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Tags: Music) is a mapp displaying local musicfrom everywhere. On-chain Ups curate local Top Charts and reward musicians and listeners BLUX for participating (Via Ups,) and musicians PURPLE if they make the Top 64 Global Charts.
Musicappears as colorful circlesthat paint a greyscale map.
The circle’s border color shows the genre, and the fill color tells you the mood.
Search by locationto see top music there, and view Top Charts for any timeafter launch in our Time Machine, down to a 5-minute granularity.
Share musicon the map by double clicking/tapping the location the music was recorded. No matter who shares the music, the owner of the Youtube account will start accruing rewards, and receive those rewards when they link their WAX and Youtube accountson For this reason, be sure to link to a video on the artist’s personal account, not the one a distributer uploads. (Beta) runs on WAX blockchain
WAXTokens – Ups are limited by ? SOL, a Simple Assets fungible. ? BLUXis paid to Sol Up recipients (artists), listeners, and mods, and can be used to Up too. ?PURPLEis rewarded to Top Charts, and can be staked for daily ? BLUX.? Full Tokenomics in our Purple Explainer on Github
Hive Note: Previously (Alpha,) we were on Hive / Steemit, with auto-blogging music features. We will restore and improve this feature after we move to Live on Hive login was disabled to avoid confusion.


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