important than the approval of the BTC spot ETF… This is a complete capitulation of (US regulators) to cryptocurrencies. There is no turning back now.

Coinbase Chief Legal Officer: SEC designates S-1 as Ethereum spot ETF registration option, indicating that it believes ETH is not a security

The U.S. SEC approved the 19 b-4 forms for multiple Ethereum spot ETFs this week, including those from BlackRock, Fidelity, and Grayscale. Although the form has been approved, ETF issuers need to make the S-1 registration statement effective before they can start trading. Legal experts have different opinions on whether the U.S. SECs approval of the Ethereum ETF means that everything has changed.
Paul Grewal, chief legal officer at Coinbase, said in an interview: “I do think this is a watershed moment in the long-standing debate about the status of ETH. For a long time, the SEC has been evasive in its position and failed to make it clear whether Ethereum is a security, a non-security, a commodity or something else.”
Grewal claimed that because the issuer used Form S-1, a certain percentage of the fund’s assets could be securities: “By designating S-1 as the registration election, the SEC is saying that, by definition, these funds do not include assets that are more than 40% securities in their portfolios.”
He added: “There is no other conclusion that can be drawn other than that ETH is not a security.”
The SEC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Others, including Coy Garrison, former legal counsel to SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce, have also said that ETH must become a commodity before a spot Ethereum ETF is approved.
Garrison said in an email that the SEC’s approval order confirms that ETH is a commodity. In its order approving the Ethereum products, the funds are referred to as “commodity-based trust units,” noting that “if ETH is a security, approval would be inappropriate under these particular exchange rules.”
However, Grewal et al. added that the SEC could still argue that ETH is a security. “Even with a clearance order, the SEC could argue that any particular set of facts and circumstances surrounding the offer and sale of ETH in a particular transaction constituted a securities offering,” Garrison said.
0x Labs general counsel Ashley Ebersole said the SEC’s approval order does not mean the agency has decided how to classify ETH and may still claim that ETH is a security in the future.
“I think they (SEC) will say that just because we accept this description of ETH during the ETF process doesn’t mean we can later determine whether it is a commodity or a security,” Ebersole said. (The Block)

ZhuSu: Ethereum is expected to dominate the market in the next 90 days

ZhuSu, the former founder of Three Arrows Capital, wrote, “This weekend is an important turning point. Selling TAO and MKR, buying LDO (US$2.48) and BLUR (US$0.467)
Sell SOL 165 USD / Buy ETH 3800 USD (Exchange rate 0.0434), target below 0.03
Sell BTC 69,200 USD / Buy ETH 3800 USD (Exchange rate 0.055), target 0.07+
I think we’re going to have 90 days of Ethereum-dominated markets.”

Investment and Financing

Cryptocurrency governance consulting firm MetaLeX raises $2.75 million

MetaLeX, founded by cryptocurrency lawyer Gabriel Shapiro, announced the completion of a $2.75 million seed round of financing, with the companys valuation reaching $27.5 million. This round of financing was led by Cyber Fund. (Coindesk)

Web3 Entertainment Studio and Technology Company Completes $1.9 Million in Funding

Wbe 3 entertainment studio and technology company completed a $1.9 million financing, with InterVest, 2 PunksCapital, Avalanche, Acme Innovation, and Sterling.VC participating.
Feature uses its smart contract Smart Content™ technology to connect audiences with brands through interactive touchpoints that are seamlessly embedded in the content that audiences and users love, and each interaction generates automatic rewards, creating a revenue stream for users and brands. (ICO Analytics)

Option Protocol IVX Completes $1.2 Million Seed Round Financing, Led by Animoca Ventures and Others

IVX, a native options protocol based on Berachain, has completed a $1.2 million seed round of financing on the X platform, led by Animoca Ventures and AVID 3, with participation from Big Brain Holdings, Web3Port, Cogitent Ventures, Forbole, SerDAO, Autistic Waterfowl Venture Capital, and a group of angel investors. Valuation data has not been disclosed yet.
IVX is built on the Berachain Polaris EVM technology stack, providing zero-day expiration (0 DTE) options for crypto assets in a permissionless and secure manner, with no liquidation risk for buyers and allowing users to achieve high leverage exposure with minimal capital. Its IVX Artio testnet is now open.

This article is sourced from the internet: Planet Daily | Trump: Positive and open to cryptocurrency companies and related industries; Rune market value exceeds $1.5 billion, a new high (May 27)

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