Officially supported by Arbitrum, here are 6 Web3 games in the XAI ecosystem

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On May 24, the on-chain voting for the Arbitrum communitys 200 Million ARB Game Catalyst Plan proposal will officially begin. The proposal aims to provide a three-year incentive plan with a total of 200 million ARB for Arbitrum ecological games, and to power the Arbitrum game ecosystem through studios and games in the Web3 industry. The vote will end on June 7. According to the results of the snapshot vote conducted in March, this on-chain vote will pass smoothly if there are no accidents.

The L3 game chain XAI ecosystem, which is directly supported and assisted by Arbitrum, will undoubtedly be the biggest beneficiary. As a dedicated game blockchain network, what high-quality games and projects has the XAI ecosystem attracted? This article will review the 6 blockchain games in the XAI ecosystem.

Officially supported by Arbitrum, here are 6 Web3 games in the XAI ecosystem

Crypto Unicorns

A pet collection and management simulation game developed by Laguna Games. In March 2022, Crypto Unicorns raised $26 million through a token sale, led by Metaverse company TCG and venture capital fund Backed VC, with participation from BITKRAFT Ventures, Delphi Digital, Infinity Venture Crypto, Polygon Studios, CoinFund, BreederDAO, Emfarsis and ACME Capital.

Crypto Unicorns gameplay includes farm management, jousting, racing, and team RPG battles, and each game mechanism has a unicorn that is more suitable for use due to different corresponding abilities. In terms of farm management, land NFT is the basis of all activities. Players can use land to increase productivity and make materials to upgrade buildings. In this way, players can customize their farms and show them to the world by combining individual plots of land into communities. This design is also suitable for highly social gameplay.

Crypto Unicorns was originally built on the Polygon blockchain network. It announced its migration to XAI at the beginning of this year. The game has been suspended and is expected to be restarted at the end of June. During the migration process, Crypto Unicorns converted its token RBW to $CU, with a seamless transition at a 10 to 1 exchange ratio. As of May 24, the CU token price was about 0.37, an increase of about 36% in the past week.

Officially supported by Arbitrum, here are 6 Web3 games in the XAI ecosystem

Tarochi Game

The first full-chain RPG game released on XAI, developed by Paima Studios. The studio developed Paima, a Web3 engine optimized for games, gamification, and autonomous worlds, which can build Web3 applications in a few days and allow on-chain games to be built using web2 technology.

Tarochi adopts the retro style of pixel art and is set in an immersive, autonomous decentralized world. In terms of gameplay, Tarochi has some similarities with Pokemon, and players will embark on an adventure to complete tasks, explore, fight and capture monsters.

The core of the Tarochi universe is its dynamic ecosystem of monsters, each of which inhabits the games wilderness areas and is available for players to fight or capture. These monsters are divided into different rarity tiers, including common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and limited editions that are only available during specific events.

Before the game went live in February this year, its NFT Genesis Trainer series sold out in 31 hours. On the first day of the game鈥檚 release, more than 7,000 unique players interacted with Tarochi and generated more than 300,000 transactions.

Officially supported by Arbitrum, here are 6 Web3 games in the XAI ecosystem

Valeria Games

Valeria Games plans to launch two game products, including the real-time strategy game Valeria: Land Before the War for Android and iOS platforms, which is currently in alpha stage. The game offers a variety of gameplay. Players will summon, train, evolve and fight with Valerians while advancing the storyline. They can also participate in player battles, quests, dungeons, survival modes and tournaments. The physical card game Valeria: Phygital Card Game is a card game that combines the tangible appeal of physical card games with digital NFTs. Its unique feature is that each card has a QR code, and players will get a digital version of the card NFT after scanning it, integrating real life and online games.

Additionally, the third title in development at Valeria Games brings the universe of Valeria into the realm of digital comics. This official webcomic will explore the world of Valeria, filled with magical creatures, resource-rich lands, and constant battles. The comic tracks the journey of the protagonist Favian as he grows from a nature lover to a warrior who fights against the Conquistadors.

Officially supported by Arbitrum, here are 6 Web3 games in the XAI ecosystem

Final Form

A digital card-based rogue-lite battle game developed by Ex Populus. Players will use free limited edition cards, summoned companions, mutants, and relics to build increasingly powerful battle decks. Each battle won will earn you Chromos, the fuel for evolution in the game. The higher the rarity of the card, the more Chromos you will be rewarded with in battle. By using Chromos, players will be able to evolve cards to legendary rarity, and the evolution process requires players to sacrifice cards and burn them to create scarcity. Inspired by rogue-lite and souls-like games, losses in Final Form are severe, and players will lose almost everything except limited edition cards and start completely over.

Final Forms trading card system includes a set of standard rules for determining card rarity, health, attack power, abilities, and more. Each set of limited edition cards is produced in collaboration with famous artists, celebrities, and athletes, including former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson and many more. Inspired by traditional cards, this carefully designed system maximizes versatility to meet the needs of a wide range of potential trading card games. The game was initially developed on Solana, and it was announced in June last year that the game would be migrated to Xai and launched at the end of the year. However, this full-chain game, which has been in development for more than two years, has not yet been launched, and the official release time is to be determined.

Ex Populus is led by a team of veterans from Pixar, Ubisoft, Activision, Blizzard, Wargames, and more. Another action/shooter game developed by Ex Populus, LamoVerse, will also be launched on Xai. Less information has been disclosed about LamoVerse, and its early access version was originally scheduled to be released early this year.

Officially supported by Arbitrum, here are 6 Web3 games in the XAI ecosystem

Chains Of The Eternals

An open world MMORPG type full chain game that can support up to 10 people in a single game. The game is inspired by Dofus and World of Warcraft. The core gameplay will be based on PvE battles, and players will receive rewards such as $KASH, loot, and resources by fighting primitive monsters of different levels and privileges. Each battle will also allow the players character to gain experience (XP) and level up, unlocking new spells and abilities. As an MMORPG, Chains Of The Eternals allows players to team up with friends, fight multiple monsters in real time, explore mysterious dungeons and get unique rewards. In addition, players will be able to fight against each other based on the faction system, choose to join the defenders or rebels, fight other players, and win points for your faction.

In the latest development report released by the project, the developers revealed that they have created a stable version called V1 Alpha. This version is said to include PvE combat and fully integrated multiplayer games. PvE combat has been fully integrated into the smart contract.

Synchronize visuals with the blockchain to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Officially supported by Arbitrum, here are 6 Web3 games in the XAI ecosystem

The Lost Glitches

A collectible card game, Lost Glitches combines the strategic complexity of a collectible card game (CCG) with the immersive narrative and character development of a role-playing game (RPG). In the world of Lost Glitches, Deep Space, players ally with a group in the game and create personalized decks to engage in tactical battles. Its card battle mechanics are similar to other card fighting games built on blockchain networks, such as Parallel and Gods Unchained. In April of this year, the Xai Foundation announced a partnership with game publisher Mimunga and developer Honig Studios to bring The Lost Glitches to the Xai blockchain network. The Xai Foundation has also invested an undisclosed amount of money in the project. Lost Glitches officials claim that the game will be exclusive to Xai, but currently players can only download it through the Epic Games Store.

Officially supported by Arbitrum, here are 6 Web3 games in the XAI ecosystem

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