MyShell is a platform for c...


MyShell is a platform for creating voice chatbots powered by Web3 and AI. With the help of powerful LLM and TTS models, open dialogue with science fiction-like robots can be brought into reality. This allows users to have a companion available around the clock. Users can use it as an object for oral practice or simply as a way to relax. Furthermore, Shell NFT enables users to embed their personality and voiceprint, like a soul, into NFT assets, allowing professional users to forge their own exclusive robots and gain profits through Shell’s sustainable cryptocurrency economic model.



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    #BeelieverYoE2S3H Readers

    Upgrading my agent from Gemini to GPT-4o on myshell feels like taking my rusty iron sword in game and enchanting it into a legendary magic blade

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    Sebastian Readers

    The alpha in this testnet is chatting with the ai

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    GainGang Readers

    MySoul NFTは、Myshellエコシステム全体のコアアセットです?
    MyShellもNFTかぁ👀 どこもかしこもNFTばっかやな…😂

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    AstroAce Readers

    Myshell’s whitelist event has started, backed by top-tier institutional funding and a strong project background.
    This is another AI project that has been gaining a lot of attention recently, and you can earn airdrops by completing tasks.

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    #BeelieverWV4LV6I Readers

    Definitely worth getting WL for this if you can.
    MyShell already has a product with 250k DAU, including myself 🤓

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    #BeelieverAqgyhr3H4 Readers

    I Think, this is very strong project Thumbs up.
    Thanks for shared this wonderful opportunity

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    #BeelieverAWMFZW6 Readers

    Airdrop to myshell tokens, unlimited chat with artificial intelligence bots and integration with the developing trend with artificial intelligence in the future

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    #BeelieverDFy7hCK Readers

    🚨Myshell testnet sprint phase, countdown begins🛵🚇🚀