Chingari & GARI Network is the leading short video app & web3 social network. Users receive incentives in the form of GARI Tokens for their contributions.

Chingari and GARI Network is the leading short video app and web3 social network. Content creators and Content consumers are incentivized with smart money for their contributions. The smart money incentives that content creators and consumers receive are in the form of a cryptocurrency, namely the GARI Token.
Like other social networks, Chingari app users contribute by publishing or engaging in content such as likes, sharing comments, following, being followed, tipping favorite creators, and 20 other in-app activities.
With over 40 million monthly active users, 170 million app downloads, and 1.47 million token holders, it’s the largest web3 social network and community.
Create your Chingari profile now! Publish, engage and earn smart money from an inclusive creator economy. The Chingari app is available globally on all app stores. Join us today in our mission to onboard 1 billion web3 users in the next 5 years!
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